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04/30/04 08:20 - ID#30885

Elmwood was so alive today

The noises from elmwood were so intense today. Even more so than yesterday, although yesterday was warmer. Today had the Friday advantage. People seemed so alive after being freed from the constraints of winter lifestyles in Buffalo. You could hear people laughing and singing, bikers with bells, children yelling, dogs barking, music in all the open windows of the cras. I realized that we actually live in the perfect location to record the sounds of elmwood onto a CD. Considering that the sounds of elmwood are rather limited except during the 4 months of summer, it might make an interesting compilation.

For people who do not live in Buffalo. Unfortunately, I can't say it is much different than the noises of any medium size city in which you have open windows in cars and houses. Here that noise of the interepenetrating realities becomes music to our silence over-exposed winter ears.

Gotta jet as so Terry and I can pick up Robin and head on down to see Soyeon's newest installation at the Ceepa gallery. I will post pictures when we get back.
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04/30/04 08:11 - ID#30884

My first Linux mini-top entry

This is my first journal entry written from the mini-top (super-mini laptop) that I inherited through Holly. It is not the Vaio from my previous journal entry but another vaio, equally as small, just a little older. After about 18 hours of intense work, I was able to get everything up and running on it. It is a dual boot Windows XP pro/ Suse 8.2. I added a 40 GB drive, bought new RAm, and ordered a new battery. I even got the wireless usb dongle to work, which wa smore of a feat than you can imagine. You may finally see me out and about on elmwood once the battery arrives as this will allow me to work on the go.

Holly told me that she typed a short story using this device over a summer. I cannot imagine typing a short story, as my fingers are already freaked out typing just this journal entry on such a small keyboard. However, I think coding should be fine as it is not as repetitive. Or maybe its more repetitive, thank god for the bluetooth keyboard, as if I did not already have enough cancer rays flying through my personal space!
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04/29/04 12:35 - ID#30883

Weather on Elmwood

The weather pattern on ELmwood is incredibly irratic. Yesterday it was about 40 degress. Today it is supposed to be 81. I think this says something about the weather patterns changing. Obviously some winds and bucking back and forth and wreaking havok with our climate. I wish the 80 degree ones would stay.
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04/28/04 01:05 - ID#30882 pmobl

kimya at mohawk place

I got to meet kimya and she is everything I dreamed she was. I am too nervous to talk to her anymore but I got a new album and a t-shirt.

The three of us got t-shirts, two were custom made for the occasion. Here is a pic of us with Kimya. She probably thought we were freaks, becasue I was all, "I am your biggest fan, blah"


If we ever end up hosting our big (e:strip) party, - will ask her to come along.

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04/27/04 09:08 - ID#30881

XHTML Compliancy

I spent the afternoon finally transitioning the site toward XHTML 1.0 compliancy. It is compliant now. The only thing that is not is the bgsound if you view the site the Explorer 6 for windows. The PHP simply detects you are on the "defective" browser and uses the non-compliant code to make it work. You can check the ocmpliancy yourself by clicking on the XHTML compliancy button on the elmwood journal under the links.
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04/27/04 04:01 - ID#30880

Sony Vaio Dreams of Japan

I want a mini-computer so bad. The laptop I want, is the new Sony Vaio X505. It weighs only 825grams. And is less than one inch thick.

::Download Flash SWF::

I mean, I love my M60 super-laptop. It is seriously the best desktop replacement I could ever have in a to-go box. Unfortunately, it is very big and clunky. Well, I guess not much bigger than my powerbook was, but definately not a mini-comp and not somehtign I could whip out in the train station or on a plane so easily.

At the conference last week, everyone seemed to have a mini computers. I think if I had one, I would do a lot more programming on the go. Unfortunately, I now have this $4000 super laptop and no more funds.


So if anyone wants to buy this for me in honor of the site progressing, feel free. They have one on ebay.


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04/25/04 08:03 - ID#30879

I hope this makes sense

Q. Why is there no collaboration between me and my televsion?
A.I was never really into it when I was younger, so I never developed the "proper" tools to think that way.

Most importantly though, because I have unleanred the skill both intentionally and unintentionally. Since the internet first became so ultimately consumable I have been using computer to surf the web. When I think about anything, it often triggers another side-thought and I just follow it around the web. Then it trigger another and another tangent. For some people this makes them unfocused, but for me I think it concentrates my productivity. I find that that style helps me think faster, even if it is about more tangentially related subjects. So when I watch video in its linear format I get carried with questions about every little bit and I can't follow them in any pattern I want. I feels like I am being told what to do, where to look, and how to feel. I guess that is the entire idea behind drama. That's why you can't talk in a theatre. I don't trust anything where you are not allowed to talk. What kind of situation demand no communicating besides one with power relationship.

On the internet I can view, search and talk all I want, to many people at once. With the movieI have to continue to look ofward in time, downa specific path and not out to the side. What about drama demands full attention? Is it the feeling of emotional attachment to the subject through hypnotism?!

Good bye linear narratives althogther, it seems so freakin archane, I'd rather "crawl."
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04/25/04 07:40 - ID#30878

Workshop Gone Bad

Only four people showed up. It was pretty depressive. However, I am really glad I met Christoph Spear. He was the silver lining of the conference for me. I will have to start reading his book soon. I would suggest it to you'll but it is written in German. Maybe I will explain it when I read it, could be useful to all of you interested in free cooperation and collaboration.
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04/25/04 03:59 - ID#30877

Workshop by Paul and Holly

Holly and I are I am hosting a workshop on Sunday at the UB CFA for the collaboration conference. We will be discussing using PHP and MySQL Databases for web collaboration. It is at 12:00ish in the CFA, come check it out.


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04/24/04 01:37 - ID#30876

Publication Paper Waste

I heard lots of people talking about htis yesterday. What is up with the massive paper waste with the Collaborative Network conference at UB? It makes me sick that no one had any environmental concerns during its production. I cannot believe the giant font and the many blank areas on 11 x 17 paper. It should have been so much smaller with the rest of it on the web. Especially considering that it is a new media conference.

And only a day after Earth Day!


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