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Category: artvoice

05/08/06 08:47 - ID#32596

Congratulations Buffalo Punditit

But why the casino ads? I posted about the artvoice best of buffalo award on (e:news,835) . When I got home I went to checkout buffalopundit's site to see what he wrote about winning the artvoice award. Holy crap, giant casino advertisements. I never got pop up ads visiting before. Casino pop up ads?

At first I though maybe I had a virus but no other site does it. Whenever I have no cookies and visit the site, I see full screen casino pop up ads.
The little pop in ad was okay and the banner flashing advertise here


but then came these. Maybe he is just trying to take advatage of winning the artvoice award.


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Category: artvoice

02/26/06 04:16 - ID#32496


Another twisted media clip, I know how you love your classic macs. Artvoice is hiring also.



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Category: artvoice

01/18/06 12:23 - ID#32457

Artvoice Calendar

So I am working on build an intelligent mobile artvoice calendar. For me this is a very exciting opportunity. This is what I am thinking.

1. Focus more on the day/moment. If people wanted to plan two weeks from now they would read artvoice or visit the site on a computer. Most people want to look up stuff they foprgot to wriet down on the way there. e.g lcoation, cost, times. First, make a plain online calendar that is easily searchable from the phone to satisfy users who want the functionality of option 1.

2. Make it so they can schedule SMS alerts and make it intelligent
Create an online interface where people can sign up and give us their cell number to recieve a text message alerts of events based on data they provide us with. With SMS message alerts they can get messages "pushed" to the phone without having to actually initate anything like looking it up. When they sign up they will fill out information such as types of music they like, bands they like, nights they tend to go, bars they prefer, and lots of social networking questions etc.

I will make a program that compares what is coming up that evening with what the robot thinks about them. The robot then can feed them entertainment options from artvoice. As the robot begins to form an opinion of what they like to do, they will be prompted with more questions and for feedback.

I think I can start by interviewing lots of people about this, and taking pictures of them to set up profiles for the robot to learn from. I can also tap into lots of online resources that help compare things someone might like. Say

Questions could be posed in fun ways and even answered from the phone. It could say something like.

It's thursday night - you find your self at
1. chippewa
2. elmwood
3. allen
4. university heights

Hair gel
1. Style me up
2. Yuck

I need coffee, I am off to
1. Star Bucks
2. Spot Coffee

There is a stage
1. You are on it
1. You are clapping

Today's Lunch
1. brought my own
2. drive through
3. way to expensive
4. wasn't up yet

On another note, (e:jesse) sent me this. It is his first file sent across GPRS with the cell phone he is building. He said it is a flyer for a party for my birthday.

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11/16/05 12:14 - ID#32346

Meeting with Artvoice

The meeting with artvoice went great. Jamie asked if I would be interested in working on some mobile stuff for Artvoice. Could I prossibly be more interested?! I have waited for the opportunity to reach out to a mobile audience for so long.

I also talked with Dave, the artvoice computer guy, about moving the estrip/rememberbuffalo server there. Next step is to set up the supercomp and bring it in. Then once it is up and running, I can add the primary doc section to Soon, thereafter I can begin really promoting it.

I expect the site should be even faster once it is local and I have control over the server.

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09/16/05 04:15 - ID#32233

Another Date with Artvoice

So I had another meeting with Artvoice today. They offered to host us on their new fiber optic line when they get it. That would be so awesome to finally have a local hosting solution and access to a larger audience. Maybe I can finally start to deliver on new mobile features for a wider audience.

On another note, does someone want to collaborate with me on the Buffalo Mobile History Project. It will involve lots of scanning and sifting through historical informations and then delivering it on a mobile location based basis. I plan on doing that one soon.
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09/15/05 12:57 - ID#32232

Artvoice Visit

So I had a meeting with artvoice's Jamie Moses about (e:strip). He seemed to be interested in it. My hopes is that it results in some sort of collaborative situation possibly resulting in shared media resources, hosting, etc.


I have to say that I was thrilled to hear of his banner free commitment to the new artvoice website.

Their web designer seemed like a great guy. He said they are using mambo for site content administration. I got to see a glimpse of what it will be like and I can guarantee that it will be awesome. Their new design looks so clean, the navigation looks simple, and content delivery is greatly improved.
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09/14/05 05:31 - ID#32228

Beyond The Artvoice Awards

Does no one else beyond the site membership notice that (e:strip) is really a quite radical idea. We have combined commercial free local interest, with free publications, a dedicated readership and easy to use software. Why don't more people use it to record their take on Buffalo. Well probably because we don't have a fancy advertising budget and the gloss it takes to get the word out.

There really arn't that many commercial free places like this and not even the local free media lefties have recognized that.

I suppose people are just going to say, well you guys don't talk only about politics or about buffalo events, etc but I think in the end reading about how people's lives revolved around Buffalo has the potential to provide an even deeper insight into life in Buffalo. The more people involved the more obvious this will get.

(e:shawnr) always says that the only way something is going to change is if I start to send out press reports , one of which he wrote for the 10,000th journal entry. Maybe he is right. Anyone want to be the (e:strip) PR person because I seriously cannot take on another roll?

[size=m]Some fun publicity ideas[/size]
Maybe we should start a campaign to do some Buffalo specific media archiving activities. What about scanning in as many historical photos of downtown as possible and tying this in with some sort of online mapping and notation software. I mean google has satellite imagery but who has mobile historical overlays. Anyone interested? I am making that my next project. I want to be on any street corner downtown and be able to peel back the layers in time from my cellphone. there are no limits to what can be done, the problem is getting people to know about these projects enough to make them worth while.

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09/12/05 09:37 - ID#32224

we lost

The Artvoice/Absolut Best of Buffalo party was held at the Town Ballroom formally known as Sphere. The owner was a pretty awesome guy named Mr. Jackson.




As I expected Buffalo Rising's lame ass blogger based three person blog won. It makes me sick to hear people talk about their awesome prefab design. Its like a suburban prefab house winning best architecture. I guess money does mean everything. How I wish we had an advertising budget and a glossy magazine. Luckily, lots of other good things happend.

Also props to Jamie Mosses for having an a-political moment of silence slide show for New Orleans depicting images of the mass suffering. You should have seen it (e:jason), not one mention of Bush or politics.


There were so many people and tasty free food items at this fabulous event, I just wish we won and that cassie was my wife and mayor because she has all the connections.

There was live entertainment

Update from the future -- Mr. Jackson and Cassie started dating. Jamie Moses turned out to be a real cool guy. I helped Buffalo Rising with some programming and George from Buffalo Rising wrote me a reocmmendation letter that helped me get the job at Roswell.

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07/14/05 10:24 - ID#32092

Artvoice Survey for best of 2005

Why is it that the artvoice best of 2005 contest has 166 dynamically loading questions on one page. So many people keep telling me they can't even vote because their computers can't deal with such a large page. Even on broadband it takes a while. I would have the questions cached as html until a new question is added instead of being dynamically generated each time (I only suspect this by the way it loads) and definately, break it into sections for each category e.g. dining has its own page. I hope that enough people can get through to vote. Maybe they should hire me to be their web deisgner. I only want 30k/year and a hosting space for estrip.

Who are some of the other "blogs". Some of them don't even show up on the web like And what about I love them - I mean I agree with them and think they have a great cause getting rid of nuclear waste but it is in west valley. I don't know if that counts as local so much. I hope we win! Vote if you haven''t
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06/27/05 11:32 - ID#32058

Alison Pipitone

Alison Pipitone -

To me she was by far the finest singer at the artvoice music. She is so freakin' hot. I was watching them whiel hanging out with (e:drchlorine) for a second and then he realized he had some unfinished busineess with the drummer and had to leave.


I spent most of the day hanging out with Bekah. Being with her made my day. She is truly one of the nicest people I know and I always feel comfortable talking to her no matter how little we see each other. I also got to meet lots of other people and even saw this kid who was in my gym class in high school. He is going to Glacier National Park to work for a bit. I am mega jealous of him, that he gets to go Northwest.

Bekah never knew I datd Chris back in the day. I wonder if it was a secret for the rest of the world.
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