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02/22/09 06:18 - ID#47863 pmobl

The lotto machine

How is it the lotto machine accepts dollars any way but like every
drink and snack machine can only do it one specific way.
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Category: housing

02/22/09 03:59 - 25ºF - ID#47859

Our Tenant Nicole Clemmons in Buffalo

Ya, another tenant I should have never rented to. We had/have this tenant named Nicole Clemmons who seemed like a perfectly good tenant at first. She didn't have a lot of stuff so we gave her a bunch of things that my mother had stored in the attic. Like a bed and a TV and a bunch of other stuff, curtain, etc.

It started out good. She paid her rent for the first two months. She was really pregnant with her third kid and I figured she would probably try and continue to pay rent with a new baby and all. Plus she got some sort of public assistance that helped her with her rent. It wasn't section 8 though, becaus ethen I wouldn't be having this problem.

So when January rolled around, we had finally finished work on the downstairs apartment. With the new baby she wanted to move downstairs ebcause their were less stairs to go up and it also had a nicer bathroom. We agreed because we are nice and felt bad for her having to go up the stairs and all. It kind of sucked because downstairs is easier to rent out and we lost out on two months rent because of it while trying to find someone.

When she left upstairs she left a mess, piles of clothes, garbage, carpet etc. This was aprt of the reason that we couldn't rent it very easily. She kept promising to take her stuff and didn't. I continued to feel bad for her because she just had a baby etc.

Then she stopped paying rent and disconnected her phone.

On like Feb 10th we gave her a motion to evict notice. When delivered it, she was not home but the heat was set to 82 degrees. Seemed like she hasn't been there in a week at 82 degrees. I mean (e:terry) had stopped by everyday for a week and not seen her. How is it that I a would never turn the heat up that high and I am not on public aassistance. Maybe that is why. Anyway, we couldn't get ahold of her so (e:terry) taped the notice to her inside apartment door.

In the meantime the upstairs apartment got rented but they wanted her stuff out, so today, not only has she not paid rent in a month, we had to finsih her moving for her.

I took this one giant pile of clothes she left on the floor upstiars and had to transfer it to her apartment downstairs. Serioulsy, look at this pile. How on earth could you leave your closet like this when moving out? Did she really not want them. Legally, we can't throw them out - so I had to transfer it all to her new apartment downstairs.


That plus tons of other gargabe a carpet, pizza boxes, shoes, a lamp, a TV, chairs, etc. (e:terry) was nice and threw out the pizza boxes instead of transfering. If it was up to me it would be a straight tarnsfer.

This makes like 5 people in a row that I helped out only to have them screw me over in one way or another.

Has anyone gone through the eviction process before?
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Category: mobile

02/21/09 07:05 - 29ºF - ID#47854

Stop trying to control me apple

Apple recently challenged an exemption to the DMCA proposed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which would guarantee the legality of jailbreaking iPhones and other handsets

I really think we as consumers need to fight the possibility of limiting what we do with the hardware we buy. Limiting what you can do with hardware your purchase is dangerous path to go pursue. It will trickle down into all electronics if it happens. Openness and freedom promote creativity.

I am not saying that apple should have to support warranties that has non-sanctioned software on it, I am just saying that we should never allow them to make it illegal to do what we want with the electronics we buy.

If this goes through I am getting rid of my iphone. I am pretty sure I am switching back to nokia soon anyways as I am tired of all the limitations of no copy paste or file uploads.
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02/21/09 01:30 - ID#47847 pmobl

Urban outfitters

I was at urban outfitters with (e:mike) and (e:jill) yesterday and this
rack looked like my closet in 1993-94. I feel really old now that the
90s are coming back. The only major difference was that the 80s tight
pants are still in.
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Category: gay

02/20/09 02:19 - 22ºF - ID#47825

Fred Phelps - God Hates Fags

So I decided to go on sunday and be one of the "angels" that holds up these giant angels to block to the victims families of flight 3407 from Fred Phelps and his crazies after reading (e:kathryn,47806)'s journal.

This is really a lot for me because I don't even believ in the symbol of angel but the idea is nice and I hope it shelters people from it. I am most interested in seeing how it pans out?

(e:mike), (e:matthew), (e:terry), (e:hodown), (e:libertad) and I are going? Is anyone else in. As (e:libertad) posted it is liek $12 for the materials for the angels.

I am reposting his comment here for more people to see in case they are interested:

The below message (e:libertad) received from Kitty Lambert:

We need, in every community, a few angelic troublemakers - Bayard Rustin

We desparately need your help.

When Matthew Shepard was murdered Fred "Dispicable" Phelps showed up and stood across the street from the funeral with signs stating "God Hates Fags" and "Matt Got What He Deserved" and "Matt Is Burning In Hell Right Now". I hope this turns your stomach. It still does mine. Matts family was sheilded from this by a group of angels.... literally.

This Sunday, this same idiot is coming to Buffalo. He is coming to do the SAME thing at a Memorial Service in Clarence for the passengers of Flight 3407 and then a few hours later at the Memorial Service for Human Rights Activist Alison Des Forges (he is titling this project "God Hates Silly Women).

So this is what I need... 50 angels.

We desparately need your help. We need YOU to volunteer to be one of the angels. The "costumes" will cost $12.00 and must be paid for by each individual angel. You will need to agree to take a "shift" start to finish; either the one in Clarence beginning at 9am, or the one for Alison in Downtown Buffalo at 12:45pm.

If you wish to see what the angels look like go tolink

A member of the gay community was on the flight. I have no doubt that he will focus on that too... his parents don't need to see this ass. Please help us block his view.

This is OUR home, OUR city, and these are OUR families.

Want to be an angel but can't come up with the money? Can not be there but would like to help by funding the cost of an angel costume for a someone? Please call me directly 716-578-3782 and I will get it arranged.

Kitty Lambert
OUTspoken For Equality

I am going to try and promise to be quiet and respectful becaus ethat is the whole point but its going to be so hard to not want to kill them like these people wanted to.

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Category: church of the ascension

02/20/09 11:45 - ID#47823 pmobl

Like trash from heaven

One of the tenants at the Church of The Ascension on Linwood next door can't seen to get when garbage day is. There is always so much random trash that ends up on our lawn. For some reason this week, they put this couch out the day after garbage pickup and now the couch cushion ended up on our lawn.

It will probably end up sitting out there for a week looking trashy and they won't get a fine because it's a church. I think they should have to adhere to the same rules as everyone else.

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02/19/09 12:50 - ID#47809 pmobl

This is gross

Someone must have literally exploded in the Premiere bathroom On
deleware in kennore. It is as gross as the bathroom at the pink.
Were they standing when this happend?
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Category: dancing

02/17/09 09:09 - 23ºF - ID#47772

Raving in the 90s

The day after going dancing at 1:30am at Faso's Greatful Bear and Grill in Lackawanna with (e:terry) the other night, I was reading some people's jourals on that had attended the same event. The website is pretty neat. It basically has event listings and profiles and then people say if they are attending, did attend etc. Then it links the events to the profiles. The users have galleries and journals and can review/post events. The only thing I really don't like is the adverts all over the place but I gues sthat is normal on the internet heutzutage.

Anyhow someone wrote (hhc stands for happy hardcore, a music genre)"

old school hhc
is so good
like the originals
reminds me why i got into hardcore : )
eye opener, heart of gold, shooting star, now is the time, toytown, power of love
so good, wish i was around for those days
So theres gotta be ravers from like 90-95, that're like in their 30s (40s?) now?
thats nuts
Someone should track these people down and do a fucking documentary "where are they now style"
unless they are all brain dead, or junkies, then i don't want to see that movie

Well, that makes me feel old but I am happy to report I am not a junkie or brain dead and that I am 32 not 40 yet.
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Category: world

02/15/09 11:05 - 23ºF - ID#47759

How much cement is there in China?

World cement production

China- Cement production in metric tons    
2001 661,040
2002 725,000
2003 862,080
2004 970,000
2005 1,038,300

USA - Cement production in metric tons
United States, including Puerto Rico
2001 90,450
2002 91,266
2003 94,329
2004 99,015
2005 100,903
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Category: life

02/15/09 12:38 - 25ºF - ID#47754

Busy, busy

I know I always say this, but I am right on the edge of having the new estrip done. I will have to do some more testing and optimization. The only things I have left are the new mobile site, the avatar upload, and the preferences pane.

I missed like 15 dancing opportunities this weekend because I am lame. Tonight we are having a vegetarian dinner party. I am nervous about the tasty value in that.
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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...