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Category: love

11/24/13 09:28 - ID#58349

Six Months Of Magic

I found the first photo I have of (e:joe) when going through my computer backing up photos. It was dated May 31, 2013, we had just met shortly before that which makes it six months this week. If you had asked me that day how this story would unfold, I would have never guess that I could have fallen so totally in love as I am now.


This is the next picture I have of him a week later biking next to (e:Terry) behind (e:Dianne) and (e:heidi). The rest is history.

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Category: love

04/07/12 06:14 - ID#56331

Forever isn't always forever

Well after 10 years (e:pmt) is officially just pt. (e:matthew) moved in a few days after I met him at Mid K in 2002 and we were pretty inseparable for many years to come. Many of the best moments of my life were spent by his side. I truly thought it would go on forever.

Sadly, the last couple years didn't go so smooth and (e:matthew) made the decision to move out this weekend, although it had been discussed for a while.

It really hit me when I was moving his bed out of the bedroom. Everything in the house is so him that I am going to have to change it all or be sad all the time.

I wish him the best and I hope someday we can be as close as (e:hodown) and I are now.Its so weird because I am so used to talking with him about everything... I hope he finds someone that can make him happier than I did because I think the only thing that will make me not sad is knowing he is happy.





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Category: love

11/01/06 08:18 - ID#32808

I miss matt and terry

Imagine missing your lover and then mutliply that feeling times two.
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Category: love

11/07/05 10:22 - ID#32333


I was checking out an Indian site refering to the release of the new Microsoft Products today when I saw this advertisement.

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