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Category: food

06/14/12 06:39 - ID#56545 pmobl

Liberty Hound at the Inner Harbor

We went back to liberty hound on Sunday with (e:libertad) and (e:mike). I got the seared tuna salad which was amazing. (e:mike) and (e:libertad) got the lobster roll. (e:terry) got the veggie burger which he also liked. I love the paramsean fries so much.



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Category: lofe

06/14/12 06:35 - ID#56544 pmobl

The last good moment

Everything just went to shit after that.

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Category: holidays

06/13/12 06:14 - ID#56542 pmobl

Birthday Party for My Dad, My Uncle and Libertad

June 12th we celebrated (e:libertad) and my Dad and Uncle's birthday with the family. My mom made melon balls which were delicious.

They looks so crazy in the blowing out the candles pic because this was a re-enactment as everyone forgot to take pics.



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Category: buffalo

06/13/12 06:06 - ID#56541 pmobl

Buffalo, NY - F is For Graduation Rate

Even with the graduation rate on the rise, it is still only at 54% ;(

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Category: health

06/13/12 09:44 - ID#56540 pmobl

Gunman on the loose at ECMC

Waiting for matt to get out today and he texts me saying he is locked in his room and there is a gunman on the loose who already killed two people. This is so scary.

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Category: art

06/09/12 06:25 - ID#56534 pmobl

The Allentown Art Festival

What is up with the increased drama between the two festivals? These signs located at elmwood and allen, way after the allen town art festival but just before you reach the allentown west festival are so douchey and just make me hate the Allentown Art Festival.

To be fair I was only there on a hunt for fried artichokes hearts, which I never found. We literally ran the entirety of both festivals on the quest for them. I hope I didn't miss it

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Category: food

06/08/12 11:15 - ID#56532 pmobl

Liberty Hound At Buffalo Inner Harbor

I headed out to the inner harbor for lunch with my mother after (e:Matthew)'s graduation. The food was totally amazing. Its a great seafood restaurant owned by the same people that run Blue Monk on elmwood.

The food is primarily seafood but they have some other fare including burgers and steak. Today they also had some pulled pork on special.

Being the seafood lovers that we are, we went for the ciopino. It was amazing. Mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp and cod.

The inside of the place looks nice and sits right inside the museum by the canal but we sat outside on the patio to enjoy the weather.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the parmesaen truffle fries we got for an appetizer but I was to busy eating it!

They open for service at 11am and the kitchen is open till 10pm. I say check it out if you haven't yet.

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Category: water

06/07/12 08:23 - ID#56524

The chemical smell in the water

It has been back again for a bit. I seriously cannot stand it. I won't even wash my salad with it anymore because the salad ends up smelling too.

I want to know what causes it. Its smells sort of like permanent marker. Its not my house either, I smell it in other places. Its almost like it replaced the fishy smell of zebra muscle that used to be in the water.

Is it possible that it is some sort of thing to kill them off. Last time I wrote about it in 2008 (e:paul,44701), (e:matthew) linked to a buffalo news article but the link is gone and I cannot remember what it was. Thats probably a side effect of the chemical itself, lol.
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Category: body

06/07/12 04:45 - ID#56522 pmobl

Being sick sucks

I can't believe that I have a cold right now. I think its the combination of allergies and then cold weather plus air conditioning that made me sick. Its one of those stupid painful sore throats where it hurts to talk. Hopefully this spicy veggie soup helps and it goes away soon.

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Category: mobile

06/06/12 04:24 - ID#56521 pmobl

Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy Note

Its seems pretty awesome so far. I am uaing the Only One ICS rom from

Some highlights:

  • Android 4.04
  • Tons of developer options
  • The keyboard seems more intelligent
  • There is S voice, the siri competion
  • The UI seems really snappy
  • They solved the washed out blacks in the display issue!!
  • Cut, copy and paste plus select is awesome and accurate for once
  • facial recognition unlock
  • full disk encryption option
  • ICS google chrome browser
  • NFC is working but Google wallet still disabled :(
  • The s pen note app is insane. It has many more options now. It is one of the best note taking apps I have ever seen.
  • New task manager with screenshots of each open app.




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