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Category: politics

08/31/08 11:36 - 74ºF - ID#45522

Sarah Palin and Wikipedia

Okay, I totally don't care about Sarah Palin but I did find this story from about an NPR story by Yuki Nogushi of interest because it involves the use of technology, specifically wikipedia, to shape peoples ideas about the candidate. How many of you looked her up on wikipedia after you found out she was announced? Probably a lot of people.

Well, it turns out:

Someone - and apparently it was just one person - felt like the existing biography wasn't appropriate for a vice-presidential candidate. On Friday, 15 minutes before the rumor that John McCain had picked Palin as his running mate, a Wikipedia editor discovered 30 mostly favorable changes had been made to the Alaska governor's profile.

She was called "a politician of eye-popping integrity" and sections on her participation in a beauty pageant and her alleged use of influence to get her former brother-in-law fired were diminished.

The same person editing McCain. That was probably the most affective way of shaping people ideas without spending a dime.

However, damn that thing is busy. Look at the history on it
It seems like everytime you look at it, it is different.
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Category: dancing

08/31/08 12:56 - ID#45519

Lights out, glow stick night

At Ms. Kittys on Main and Allen.

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Category: birthdays

08/31/08 12:01 - ID#45518

Happy birthday mikey

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Category: race

08/28/08 09:58 - ID#45490


This guy is not at all what I would expect for the president of the
NAACP. I would have figured you needed to be colored to be the
president of the national association for the advancement of colored
people. Maybe it includes Italians now.
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08/26/08 10:25 - ID#45466

Tile done

Cooked dinner, grilled chicken legs, but I had to finish them in the
broiler because a certain Ms. (e:lilho) left the grill on for like 5
hours when she was here and the tank died mid-cook.

Then (e:terry) and I headed off to the gym. When I got home I wanted to
have a shake but I as being rushed to the grocery store as it was
already so late. I accidentally left the fork in the blender. What a

Anyways, I am arriving at wegmans so her is the tile all finished.
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Category: housing

08/26/08 07:17 - 72ºF - ID#45464

Grouting Tiles Is Not So Bad

I spent most of today working on the rental property. It is rediculous now that I pay $500 a month and make no money on it. It is making us so poor. Just imagine paying your rent or mortgage and then pay an extra $500. That was our spending money. I really need to find some good tenants or sell it.

I am just to busy to find tenants that don't suck and everything needed work. Luckily, I think we are really done with the top apartment.

We spent all day collecting an throwing out trash from the apartments and then cutting the bushes and the lawn. It sucks enough having so much of our own work. Having an additional house loads of work sucks even more.

I never did tile before but it wasn't that bad. You might remember us buying the tile cutter (e:paul,45228) and cutting the tiles.

Then when (e:lilho) was here, she and I glued on the tiles that (e:terry) finished cutting. Then today it was time to do the grout.

Here they are all glued on

Then I mixed the grout. The box called for 3 pints of water with 10 pounds of grout mix. I didn't need that much grout so I only mixed 1/3 the bag with a pint of water. At first it didn't seem like enough liquid but after a bunch of mixing it came out the perfect consistency.

Then you apply the grout using a tool called a grout float. Basically you just scoop a bunch on and then swipe the grout float on an angle to smooth it off.

Here it is all applied on one part of the counter before the final cleanup which I am still waiting on as it has to harden for a while first and I wanted to come home and eat dinner.
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Category: vacation

08/26/08 11:03 - 66ºF - ID#45458

Sedona And Flagstaff Continued

Mount Humphrey's - I miss you. I really love flagstaff. I think I could live there a again for a bit someday. It actually had not changed very much.

This was the first apartment that (e:jacob), myself and eventually (e:terry) lived in. I was 15ft x 9ft.

And finally some pics fo Sedona - my favorite place to hike and climb around. Sedona has gown a lot and the roads have been redone. It also cost $5 for a parking pass now, but he pass is good anywhere in Sedona. Well accept for the pay places!

(e:terry) and I climbed ot the top of one of the rock formations.
The one behind (e:terry) here. Well not to the very top but around it.


Here we are looking off the part we climbed to. (e:matthew) was so small at the bottom that I couldn't even get him in the pic.



I remember taking this pic and seeing him in it. But now I can't find him in it. The perspective is weird but I am tooking straight down from very high up.

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Category: vacation

08/26/08 10:59 - 66ºF - ID#45457

Some Family Pics From Vacation

I got a ocuple of family pics on vacation. I forgot my real camera so I took all of the pics from vacation with the iphone. It relaly only takes good photos in very optimal lighting conditions.

Here is (e:terry) on his brother's trampoline with nephew Aiden.

Here are terry's cousins samantha and elizabeth posing with their fishing poles. I wish we had pictures of the fish we caught. Maybe (e:matthew) has pictures on the boat.

This is (e:terry)'s sister Alex. She is very pretty, I wish I had a better picture than this one but somehow this is the only one I have. Once again, I am sure (e:matthew) has more.

This is (e:terry)'s brother and sister in law in walmart. Hope (e:matthew) has better pictures.

And here is the newest nephew - baby finnegan.

I am missing a lot of people and clear shots. I think (e:matthew) has pics of everyone. Hoepfully he will post some or (e:terry) will.
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08/24/08 11:06 - ID#45443 pmobl

Gambling really sucks

So (e:terry) went to go pick up our tent at his brother's house while I
stayed with his mom at the casino to gamble.

At 7:50 I was supposed to meet them for a movie. Unfortunately, they
were late and I was near the star trek slots. There was actually a
line to use them because they were so popular so I decided to play the
nearby machine and wait for someone to leave. I sat at a $0.05
machine and put $5 in. Then I hit spin but the last person had 20
lines at $0.25 selected and within two seconds it was all freakin
gone. I was so made. Like I don't like losing but not even realizing
I was betting $5 on one spin sucked even more.

On a fishier not what kind of fish is that, in the back, that looks
like a mini whale.
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08/24/08 02:33 - ID#45438 pmobl

Gambling sucks

I lost like $100 on these stupid slot machines. I think if I ever
gamble again it will be at an actual table against real people.

It was such a vicious cycle. I bet a little bit and lost so I kept
uping the bet figuring I would have to win a lot to compensate for my
loss. Thing is, I never won. The bonus rounds on the newer machines
are so addictive.

In the future I would rather spend money on more fancy food and more
bacon choclate, LOL.
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