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03/31/05 08:43 - ID#31804

Electronics class sucks

So I am still taking the electronics class that I had to take to graduate and honestly it is boring and sucking the life out of me. I am totally uninterested in it or maybe it is just the way it was presented. We received about 2 weeks of minimal instructional time followed by nothing. I mean work time is fine sometimes but I still am confused about basic stuff and when I ask questions about this basic stuff I get no answers. I am even ok with, "I don't have the answer right now, but let me get back to you." However, that is not even the case. I have had this IR led problem that has been going on for like two weeks. I have directly asked fgor help 3 times with no avail. The one time the professor sat down with tme to try and figure it out, their solution burned out my LED $3 LED.

Having an instructor that is either incapable or uninterested in answering my questions is anything but inspirational. To top it off it is expensive. I have always been someone to work really hard on something but the way it is I am just not into it. Most of the time I ams seirously guessing and trying out a bunch of things and that is no way to make something work electrically. There are deifnate answers and methods for these thigns. it is not like splattering paint on a canvas. Although, bnoth can be used for art, there is no need to involve chaos in electrical manufacturing.

I guess it probably wouldn't take much to do something impressive. Luckily, I am working with jesse , but most of the time that just makes everything more complicated. I do truly enjoy working with him but I feel like anything we do together requires an additional amount of time that I don't have right now.

Maybe, I am stressing for nothing. Maybe it will all be really easy. It's not like I have seen that many impressive projects in the past. I was so exicted when we were working in groups because I went into this just wanting to be the programmer and it isn't working out that way.
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03/31/05 02:31 - ID#31803

Faxing is apparently a major boundary

So did you ever have a friend who totally freaked out on you and you have no idea why? I just wanted to send a fax?!? Sorry. I hope this isn't a permanent thing.


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03/31/05 01:24 - ID#31802

More peep toons - aim dies

I added robin, shawnr, uncutsaniflush, julie, comedicqueen, and ajay. Tell me if I have anyone's eye color messed up. Strangely enough I was talking to (e:shawnr) when aim died. I have never had it die for so long. He wrote in the chat here that his died too. I hope it is not the end of the world?

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03/30/05 11:17 - ID#31801


Check out

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03/30/05 03:45 - ID#31800

Okay I added more peeps

I really have work that needs to be done, but I can't stop I added (e:hodown) and (e:metalpeter). Sorry (e:lilho) I had to take your earings and give them to (e:hodown) , but now you have the guitar pick ones.

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03/30/05 02:20 - ID#31799

More peeps

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03/30/05 02:00 - ID#31798

Here is lilho too

I am thinking about making everyone eventually and making a banner or flyer out of it.
I also moved tehir eyes apart a little.


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03/30/05 01:00 - ID#31797

Advanced Programming Class

I have decided to push the advance programming class in the direction of web sites and interaction with mobile telephones. This will make it a really cutting edge class and also get people interested i that game engine that (e:shawnr) and I are going to be devloping in the future.
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03/30/05 12:56 - ID#31796

Great Linux Article

Here is a great linux article about turning your old PC into a music machine with linux.
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03/29/05 09:51 - ID#31795

New logo characters PAL

The turtle is done. I have moved onto logos involving cartoon verions of me and lisa.

In the logo beta we are staring at the sreen but chatting at the same time. It fits how we work on the site very well.


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