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Category: music

02/01/15 12:55 - ID#59811

Raving In Buffalo - Datsik Town Ballroom - Rave 3.5 Waiting Room

Wednesday night at Town Ballroom was awesome. Its crazy how big electronic music has gotten again. The place was packed wall to wall.


Then on Friday night there was another event a Dnipro and last night at The Waiting Room it was so packed we waited in line for an hour and never made it in. They turned people away because they hit capacity.

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Category: music

11/17/14 11:52 - ID#59589

Dj Lulu - Buffalo, NY - Scammy Business People Playlist Set

The one thing I hate more than anything is when people try to scam you. I don't know if it is the Sicilian in me or what but it literally makes my blood boil.

If I have learned anything in life, its get it in writing. Especially since I've had so many work experiences where people say one thing in person and another thing in writing.

Anyways, (e:terry) made a verbal agreement to pay DJ Lulu $300 for the party. I remember him coming home to discuss it in the first place and I thought $300 seemed steep but he had his heart set on it.

He tried to pay her before the party but she said she would rather be paid that night. To be fair, she did a great job, he even planned to tip her an extra $100.

At the end of the night her aggressive manager bitch was asking everyone for cash which until that point I thought was pre-paid or electronically arranged. I asked whoever was asking me if I could Google Wallet her the money but apparently she needed it in cash because she was flying to NYC right away.

Many of my friends and family reminded me the next day I owed her $300.

But when she asked (e:terry) for the money in an email the next day she said, "there is no paper trail, but I remember we agreed to $500." Instead of questioning it, because he is so averse to confrontation, he just paid her. This made me crazy.

I had him write to her asking how the price changed all of a sudden. He wrote her this nice email saying how happy he was with her service and that he would use her again in the future but just wanted some clarification on what happend with the price.

A week later - no answer.

Maybe she didn't get the email. Maybe she is a scammy bitch who couldn't even be bothered to make up some story. I guess we will never know the difference. I know how I will remember it.

Personally I would never hire her again and told just about everyone I know how that went down including people who asked me about hiring her.

Good luck Lulu, I hope the extra $200 was worth it.

Next time I get a DJ they will be capable of online payment and they sign a contract in writing.
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Category: music

09/07/14 01:37 - ID#59375


My new favorite German musician is Alligatoah. It didn't hurt that his album cover was a snapshot of his handsome butt.


Here is one of his hit songs "Willst Du", the refrain of which is essentially, "Do you want to take drugs with me?
Then it's gonna rain red roses
I've seen it happen in a soap
Do you want to take drugs with me?

Taken from


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Category: music

02/16/14 04:26 - ID#58695

Ke$ha the satan worshipper

Wow, this guy really studied the crap out of Kei$ha's videos.

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Category: music

02/11/14 10:53 - ID#58665

Erica at the Piano

We went to see (e:czarcasm) at Nietsches openmic last night. She was fantastic. I especially liked her original song. It takes so much guts to just go do that.


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Category: music

04/03/13 10:00 - ID#57461

purity ring


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Category: music

02/19/13 10:32 - ID#57267

Matt and Kim at the Rochester Armory

Went to go see Matt and Kim and Passion Pitt at the Rochester Armory last night. I really love Matt and Kim. Seeing them play live was amazing. They are so dedicated to their performance.

As with every trip to Rochester, we ate at Dinosaur BBQ

But first, the Will Call line was insane. It was like an hour long and wrapped around the block.

Luckily we had paper tickets and the line was like 15 people long. Makes me wonder about Will Call in the future.

We stood around waiting for a bit after we got there. The crowd was massive.

There was a lot of crowd surfing during both shows. The best part of all was when Kim walked out onto the hands of the crowd and then danced on top of the crowd.


My video from their concert of the song "Now"

An their professional video

The rest of the pics are from Passion Pitt. The light set was good but I didn't get into the music as much.
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Category: music

11/27/12 09:48 - ID#56938

How much music is there?

I am not usually one for re-posting other people's video but this is really interesting. It discusses the finite number of music tracks available. The number is mind-blowingly astronomical.

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Category: music

08/17/12 12:07 - ID#56683

Tongue Tied

I am so obsessed with this song and I really have no idea why. I think the beginning reminds me of a new order song I like. I added the ability to embed spotify songs in estrip blogs. Just right click on any song in spotify, choose "copy spotify URI" then just paste it anywhere in your blog. It looks like

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Category: music

06/17/12 04:01 - ID#56552

No Chairs Allowed

They have needed this for so long. There was nothing more annoying than going the square or the harbor and not being able to get around row after row of lawn chair when you wanted to see the music. It still works out for the chair people at the harbor because there is plenty of room for chairs on the middle lawn.

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