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06/30/04 09:32 - ID#31044

Buy Me A Drink Events Addition

I spent the day not planning for my trip or getting the car fixed but rather progrqamming the events calendar at the request of (e:keith). I hope that lots of events happen because of this as I had really intended to wait until I had time to develop the site.

I turned out better than I expected for an afternoon. If you'll have any feedback for the calendar system feel free to send me an IM.

I am going to go eat now. You can find me online via my sidekick if need something or have any questions about the event system. How about someone posts an event for tonight to celebrate its creation and buy me a drink.

On another note, I fixed the AIM stuff so maidencateyes can now be part of the game!

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06/30/04 01:20 - ID#31043

Fancy Cars

Our car was once fancy too [inlink]maidencateyes,47[/inlink], then we met the Verizon guy's truck around the corner and dented it, then I ate a popsicle and gave it to Sarah. As it dropped, I freaked, turned and crushed my neighbor's car denting our bumper. Once it was fancy.

One time, (e:matthew), was checking something in the passenger mirror sun deflector and ripped it off.
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06/30/04 12:57 - ID#31042

Nonna's Birthday and School's Out

I am officially done with school except Sang's incomplete. Today was Nonna's 89th birthday party. We went to my mother's to celebrate it. (e:mike) and I searched all over the city for something to buy her. I called my mom from the grocery store in order to ask her what would be a good gift. Nonna doesn't really like the typical old lady nicknacks. I wonder if any old ladies do.


We selled on a big bag of schrimp, a big bag of mixed seafood salad, some lottery tickets and some flowers.


While at the flower store, we asked for some pruple irises with some orange mum's. They looked great together but the way uncool looking farmhand style flower bitch freaked about the colors. I couldn't believe it when she asked (e:matthew) and I if we "really wanted those colors together?" Nonna loved them.

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06/28/04 01:15 - ID#31041

We Are Back

We went up to Toronto for the weekend and ended up in the fanciest hotel room we ever had stayed in. It was so fancy we got a tour of the room and the bell person carried our luggage up there. Never will do that again.

Hopefully, starting Wednesday I will get a chance to start working on the site some more. I have really missed being able to program. I would really like to take a couple of sets of functions and move them over to classes.

Tomorrow, I have to spend the day gardening and on Tuesday I am taking Emily to the airport and then teaching one final class for my 3D modeling course at Canisius. I will probably also post the information from the other night.

(e:mike), sorry the email thing was messed up. You sent one email that did not have a final dollar sign on it so it never got deleted and the whole thing kept on repeating. I will need to work on that on Wednesday.
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06/26/04 01:36 - ID#31040

Outside the Box

Last night I got a chance to reflect on the work I have been doing. It's crazy how much is beginning to make sense. ORginally, I was in such a high production phase that I could not take the time to critically analyze what it all meant.

Unfortunately, last night I couldn't stop reflecting and almost blinded myself. Eventually, I would like to publish some of my data but I have to wait till I can move past the editing phase and stop restricting myself from deleting again.

(e:emily), I made the search box the cranberry color you like.

Here is a picture I took of matthew breaking the speed of sound barrier in his rocking chair. It remiunds me of those 19th century spiritualist ghost photos.


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06/26/04 04:30 - ID#31039


(e:azurexeruza) you arrived at just the right time.
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06/25/04 11:20 - ID#31038

This is f%&*ing Ridiculous

We ended up staying out till almost 8:00am.



I can't believe it's still going on. I changed my mind about my excitement becuase I am tired and (e:jill) and I were not so drunk. Luckily, (e:jill) was there and we got to spend the night together. Not in the way (e:beast) spent the night but we had lots of fun playing fort and phone and reading about the clubber, drinker past of Osama bin Laden.

Everyone else got naked like at the strip party but with more dancing.

I never realized Osama turned on his westernized party past. I assumed he never had one. It all really makes sense now. He is just a rich daddies boy.

Which leads me to a sidenote about the dude I met who told me this money strapped sob storry about daddy paying his bills but not enough to pay entertainment expenses, puke puke.

Derselbe Jung hat mal probiert seinen Schwanz an (e:jill) zu stossen. Die beiden haben zusammen studiert, und er fragte sie, "hast du mal an meinem Schwanz gedacht als wir zusammen studiert haben." Es war peinlich.

Sorry my German sucks, its 8:05 amand im riding a bike while sidekicking home from panos. the klincher is that terry has to take sang to the airport right now and he is so wasted tired
should I stay up I haven't slept in days. but even still my life rocks compared to the yellow bearded dude who lives on the bench outside of Burgerking. I seriously feel for him.



This picture just about sums up the evening.


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Category: cancer

06/25/04 10:37 - ID#31037

Lung Cancer

I have become really concerned with the idea of lung cancer and as my lungs hurt this morning from the party last night, I decided to dedicate today's artwork to freaking myself out in order to make myself quit.


I designed these picture compositing 3D lung cancer monsters with real lung images. I used Maya and photoshop for the composites.

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Category: politics

06/25/04 06:00 - ID#31036

Can this bring about peace

"- The United States and North Korea appeared as far apart as ever on Friday over Pyongyang's suspected nuclear program at talks overshadowed by a warning some of its leaders wanted to test an atomic device."


Does anyone think the picture above looks the least bit conduisive to holding talks about global nuclear warfare?

To me its looks like a bunch of plush lounge chairs and some overly rich jerks, laughing about the future of civilian control. Maybe we should host a conference on something important and let everyone bring a recliner.
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06/25/04 04:54 - ID#31035

Sketch Misunderstanding

Whoa, [inlink]kacey,7[/inlink] I completely read I love "acid" instead of "ani d" until I noticed the next journal entry down.

What a difference!
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