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Category: gym

05/26/12 03:24 - ID#56485

Buffalo Athletic Club

This second year of my scam contract I am trying to actually go. Last year our membership amounted to about $100 per visit based on the few visits we made.

I hate going so much. The worst part is the music. Even my headphones can't drown it out. That and the loud people and grunters. When we go there is always this family of people working out where the father is screaming at the kids.

I miss the old gym so much. When this is over I think I am just going to go with some home equipment.

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Category: gym

03/08/11 10:24 - ID#53782

Rob, the BAC downtown scam artist salesguy

I don't know if every gym is like this but it seems each time I talked with Rob at the BAC downtown, it felt more like buying a used car from a shady salesman.

It all started when I was calling around to the various local gyms to find out the cost before visiting the locations. Every freakin gym could give me a price besides Rob at the BAC. He insisted I come in. I said its impossible that they have no idea what the prices are?! Really dude, give me a range at least. He still insisted he could not.

The thing is, it was the only downtown gym I could find open till 10PM (excluding the JCC) and I get out of work at 9PM on weekdays.

Last saturday I went to join by myself as (e:Terry) had it with the scamminess but I wanted to work out. I used my $250 flexfit card and then paid an additional $127. It seemed ok because I had the card. Otherwise, it would be a ripoff because the truth of it is, I will work out march ->may and then oct->feb with a huge summer gab in between.

At the signup Rob told me if (e:terry) wanted to join it would be $377. I said there is no way he will do it for $377 as he has no flexfit card and everywhere else wanted less. I said (e:terry) would do it for $300. We argued a bit and I agreed to bring (e:terry) in for $323.

So last night, several days and a million calls from Rob to (e:terry) later, we go in to sign up and work out. (e:terry) makes me go into the office with him to assure he gets the $323 that Rob said he could get. Then after all the paperwork and bullshitting, the contract is filled out and it is $377.

I say, "hey wait you said it was $323" and he now says, "that was without the $49 enrollment fee." How fucking convenient that this comes up as soon as he offers me a $50 break for recommending (e:terry).

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Category: gym

09/12/09 12:26 - ID#49752

You can tramp all day for $1.00

This was also found in the pics from (e:paul,49751) I don't think this invention had much of a future, unless this is the predecessor to the jock strap. Has anyone seen one of these before?

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Category: gym

01/14/09 12:18 - ID#47400

At the gym with Phil

I never thought i would be at the gym working out next to Phil. In high school we were in gym together and were both not very sporty. Apparently, adulthood has changed us. Weird. I think he was the only other person at the gym tonight.
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Category: gym

08/02/08 07:05 - ID#45230

What is this about?

I decided to go to the gym to excercise and sauna and see if it would
get rid if my migraine, so far so good.

Saw (e:James) and made possible dancing plans depending on the headache.

On the way home I saw this pile if random stuff. Records, an army
canteen and shoes. What is it about?

P.S. (e:James) - that was the grocest banana I ever saw someone eat. You just swallowed it whole with total disregard fir the blackness of it, yuk, LOL.
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Category: gym

07/16/08 10:33 - ID#45047

Day at work, night at gym

Work was great today. I had a meeting about my new position and get to move on the stuff I planned on working on as they seemed to vibe good with the VP and the auditors. I have so much responsibility now. My plan is to let the groups of people that use the specific languages, which there are many, decide on the standards, co-incding with industry ones. It is going to be fun to work on standards for languages like COBOL that I will have to leanr a lot about.

Then we had a meeting about the intranet and decided on the people for the focus group. I think the ideas I had are pretty radical and what Roswell needs to get by in for a new progresive intranet. It will be such a huge, yet fun undertaking. It is amazing how big my projects are and how much influence I have had over the direction of how things are going. It makes all those endless hours of programming, teaching, studying and practicing seem worth it. Before I thought I was throwing my life away being bound to the computer for so many years and now I realize it was just laying a foundation for something greater.

The Gym
Speaking of laying the foundation. Man, I am getting way buff. Tonight I worked out so hard I was exhausted afterwards.

In the lockerroom, I was talking to this gym friend of mine about documenting life on the internet and how sometimes I am scared of what would happen if the political climate changed and gayness was more frowned upon with some sort of reprocussion. It is kind of hard to pretend when your whole life is in google cache. He seemed kind of amazed at how much of this generations life is online. Imagine gen Y. I mean I am only X.
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Category: gym

06/05/08 10:33 - ID#44557

Always use protection

Seriously, I do nothing that would qualify me as an athlete. Then I decided to join Allentown Athetix. On monday (e:terry), (e:matthew) and I went for the first time. Before we went I read their website that no one ever got athelte's foot there.

In more than nine years in business, no one has ever contracted athlete's foot. Okay, we wouldn't eat the pizza slice that fell on the floor, but we might think about doing that!

And as I mentioned in a previous blog the lockerroom is seriously the cleanest I ever saw, so one night when totally sweaty - I took a shower without sandals and now seriously I have Atheletes foot, which I definately did not have before. There is no where else my feet could have gone. I don't ever go barefoot outside. So there you have it - remember to always wear protection, bare footing is never safe, no matter how hot and sweaty you are.

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Category: gym

06/02/08 11:21 - ID#44525

Allentown Athletix

We went to Allentown Athletix for the first time after signing up over the weekend. It is really clean and the lockerroom/showers actually do not smell bad in any way like they do at the downtown BAC. The showers were really clean and the water pressure was like Hotel amazing.

We will see how motivated I am to keep going but it will help that it is only 2 blocks away. I miss the stomach twist machine from the BAC. Maybe they have one too. I kind of had a hard time finding my way around at first.
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