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Category: friends

11/13/21 02:15 - ID#60855

Angelo in Masumi Lighting

Went to Rochester for the dentist on Friday before picking up (e:hodown) from the airport. Watched murder documentaries on Field st and ate some delicious Pho at Sea.

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Category: friends

11/15/12 10:09 - ID#56892

Twinsy Besties

Make new friends Keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.

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Category: friends

05/25/12 04:04 - ID#56482


What ever happend to you?
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Category: friends

12/30/11 11:27 - ID#55819

Live from the 24

Went shopping at the mall all day with tony and the hos. He got us the roku and we scrambled to try and link the roku to for the big fight tonight but the stupid server for went down right after I paid $50 for the fight. It was so disappointing because 30 minutes later I realized I could have just watched it live on youtube for the same price and paid with my Google wallet instead of having to sign up for the stupid account, put in my credit card info, etc. They better refund me.

The whole nightmare of trying to link my account to the roku made me realize I can't work with it.Tommorow, I am going to trade it in for a Logitech Revue Google TV box. There is just no way I can type with a wiimote like controller and the revue means I can develop android apps for the TV.

It was nice to see all my good buddies in the same place for once even if we didn't get to see 600 lbs of fighting.

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Category: friends

11/05/10 08:42 - ID#53065

Forcing a Ho To Be A Hippy

I tried but ended up with just a middle finger. I miss you (e:hodown).

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Category: friends

10/16/09 10:44 - ID#50025

Jesse Hearts China

My friend Jesse hearts china

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Category: friends

12/07/08 08:56 - ID#46992

Hanging out with dave

It was awesome hanging out with our friend dave today. It's the first time we had him at our house since his accident. He can go up steps now which is kind of a pre-requsite for visiting us since we removed the downstairs bathroom. (e:terry) made turkey enchiladas. I have now eaten Turkey for like 10 meals in a row. I still haven't tried a turkey milkshake and all the jars of broth I made have to be frozen because I only have a water bath canner and not a pressure canner.

If anyone has a pressure can they don't want or I can borrow - that would be awesome.

We watched Wall-e and man did I think it was stupid. Cute but stupid. Was there a message? Yesterday, we worked on the downstairs appartment at the rental prop some more. It's just about totally ready now. We also spent the evening hanging out with James and Robert from work. I drank quite a lot of wine that they brought from a wine tour they were on. On top of that I got a bunch of programming done.
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Category: friends

12/10/07 09:17 - ID#42464

Baby Fern

Everyone keeps asking (e:enknot) for pics of baby Fern but he keeps forgetting to post new ones - so today I got some at lunch. She is so cute!!

Here she is with (e:enknot)

And here she is with Jon who also is an (e:peep) but hasn't written in his journal yet.

(e:enknot) got the corned beef focaccia at Spot that I was talking about the other day.

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Category: friends

08/22/07 08:59 - ID#40682

Enknot and Megans Baby Shower

Last Sunday we went to (e:enknots) and Megans Baby shower in the Parlor of Spot downtown. She is the manager of the downtown spot so it was the perfect place.

Here is (e:enknot) with his mommy.

Here are some other people

Jeremy Jungels was there. He is great. Buffalo is so small it is amazing how everywhere I go I end up know so many people.

(e:matthew) won the name guessing game. He picked Fern. I wonder if they would really name it fern. He won like $35 which makes him a winner at the last two party games he played.

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Category: friends

10/11/05 10:01 - ID#32277

Sara Ross - we go back further

My mother send her usual boat load of crap with my brother yesterday. I got a bunch of my childhood class lists with the names and addresses of the other classmates bat Roosevelt. I discovered something quite interesting. (e:iriesara) and I always thought that we met the first time in bluebirds. But in fact we were also in pre-k togther. I can't say I remember pre-k very well. I do remember some sort of computer like machine that we had to peer through and had bright shapes. It wasn't a real computer. I also remember some sort of coat room and nap time on the rugs. Oh and that one time we made goulasch but maybe that was already kindergarten. I think it was the first time I had ever eaten any non-italian ethnic food.


So Sara's name is right on the crease and hard to read on the scan but you can see her address, birthday, and parents clearly. You can also see her phone number, but I changed hid all the numbers before posting this.

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