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Category: friends

12/07/08 08:56 - 11ºF - ID#46992

Hanging out with dave

It was awesome hanging out with our friend dave today. It's the first time we had him at our house since his accident. He can go up steps now which is kind of a pre-requsite for visiting us since we removed the downstairs bathroom. (e:terry) made turkey enchiladas. I have now eaten Turkey for like 10 meals in a row. I still haven't tried a turkey milkshake and all the jars of broth I made have to be frozen because I only have a water bath canner and not a pressure canner.

If anyone has a pressure can they don't want or I can borrow - that would be awesome.

We watched Wall-e and man did I think it was stupid. Cute but stupid. Was there a message? Yesterday, we worked on the downstairs appartment at the rental prop some more. It's just about totally ready now. We also spent the evening hanging out with James and Robert from work. I drank quite a lot of wine that they brought from a wine tour they were on. On top of that I got a bunch of programming done.
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Category: nfta

12/06/08 12:15 - 25ºF - ID#46984

NFTA schedule made easy - Paul Visco

I noticed this morning that my NFTA schedules made easy was broken and fixed it. I hope it wasn't down very long. I don't think it was as I used it one day last week.

While I was in there I fixed a bug that caused route 20 jpg based schedule to show up with route 20 and route 200 schedule data. I think people find it useful because they keep visiting. It is always up to date because it is reading the data directly from the nfta site.


Oops, I accidentally deleted my visitor log, but it get like 200 uses a day.
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Category: buffalo

12/05/08 08:02 - 25ºF - ID#46979

Frozen Street Crazies

I feel bad admitting it but one of my favorite parts of winter is that the street crazies go away. I am not sure where they go but wherever it is, it makes walking around Allentown a lot more pleasant.

I was walking home from the gym the other night and I didn't have to cross the street to avoid people begging for (insert wish here) even once. I think it might be the first time ever.
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12/04/08 11:57 - ID#46964 pmobl

The turkey is cooked

I think the processing part will be much harder.
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Category: food

12/04/08 07:28 - 29ºF - ID#46959

Cooking the turkey

I am trying to cook a turkey right now. Wish me luck. I am following the instructions found at

I still can't believe what a deal it was so such a quality bird.

The separate the skin from the breast slide butter in stage was such a weird thing to do, but I suppose it will probably taste that much better. Turkey skin is so stretch I am surprised there are not turkey skin condoms.


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Category: housing

12/04/08 02:17 - 44ºF - ID#46947

Being Broke Sucks

Its not often that i am totally broke but right now I am mega super broke. One of our rental appartments bathroom and kitchen cost like $3000 unexpected dollars to fix. Hopefully, now after working on it a bunch this weekend, we can actually rent it out again. Having two apartments rented will be a big help to the brokeness. I feel like that place sucks the life out of me.

I wish we just had our house to deal with. Even after all the problems were fixed at the rental prop I found an attic window that was rotting out. Should be a fun weekend of painting, fixing and cleaning. It should be great as I am still sick.

It really sucks to be broke. Luckily, I bought a turkey on super clearance at the lexington-coop so even though we have no more grocery money, we will have 20 pounds of turkey once I get a chance to cook it. It was like $16 instead of $70, the original price but it was frozen and I had to defrost it for 3 days now. The turkey comes from Stonewood Farms In Vermont

On the work front
I worked way late into the evening twice and still have two hours of personal leave I have to use right now before it expires so I figure that tomorrow, I am leaving early in order to cook the Turkey, ya right. We will see how that goes.

I have been programming like mad but its never enough to keep up with the crazy number of requests we have now. I am supposed to be working on one new project but everyday its something else. I hope we et new people before there is a hiring freeze.
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Category: marriage

12/01/08 01:45 - 41ºF - ID#46906

Valuable Wedding Rings

For me personally, a $55 wedding ring is too cheap. By me personally, I mean if I got one. I don't have one so I am not an expert. I am not trying to cheapen anyone's else's rings or anything but before everyone just decides that I am purley a materialist, I thought I should explain myself.

I feel like a wedding ring should carry more of a investment than say an mp3 player or cell phone because it shows that the person purchasing worked hard for it and frankly working hard for something equates caring to me.

I am not saying that someone who is poor should have to spend $5000 and go broke, that is ridiculous. And in reference to (e:thelli) I am definately not suggesting it need be diamonds. In fact I don't really like diamonds - I am an emerald guy, lol. But in my opinion it should be somewhat relative to your income and should involve a bit of saving up. Even someone at minimum wage could save $10 a week for one year and get me a $500 ring. Thats like barely a couple beers.

Plus, more valuable rings also appreciate in value over time so that they become things that you can put in your will and pass on to other people.

Now (e:matthew) says he wants this one

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Category: health

12/01/08 12:30 - 41ºF - ID#46904

Soar Throat

I am sick. I decided to stay home and recoup a bit as I have personal day that expires on 12/05. I hope it just goes away but I doubt it. I some how made it through the October sickness this year. Usually, I get sick in October and March. I was kind of hoping that by missing october I was good till march.
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Category: food

12/01/08 12:14 - 35ºF - ID#46898

Baking Meringue Cookies

I decided to bake tonight. First I baked pork chops with smokey barbeque sauce. Then I decided to make Meringue cookies.

Here is my recipe:
3 large egg whites
1.5 cups of blended sugar
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar

Separate out the wegg white. I did this by poking holes in the eggs and letting the whites pour out. It works way better than you would expect.


The bacon grease in the background was from this morning and is being saved for the squirrels who love it. I figure why waste it?

Then take the sugar and put it in the blendar till it is powerdery. Preheat the over to 200 degrees. You could probably start with powdered sugar but I wanted it organic and there was no powdered organic sugar.

Then whisk the eggs white till frothy and then add the cream of tartar. Beat until the peaks are stiff. Then add suagr and continue beating until it is stiff again. I am good at beating things till stiff but my arms were so tired from this we had to keep switching off between the three of us. I refuse to buy more appliances so I use the manual beaters and whisk for stuff.

Then you scoop them onto trays and bake for like two hours. Yes, like two hours. It is insane but you have to bake it so low.

Totally unrelated
Yesterday, at the coop I noticed Guecios deleviering produce. I really should just go there instead. I mean seriously it can only be marked up, not discounted, for them to drive it down the street.


I also bought a turkey at the coop. They were liek $70 for natural ones before but the day after thankgiving they were like $15-$20. I figured they would still be there when I went back today but they were all gone except one which was in the freezer case. I bought it. For $16 we will have enough turkey for the three of us to eat for a week. I just wish it wasn't frozen so I could have cooked it today.

Today, we were at the tenants house scrapping the kitchen ceiling when I was looking at myself in the new bathrrom mirror which lets you see your profile easily. I was amazed at the shape of my ear, which is stunted I feel. I never noticed it before when looking at it from a normal reflection.

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Category: estrip

11/30/08 11:38 - 34ºF - ID#46890

Hit me baby one more time.

As (e:vincent,46885)'s journal reminded me - it is amazing just how many hits certain things get. Generally we get between 1000-2000 unique visits viewing between 80k-100k pages per month. Those are real visitors, not robots.

But on Novemeber 21st, 2008 we had like 10,000 unqiue visitors, that was the day we had ip to 500 guests at a time for most of the day. I thought (e:imk2,46778)'s journal about prince william's peter, lol.


Then today I was going through logs and found out it was the opening page of my journal of 11/2005 . I am not sure exactly why. There is a pic of my skinny arm getting some muscles, a painting of men wrestling, some forrest lawn pics, some flash animation, the story about me getting my job at Roswell and some pics of (e:lilho). I wonder if the job story is inspirational, lol or if it is just the wrestlers. The artist in me likes to think it is the flash animations and I am sure (e:lilho) thinks it is her.

The reason I think it is the painting of the guys wrestling is that I got this message the same day.

Hi Paul, please do You know the name of the artist who painted those two muscle guys? I really liked that painting: it Seems taken from Dante's Divina Commedia. Do You remember any detail (where You've taken the picture, the title, ecc). I would like to find more info on that painting.

Thank You very much

Does anyone know the artist? I tried writing to the guy today to see how he knew. It seems sex sells. The all around most popular page is the one I wrote about a bot I made which was downloading images of amateur naked men and atheletes. Just search for "robot frat boys" on google if you are curious. It comes up number one and is totally not work safe. It was really about programming and usually no one cares about that but mix programming and nudity and all of a sudden every amateur scripter cares.

I must get like 5 messages a week asking me how it works. Clearly, this person does not understand at all but hey want to. The site is gone now, so the code doesn't work even if executed outside a browser where it belongs.

I Fould your page instestedin "Robot Eating Candid Frat Boys"
im curious how I use The Robot Code with a Brouser in order to find photos like you have
Thank you

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