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Category: water

06/07/12 08:23 - ID#56524

The chemical smell in the water

It has been back again for a bit. I seriously cannot stand it. I won't even wash my salad with it anymore because the salad ends up smelling too.

I want to know what causes it. Its smells sort of like permanent marker. Its not my house either, I smell it in other places. Its almost like it replaced the fishy smell of zebra muscle that used to be in the water.

Is it possible that it is some sort of thing to kill them off. Last time I wrote about it in 2008 (e:paul,44701), (e:matthew) linked to a buffalo news article but the link is gone and I cannot remember what it was. Thats probably a side effect of the chemical itself, lol.
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Category: water

07/07/11 09:02 - ID#54661

Damn I want a boat

I feel like my life would be so much better with a boat.

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Category: water

06/18/08 01:26 - ID#44701

The Chemical Smell In The Water

Our Buffalo, NY tap water has this strange chemical smell during the last week or so. Just so you know its not me being paranoid, it is (e:terry) who pointed it out and he never smells anything.

The smell lingers after the water is gone and you can taste the smell in the shower vapor. It even has a bad aftertaste after brushing your teeth. The water filtration system int he kitch manages to remove the bad taste which means it is some sort of filterable chemical.

Anyone else have this problem? it is making me insane and no it is not the extra chlorine summer zebra muscle chlorine taste. It is something entirely new. I think I will bring it up at the block club meeting tonight and see if it is happening elsewhere.
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Category: water

10/14/06 11:37 - ID#32782

City Water Safe

Now I feel bad because (e:enknot) and I bought a lot of bottled water last night. I can't believe it will take 8 or 9 days to restore power to everyone.

Boil Water Order For Erie County Authority Customers
Posted by:  Athan Kompos, Producer  
Created: 10/13/2006 6:05:07 PM
Updated: 10/13/2006 7:55:58 PM
The Erie County Water Authority has issued a boil water advisory for all customers. The authority wants all customers to bring water to a rolling boil for 2 minutes and let it cool, before consuming.

The boil water advisory is only for cutomers of the Erie County Water Authority. Residents in cities such as Buffalo and Tonawanda recieve water from a different source and are not subject to the advisory.

The advisory has been issued because the main pumping station for the water authority is without power. When power is restored, water may include bacteria.

Erie County officials want all residents to consume water spareingly, due to the natural disaster caused by the Friday lake effect snow storm.

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