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Category: apple

10/22/13 11:44 - ID#58175

Tunneling Apple Remote Desktop through Linux Server via ssh

You obviously could just connect the mac computers together via ssh if they were reachable from each other. In this case they are not and there is a linux comp in between. between the client mac and the target mac. Tunneling screen sharing over ssh also makes it secure.

From your terminal on the mac you will be connecting from. I was missing this part before and therefore it was not working.

sudo defaults write skipLocalAddressCheck -boolean YES

From client mac connect to linux server and map your port 6900 to its 5900. Really you could use any ports you want just make sure that you use them in the next command too.
ssh -p 22 -L 6900: user@linuxserver

From linux server connect to target mac that you want to view mapping its port 5900 to the mac port 5900. The first port is whatever the second port was above. The last 5900 needs to be that as the mac runs its dekstop screen sharing over port 5900.
ssh -L 5900: user@targetmac

From there mac you want to view the other mac on, open the finder's menu and select go - connect to server.

enter address as your localhost and whatever port you chose as the first one in the first ssh command


hit connect

login with the account for the targetmac

from view menu select the display you want to view. From there you should see and be able to control the target mac.
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Category: apple

10/22/13 11:38 - ID#58174

OS X Mavericks

Got it. Its cool that it free not sure why I needed it but I got it now.

The 3d maps are pretty cool except for my neighbors house which is some sort of weird tree castle.

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Category: apple

08/01/12 11:28 - ID#56652

god don't fucking care

I was testing out the new mac dictation feature on mountain lion. I said, "and then I thought, milk came from cows so I drank orange juice."

The dictation software on the mac wrote

...god don't fucking care...

First of all I think it is trying to tell me something, but seriously, I didn't say fucking. I would have totally thought they censored that. What if a child was using it.

Now I am trying it again. I said, "I am going to try one more time to write a sentence." and it wrote, "Okay so I'm going to try to run my time and read." Its definitely not as good as the dragon naturally speaking one. That or the mic sucks on my new macbook air.
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Category: apple

12/14/11 02:09 - ID#55733

Apple - I still hate you

So I got an ipad today through work that I am going to use to test web/app dev for ipad.

1. Why still no file upload in the freakin browser. Even my old nokia bar flip phones could do that. Basically, apple just wants revenue on the apps and by not allowing upload you basically cripple web apps from being all that relevant forcing people to develop app store apps.


2. While I can probably use a corporate dev account for work stuff, if I wanted to dev anything like an app to match the android one , I would need to spend $99 to become a developer. This isn't a one time fee, it's $99/year. That is such a rip off. Android market place publication privileges is a one time fee of $25 and you could avoid that if you just wanted to make the app available from your own website instead of the marketplace. And furthermore there are competing marketplaces like amazon's which will keep the prices low.

I mean in this case I just want to develop a free app (like the android one) that allows you to upload pics and other content to your blog. I have to keep paying $99/year?

Just as I was thinking about getting another mac as a dev laptop (for lightness sake) I came across this anger from the evening. Instead I just bought another SSD for the Dell.
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Category: apple

06/12/11 03:09 - ID#54481

User agreement for itunes on the iphone

(e:terry) showed me this earlier. The user agreement for iTunes on the iPhone is 62 freaking pages long. Talk about fine print, no one reads that.

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Category: apple

11/16/10 01:38 - ID#53110

iphone 4 privacy bug?

This seems like quite a major flaw in the security of the iphone 4/3GS

Bad news: if you own an iPhone 4, be careful -- bypassing your lock screen is simply a matter of hitting "emergency call," dialling "###," presssing the call button, then immediately pressing the lock button. Voilá -- one cracked iPhone. After the break, there's a video of some Spanish Portuguese-speaking guy showing you how to carry out the exploit.

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Category: apple

11/08/09 02:16 - ID#50250

Wow Apple

How one earth did this make it through the app store when so many other things are rejected.

A Spanish translation of Mein Kampf has been launched at the App Store, observers note. Written in the 1920s by Adolf Hitler, the book is both an autobiography and a charter of the fascist, anti-Semitic policies that would come to guide the Third Reich. No other version of the book is available as a standalone app, and its icon is the Nazi Party emblem, complete with swastika.

Personally, I searched for it and couldn't find it. They must have pulled it already which really makes me question their acceptance policy.

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Category: apple

09/18/09 02:32 - ID#49805

New Iphone Screen

The home button stopped working on my iphone. We had to wait two hours to get it fixed but they had to replace the whole LCD.


While we were there someone left the concierge service thing logged in on one of the table top macs and we could see all the info about who was up and what they needed, contact info, etc. Luckily we are not data bandits.



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Category: apple

06/07/08 06:15 - ID#44579

Where is the apple key? Cut, Copy, Paste

I taught digital media arts for a long time on macs at Canisius as some of you might remember I became so accustomed to saying, hold down the apple key and press ...

Today I was helping (e:matthew) learn some photoshop stuff on the mac and I said hold down apple plus shift. His response was, where is the apple key? At first I was thinking, just look but then it really hit me there is no freakin apple key on the new mac keyboard. I have no idea what would posses such a marketing and image driven company to produce new keyboards without their logo on it. It makes no sense. I mean they always had them and windows keyboards have a windows key. Its weird because it says command, and there is the traditional command symbol for mac, but why not just use the apple logo. I mean what does that command symbol really mean?


The iphone's missing text editing feature Give me my clipboard
While I am on the apple rant , I am totally excited about the new iphone and am sure I will buy one just to go back to 3G speed but have the safari mobile browser. The question still remains, why no freakin select, cut, copy, and paste functionality. It is the backbone of digital copy creation. I don't know how they are really going to say it is enterprise ready without that. So much of corporate email involves editing text heavily and cut , copy pasting parts of one email in to another, or parts of web text into an email or other web page. Same with blogging. I find it ridiculous to tye a long entry without using digital editing. That is why I went from having like 1000 mobile blog entries to have about 0 this and last month. PLEASE APPLE ADD CUT, COPY, AND PASTE to the iphone firmware?!

P.S. It is really hot out and I went to the gym three times this week, ya!
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Category: apple

01/15/08 08:03 - ID#42898

Did someone pass wind

or is that the new macbook fart - I mean macbook air? I am glad I have no interest in it. I have had so many apple computers and this has all the feel of the few freakshow apple hardware items that I have now as museum pieces.


The powerbook duo 280c 1996 . Retail price like $3500ish - no usb - it did not exist and no optical drive, and no ethernet - you needed a dongle. I don't have the dongle or a CD that works with it so it still have a really pretty system 7 setup. I could never network it other than over telephone once I lost the dongle.

The ibook blueberry - one usb port for everything. That port died right after my apple care did. Before it died it was so annoying to unplug the usb mouse everytime. I wanted to charge something. It seems liek every computer I ever had starts to lose a usb port over time. Even my newest top of the line macbook pro has one that doesn't work as well and requires multiple plugging ins sometimes.

Sad to see no firewire or ethernet. Apple made firewire target disk mode which I think is one of the best things about apple laptops when you want to save them from some problem or copy data but this system doesn't have firewire either.

What about when there is no wireless and you want to plug in. Is that a dongle too. What if I want to stream movies to my TV and use a mouse. Now I have to carry a usb port splitter, a vga usb cable, and mouse and a usb ethernet adaptor. Couldn't have just been 3.05 lbs.

1. no firewire
2. one USB port
3. no ethernet
4. no optical drive
5. no built in graphics card
6. Price point $1799!!!! That seems so crazy when compared to the low end macbook pro for $1999
7. 2GB of ram
8. no dedicated graphics
9. 4-5 hours battery life - that is so super fucking lame. That is the one thing that laptops need to update right away. Battery life is so out of date with the other technologies. How can this laptop remove everything else and still not have a longer battery life. Is it better with the extra $100 for the solid state drive, lol.?

1. 3lbs
2. sexy design

This is so similar to my complaint with the iphone. It seems like design is really starting to trump functionality with apple. Liek why didn't they release copy and paste with the update. Or how about streaming radio or mobile ichat. I mean it is only software between it existing or not, not like it requires much of an investment on their part. That reminds me too much of Sony, I hope it stops.

If someone gave me one I would still play with it.
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