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11/30/03 09:29 - ID#30609

Project Drama

My secondLife movie project starring Amy Goodman and the statue of Liberty is driving me crazy. Everything is ready but the video capture part is sucking for me. I hope that it works out. I guess I could just consider not getting an A for once. But if I get a B I might as well get an F.


I am just sticking my eye here a year later cause i found it while finding the pic that was missing from this journal.


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11/30/03 04:22 - ID#30608

Updates for Quickness

Here is a rundown for some of the (e:strip) v1.5 updates. Its not a huge change from v1.4 to v1.5 but there are some great improvements.

1. The (e:strip) logo at the top of the banne ris a link back to the elmwood journal/home page.

2. There is a new "QuickUpdate" button on the journals directly under the user's pictures. By clicking on it you bring up a pop up box which allows you to quickly add a journal entry wihtout having to access the more ocmplicated update page.

3. The traditional update page still accessed by the write button at the top, has had many upgrades. You now can update and delelte multiple journals at a time. This saves lots of time. I have also mmoved the uploaded images library to a separate window in order to speed up load time when doing text-only updates.
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11/30/03 02:07 - ID#30606

Listen to This - Caught Matthew

Here is a to the Richard Stallman MP3 about the development of the GNU/Linux and opensource movements.


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11/28/03 06:06 - ID#30605

You may wonder . .

Where has paul been lately, what's going on? I have been searching for a cell phone. I have never wanted one before but now as they are getting more powerful I would like to start developing applications for them. In order to do that I would like to have a real one to test on.

Unfortunately, no service would offer me a no voice service but unlimited internet service. At first T-mobile agreed but then the manager said no. Which sucks. I really want to have wireless internet access via a bluetooth cell phone. Believe it or not, verizon does not offer bluetooth cell phones. Their phones seem to be really behind the times.

And T-mobile has the phones I want but not the service I am looking for. Basically, it means that you will not see cell phone features for (e:strip) yet. I was really hoping to allow people to update and read their journals via cellphones. But although, I have an emulator I could use for development, I will not be very motivated till I have a phone.

I seriously, cannot afford a phone for $39.00 a month, whn I know I would only make like 4 phone calls with it per month.
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11/27/03 03:57 - ID#30604

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am really busy with my final projects so I have no idea how much celebrating I will get in over thi sbreak, but my mother invited us over for Thanksgiving and i please contact me and I will try to get it worked out. It will definately be a tasty meal.

If you having any problems with the site, please email me - version 1.5 will be coming out sometime in mid december iwth lots of improvements.
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11/23/03 02:18 - ID#30603

Update del Linux


So this is what happens when you get too close to your avatars head in seocndlife. You can see that you avatar has no brain.

Do you think that it means its also has no soul?

I finally got my voice recorder, the one that is going to change my life in way yet known to me. It is realy all I dreamed of. On the politically correct front, I moved the super comp on over to linux. So I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite programs, like Cinema 4D. Luckily maya runs of Linux and there is a freeware 3D app called blender. The whole purpose was to start a server, so some neat things will happen soon I hope.

The one thing that sucks about Linux is the Mp3 browsing apps. I want something just like iTunes. Unfrotunately, there isn't. Right now I am using Yammi, which I had to compile for Suse 8.2. Its better than nothign but still not my favorite. I also got icecast 2 to compile and work via oddcast with xmms to broadcast the radio station. I think it will go back on air this week. Hopefully, with better shows.
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11/20/03 11:16 - ID#30602


I am getting so irritated, the elmwood server is not responding right now. I need to update some stuff and it keeps on not connecing. I wish so bad that I could just ove this onto my computer at home. I mean I own a server, I just cannot afford a fast enough connection. Maybe something will change.
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11/19/03 03:19 - ID#30601

Parts of Second Life Missing?


Well, Since Second Life allowed digital artists to have control over their own productions I have only seen chaos. Well not really but the entire land next to my is missing. It is like a blank space. Either the serve rholding that land went down or someone sold the rights to Fox News, hahahaha. Anyways, I circled it in red so you can see what it look slike when a digital world is missing.
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11/19/03 08:07 - ID#30600

May the real Amy Goodman

Please Stand Up. I decided to make my Secondlife videos as commercials for (e:strip). I alsod decided seeing as we are working to bring Amy Goodman to Buffalo Radio, why shouldn't she be working to bring people to (e:strip) in return. Thus I created he virtual counterpart and now she will be in my advertisement. Unfortunately, I missed school today where I was going to show this. Hopefully, it all works out.


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11/18/03 10:28 - ID#30599

The NYLS conf changed virtual history


The CEO of Second Life announced that Second Life would be giving its users full digital rights to the content they created including their avatars . This is a major breakthrough in the digital rights for the users of massively multiplayer online role playing games.
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