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Category: accidents

08/14/11 08:17 - ID#54942

Vodka Blimp Crashes

I think the vodka blimp from (e:tinypliny,54868) just crashed into a 94 year old woman's house. I hope they gave her a free lifetime supply.

The blimp advertises Hangar 1 Vodka and is on a tour of about 20 cities under the direction of an Orlando, Fla.-based airship advertiser called The Lightship Group, said Toby Page, the group's marketing director. The blimp won't make its next planned stop in Detroit on Thursday.... Asked whether she might try the vodka, Bernhagen joked that she might need a drink after such a ruckus.

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Category: accidents

10/23/10 08:45 - ID#53005

Almost a Fire

Just before we left for a birthday party the tortoise heat lamp started on fire. Luckily, the fire melted the wire and severed the connection.

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Category: accidents

07/26/08 09:04 - ID#45155

Dave got hit by a car ;(

This morning whiel checking my estrip messages I found:


My friend Dave, the one with the van - got hit by a car on transit last night and got mercy flighted to ECMC. According to our friend terri he was walking home from a concert in Lockport and got hit by a car. I can't imagine getting hit by a car, while not in a car. I hope he is okay, they say he has a smashed hip and crushed skull but his luckily they think his brain is okay. I feel so bad for him. Luckily, he is in a good hospital for trauma ECMC. I can't wait to be able to visit him.
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Category: accidents

06/06/07 10:05 - ID#39558

The Wedding From Hell

So I was watching, "So You Think You Can Dance" and the one girl who twisted her ankle and lost was so sad because she had fought for her life after a terrible wedding floor collapse accident a couple years back. So right away I googles "wedding floor collapse" and I could only find one in Jeruselem, Israrl. I thought - she was asian, it couldn't be but then I searched some more and it was. They got it all on video. It is perhaps the most horrific accident I have ever seen 23 people died. I will save you the googling, you can watch it on my journal.

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Category: accidents

12/17/06 08:32 - ID#32855

Car Crash

My parents got into a car accident last night. I am glad they are ok. My mother has some bruising and is in a lot of pain but in general they seem healthy. Some guy went through a red light and smashed into them. Luckily it totaled the front end of the car but missed hitting the driver side door because otherwise my dad would have been in bad condition.

It's so crazy how an accident can happen at any time to anyone.

The mice got into a bag of chickpea flower and mixed it with nutmeg.

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