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Category: transportation

11/05/05 12:10 - 53ºF - ID#32328

My dream Automobile

So I have been thinking a lot about how I don't need 3,000 lbs of steel to propel my less than 200 body to work only about 10 blocks away. It's actually totally ridiculous seeing as I could get there on way less energy. I want an elecrtic mini car contraption thing. Toyota is coming out with these i-unit mobile things. I want to build one. I think it may turn into a hobby.


Here is a review

Here is a review on gizmodo

and one on greencarcongress

This one hold two people

Or this for a more vanilla look

These ones have a dealer in toronto and a video

Enviromotive Inc.
Mr. Monty Gisborne
9 Codeco Court
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M3A 1A1
Phone: (416) 432-7067


I could drive to work in a peapod

They have a company that actually sells mini electric vehicles in India called the reva, but how do I get one here?

WHy are some companies crunching them up?


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Category: nature

11/04/05 05:15 - 64ºF - ID#32327

Forest Lawn Cemetary With Matt and Katie

I went over to Forest Lawn Cemetery with (e:Matthew) so he could take pictures for his journal [inlink]matthew,662[/inlink]. While we were there Katie found us at the Lake.

I cannot believe how many pictures my phones holds. At 640x480 resolution, it can hold 11666 pics. At 1152x768 it can hold 2,400 pics. That seems amazing and the quality is not too shabby. I still am ready to trad eit in for one with a keyboard. Maybe not trade but I wouldn't mind having a second phone with a keyboard. I could just share one account.






This person is from Maine but they love Buffalo. I thought that it was a nice shoutout for our home city.


A lot of the trip looked like this because I kept driving to new places to chase the sun.

Here I am with the Nokia


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Category: work

11/04/05 12:44 - 60ºF - ID#32326

New Job

So as some of you probably remember I was so stressed out when I found out that Erik, the new Prof at Canisius, did not have his MFA, something that I was told was a pre-requisite for the job and I spent tens of thousands of dollars and 3 years working non-stop on at their request. When he told me he didn't have one, I was seriously blown away as it seems like every school in the country expects an MFA for any art teacher. Either an MFA or a PHD. I guess Canisius doesn't have very high education standards, they care more about business. I suppose that should have been obvious considering the blunder with Mr. Wolfe a couple years back. He seriously had no idea what he was talking about. THere was even a point when students filed a petition to have him removed.

The final straw was at the faculty meeting last week when the new fantasy full time lab director position got pushed back from spring 2006 to fall 2006. It really made me lose hope. I mean I gave them five years of my all and I just wanted a full-time job with health insurance. Considering that education cost about ~30,000 a year for full tuition/dorm students I can't believe that they are too poor.

Reading my journal about the sadness concerning the sitution [inlink]paul,3909[/inlink] prompted (e:nicholas) to bring me a newpaper clipping with jobs [inlink]paul,3910[/inlink] , which lead to the interview, which lead to the job. Thank you nick, you will have a special place in my world forever.

So this is the message I was talking about getting last night on my previous entry [inlink]paul,3959[/inlink].


I barely slept last night because it was all I could think about. When I woke up at 9am, which I better get used to fast, I called and found out I did in fact get the job. I am so excited because the job itself sounds really fun, not to mention that it pays really well and includes health insurance, which everyone knows was my pre-requisite for a job.

Thanks (e:ajay) and George Johnson for writing me recommendation letter although (e:ajay), yours never arrived according to Roswell.

Now (e:strip) and rememberbuffalo can finally have there own server!
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Category: design

11/04/05 01:31 - 51ºF - ID#32325

More leaves

This are some more deviations of the leaves from the front page.

After making this someone pointed out that it is reminiscent of a Rene Magritte, I had never heard of Magritte before but there is no way to deny it looks very similar.


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Category: food

11/04/05 12:53 - ID#32324 pmobl


Finally (e:matthew) can eat Calamari too. At Kosta they have Octopus and calamari. I am glad we didn't go to Pano's.


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Category: elmwood

11/03/05 08:16 - 61ºF - ID#32323 pmobl

Lunch on Elmwood

Today I went to Globe Market for lunch with katie and (e:mathew). It was tasty as usual. Poor (e:matthew) could only eat salad. I can't imagine being gluten intolerant. I feel bad for him.

We saw our landlords on the way in and I was able to tell them I was not running a meth lab as they thought but that (e:mike) is just recycling all the pill bottles from Eckert where he works because they don't recycle there. The landlord seemed really happy about this. First because there was no meth lab, lol and secondly because she is so into recycling. It made her smile.

While driving there I took these two totally non-artistic straight on pics of elmwood outside globe. I wonder what they will reveal when we look back on them in ten years.



Tick, tock, tick ,tock do I have a job. I am going to die waiting to find out.
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Category: work

11/03/05 06:52 - 61ºF - ID#32322

Roswell Called

So here I am sitting at work till 9 and no one is around. I know that roswell called but I have no idea what they said and it is driving me crazy. (e:matthew) apparently knows but didn't feel like it was important enough to tell me by email, or to call my office. Apparently, an anonymous "Roswell called" in the chat was good enough. Thanks.

We used to be able to get our answering machine messages via the internet. The problem was that we could not hear the people leaving messages as it was just voicemail. It was good in one way because i could get the message from anywhere. It was bad because we would just ignore them most of the time as we never heard the people actually speak and plead for us to pick up the phone.

I wish that he could have given me a little more feedback as to the situation. Now I have to sit here for 3 hours and just wait, while driving myself insane thinking about it.
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Category: art

11/02/05 09:29 - 42ºF - ID#32321

Swimming Picture

(e:shawnr) showed me this crazy site where there random image and animations. I cna;t remember what they are for but this totally non-animate dimage amazed me.

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Category: body

11/02/05 02:14 - 51ºF - ID#32320

Still Working Out

So my workout schedule is still working for me. The weights are beginning to be much easier to lift. The ones I could only lift ten at a time before I can now lift 25 times so I guess it is time to start changing the amount of weight. Well, actually I would rather wait one more week till I do it, because I don't want to risk hurting myself as I am in no rush.

I only work out like 20 minutes a day. That seems ok. It makes me feel happy too afterwards. A similar feeling to smoking a cigarette. It makes me wonder if half of the draw of a cigarrette is that it makes your body feel like you did something.

I still have a long way to go before I am the size I want to be - like the guy in that yoga book [inlink]paul,3941[/inlink], but here is a preview of my arms.



I am not stopping till I look like these guys.


UPDATE: We discussed this painting in (e:paul,46890) where (e:james) suggested that it is by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

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Category: maps

10/31/05 10:41 - 51ºF - ID#32319

Google Maps

I was watching a couple minutes of the Geraldo show about sex offenders that escaped from New Orleans. I noticed that in the computer screen at the police station they were using google maps to track them.
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