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Category: artvoice

09/15/05 12:57 - 72ºF - ID#32232

Artvoice Visit

So I had a meeting with artvoice's Jamie Moses about (e:strip). He seemed to be interested in it. My hopes is that it results in some sort of collaborative situation possibly resulting in shared media resources, hosting, etc.


I have to say that I was thrilled to hear of his banner free commitment to the new artvoice website.

Their web designer seemed like a great guy. He said they are using mambo for site content administration. I got to see a glimpse of what it will be like and I can guarantee that it will be awesome. Their new design looks so clean, the navigation looks simple, and content delivery is greatly improved.
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Category: protest

09/15/05 12:42 - 72ºF - ID#32231

The Lafayette Protest

Both (e:jason) (original post [inlink]jason,244[/inlink]) (follow up post [inlink]jason,245[/inlink]) and (my repsonse[inlink]paul,3831[/inlink]) about the lafayette protest are missing one important angle. That is the angle of someone who attended!. Who went? Anyone have pics to post?

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09/15/05 01:21 - 71ºF - ID#32230


This happens all the time and it is exactly why I hate taking the subway at night. It's not the ride on the subway but the time after the subway on main street. I mean if I was poor I would rob me too.

On Wednesday September 14 2005 at 12:12am 2 Canisius students were the victims of an armed robbery at the corner of Hughes and Oakgrove. The students were not hurt.

The suspect is described as a 20 year old black male, thin, 5'10", short hair, large ear ring, red bandanna over nose and mouth wearing a white t-shirt and black cargo pants.

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Category: artvoice

09/14/05 05:31 - 84ºF - ID#32228

Beyond The Artvoice Awards

Does no one else beyond the site membership notice that (e:strip) is really a quite radical idea. We have combined commercial free local interest, with free publications, a dedicated readership and easy to use software. Why don't more people use it to record their take on Buffalo. Well probably because we don't have a fancy advertising budget and the gloss it takes to get the word out.

There really arn't that many commercial free places like this and not even the local free media lefties have recognized that.

I suppose people are just going to say, well you guys don't talk only about politics or about buffalo events, etc but I think in the end reading about how people's lives revolved around Buffalo has the potential to provide an even deeper insight into life in Buffalo. The more people involved the more obvious this will get.

(e:shawnr) always says that the only way something is going to change is if I start to send out press reports , one of which he wrote for the 10,000th journal entry. Maybe he is right. Anyone want to be the (e:strip) PR person because I seriously cannot take on another roll?

[size=m]Some fun publicity ideas[/size]
Maybe we should start a campaign to do some Buffalo specific media archiving activities. What about scanning in as many historical photos of downtown as possible and tying this in with some sort of online mapping and notation software. I mean google has satellite imagery but who has mobile historical overlays. Anyone interested? I am making that my next project. I want to be on any street corner downtown and be able to peel back the layers in time from my cellphone. there are no limits to what can be done, the problem is getting people to know about these projects enough to make them worth while.

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09/14/05 05:20 - 84ºF - ID#32227


I promise this is the last time I am going to write/think about this. I am still biter that Buffalo Rising won Best Buffalo Blog. You may ask why so biter all of a sudden.

It was spured on by my investigation into their source code today. While I knew they or their designers did not make any of the software that stores and displays their data I did think that they came up with the look. I keep hearing so many people talk about their fabulous design. It is a prefab blogger style sheet made by another company. How much more generic can it get?

Blogger Template Style
Name: 565
Designer: Douglas Bowman
Date: 28 Feb 2004

Here are some other basic permutations on it

If another non-commercial entity had won, I would not have bothered me half as much, but it wasn't. What made the words of three people for such a short period of time more worthy than the 11,000 journal entries of hundred of people over three years. I think the answer is money and advertising and I guess we will always lose at that and need to learn to just not care.
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09/14/05 01:21 - ID#32226 pmobl

member journals per age stats

I got another email concerning the age of site members so I put together something to dynamically display the number of entries per age
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09/12/05 11:40 - ID#32225 pmobl

my life on fast forward

I'll be home soon with pizza. I am so good at losing.

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09/12/05 09:37 - ID#32224 pmobl

we lost

The Artvoice/Absolut Best of Buffalo party was held at the Town Ballroom formally known as Sphere. The owner was a pretty awesome guy named Mr. Jackson.




As I expected Buffalo Rising's lame ass blogger based three person blog won. It makes me sick to hear people talk about their awesome prefab design. Its like a suburban prefab house winning best architecture. I guess money does mean everything. How I wish we had an advertising budget and a glossy magazine. Luckily, lots of other good things happend.

Also props to Jamie Mosses for having an a-political moment of silence slide show for New Orleans depicting images of the mass suffering. You should have seen it (e:jason), not one mention of Bush or politics.


There were so many people and tasty free food items at this fabulous event, I just wish we won and that cassie was my wife and mayor because she has all the connections.

There was live entertainment

Update from the future -- Mr. Jackson and Cassie started dating. Jamie Moses turned out to be a real cool guy. I helped Buffalo Rising with some programming and George from Buffalo Rising wrote me a reocmmendation letter that helped me get the job at Roswell.

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Category: politics

09/12/05 06:21 - 79ºF - ID#32223

Protesting at lafayette Square

(e:jason) [inlink]jason,244[/inlink] Don't you find irony in the fact that you can't stand people protesting the status quo when in fact you believe that your rants are doing exactly that here. They are saying the same thing you are. That they are sick of the way things are and they want them to change and I think we should all support their right to peacefully say whatever the hell they want. I defend your right to that here, even when i whole heartedly disagree. It is what America is based on. Protest is a way for people to inform other people about their views, and it is particularly useful in a place where so many people have no political view.

Why don't you go down there and talk to those people about the issues? There are always plenty of conservatives at any of these events. Maybe you will change people's minds. I am not saying this sarcastically. I mean it, a young, handsome moderate guy with a fresh view is going to have a much better chance of getting a message across than some bible thumper.

Do you really think that mixing issues is liberal thing? Mixing issues worked famously for the republicans in the last election. One of the main reasons that George Bush got elected was people who couldn't bear to think they would vote for a president who might not fight abortion and that is not a fraction or minority of the populations, I am sure it is a huge percent of the people voting. In fact, without mixing of issues, there would never be the need to have anything so broad as political parties, which are formed to help like minded people support each others issues in our representative government.

Have you ever even been to a political event? I have been to hundreds of political events and all of them involve mixing, on both sides. And before you go assuming I have only been to liberal events, I would like to point out that I have attended protests from liberal green peace ones prtotesting gentech soybeans down to neo-nazi rallies in Germany. During my "catholic" years, I even went to an anti-abortion rally once on the side of the anti-abortionists. Don't tell me you haven't seen pro-life signs at events that having nothing to do with abortion. I've even seen them at football games.

Onto the real issue of the troops. Many people at the protest do care greatly, especially the ones who just want their husband, brother, father, sister, mother back safely and as soon as possible. How can you not see that? Imagine the a-political high school sweetheart girl whose boyfriend has been whisked away to war and just wants her "billy" to come home. Do you not believe these people exist? A lot of this is not about political affiliation. I can guarantee that a liberal mother who lost her son in Yugoslavia under Bill Clinton would ask the same questions about responsibilty and reason. Why shouldn't she?

This is especially true as the war drags on and people no longer associate Iraq with Septemeber 11th, leaving many people unsure about what the troops are fighting for anymore. (that was meant to be read sarcastically)

Now for my rant...
You are right though some of those people hate troops. I freakin' hate the troops. I hope they all die, especially the ones in Iraq and I don't care about any excuses about why they are there. To me they are all pawns of satan creating nothing but chaos in an already chaotic place. But that is my personal view and I would say it does not fit into the liberal status quo by any means. In fact I have fought as much with liberals as I have with conservatives about this, just ask (e:holly) who notoriously defended them throughout out friendship.

As I said before, I see no reason to ever kill other people. I value my life and the life of many family members and friends over any political ideology. My brother (just picture (e:mike) with a gun), father, sister, mother, etc are never going to war and likely never will unless god forbid someone attacks the homeland with ground troops and even then honestly, I/they would most likely adapt to the conqueror than fight, Italians ar famous for that.

P.S. Why do you bother to assume they are chubby asses?
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09/12/05 12:22 - 75ºF - ID#32222

Long Day

First I need to start out with a meeting about the VR website and then move onto the artvoice event if I end up finding a ride. Anyone want to go?

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