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Category: media

10/30/05 08:12 - ID#32314

Media Biased and Twelve Tribes Continued

(e:jason) and (e:joshua), I for one am not suggesting that the lefty press is any less biased. I don't think there is any such thing as unbiased media from any source, how can we pretend that is even possible. I always assume everything is biased and try and research stuff myself when I am interested enough. It is just so unlikely that writer can divorce their ideas from their writing enough to be unbiased, even if they really think that is what they are doing.

As for the Twelve Tribes, my feelings about them had nothing to do with Michael Niman. I don't even read his column. In fact, some drunken random girl read us the article out loud at Allen Street hardware one night. The name sounded famialiar so afterwards, I decided to go home and look them up when I realized they were the same people I had gotten into an argument with at that picnic I organized.

Then (e:mike) and I searched for their personal homepage and read the whole thing. We searched for information from former members and for news articles about them. I put all these links on my journal [inlink]paul,3949[/inlink] with my own commentary so that people could not only read my not very interesting opinion but could more importantly read the source materials and decide for themselves. I think that is what makes this format superior to print articles.

I didn't like The Twelve Tribes when I first met them on a purely gut level reaction and haven't bought their bread since 1995, about 10 years before Mike Niman wrote this article .

Here are some links to other journals involved in this discussion. [inlink]joshua,74[/inlink] [inlink]joshua,73[/inlink] [inlink]jason,276[/inlink] [inlink]ajay,390[/inlink] [inlink]joshua,73[/inlink]
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Category: programming

10/29/05 06:57 - 50ºF - ID#32313

Sherbert Beta Hits

Introducing Paul Visco's Sherbert - An easy to use AJAX API

Sherbert - sher·bert (-bûrt') 1. A frozen dessert made primarily of fruit juice, sugar, and water, and also containing milk, egg white, or gelatin. 2. A beverage made of sweetened diluted fruit juice. 3. Australian An alcoholic beverage, especially beer. 4. Cross browser compatible xmlHTTP objects created by Paul Visco to make devloping Web 2.0 AJAX applications easier.


I decided that I was sick of depending on an external AJAX xmlHTTP object API. When I first started using AJAX on the site last year I used my own xmlHTTP scripts but soometime thereafter I picked up an XMLhttp API called CPAINT. Last night, I decided there were lots of things I liked about CPAINT but that I didn't need many of the lines of code it was using and that it would be good top just make my own API. It was also the last little snippet of code that wasn't my own out of the thousands of lines that make up (e:strip) and related projects.

You can find out a lot more information about Paul Visco's Sherbert Objects at the Sherbert website , which will be expanding shortly to include links to many new AJAX applications including the site sound chat.

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Category: religion

10/29/05 03:37 - 38ºF - ID#32312

The Twelve Tribes

[inlink]joshua,73[/inlink] My gut reaction to them was that I didn't like them having nothing to do with Mike Niman or the coop. It goes back to 1995 when I hosted this big vegan picnic/meeting at artpark and they showed up to get their religion on. (e:hodown) and I didn't hit it off well with them as you can imagine, (e:hodown) asked them to leave, and they left.

Here is their official site and some official quotes

What is your stance on homosexuality?

We do not approve of homosexual behavior. We do not regard it as a genetic variation, a valid alternative lifestyle, or a mere psychological quirk. We embrace what God says on this subject without regard for political correctness. Homosexual behavior is immoral and can be mortally dangerous.

Quoted from: The Twelve Tribes : Social Issues FAQ

Not a big surprise for any religious fanatical group but it does make me hate them with the same passion I have for fundamentalist christians.

We desire to speak proper English, free from slang and vulgarity, in the midst of every audio and visual stimulus to the contrary flooding our senses.

Quoted from: The Twelve Tribes : We Make No Apology%u2026

Gee - what do you think this means when translated.

Do you spank your children?

Yes, we do. We love our children and consider them precious and wonderful. Because we love them we do spank them. ... When they are disobedient or intentionally hurtful to others we spank them with a small reed-like rod, which only inflicts pain and not damage....The Columbine tragedy in particular points to the potentially terrible consequences of children left to themselves, who are not held accountable for their actions.

Quoted from: The Twelve Tribes : Family FAQs

Here is a site that people who have escaped made

Here is an expose by a man who is really angry about them

The history of

You can also visit their storeon South Creek in Hamburg (MAP TO: 327 BUFFALO ST) There commune is somewhere around 18 mile creek.
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Category: web

10/28/05 06:01 - 44ºF - ID#32311

Holy Fast Download

I was busy working on a new AJAX system when I tried to download the new iTunes. It is 33MB and downloaded in a couple seconds. At one point I get 4000k/second! Those speeds seem so crazy. Imagine if the whole internet was like that.
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Category: games

10/28/05 12:21 - 39ºF - ID#32310

Super Mario

Someone has rewritten super mario brothers as a DHTML javascript application. It is so crazy. It is actually quite playable. Spacebar is jump, the arrow keys move. Check it out


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Category: programming

10/27/05 02:22 - 41ºF - ID#32309

Delaware Park - Google Map Programming

Here you can see Delaware Park from 1920 and 2005. Look how different the waterways are. Can you believe how much bigger the scajacuada was. No wonder it is so disgusting.


So (e:jessbob) sent me a to some aerial maps of Buffalo from the earlier part of the 1900s. I wanted to superimpose them with some google maps, but the google maps window was not large enough, not to mention that as one of my students pointed out today, the google map API does not offer geocoding services. That means that you cannot use an address in javascript and get the latitude, longtitude from it.

Well, that didn't stop me. I wrote my own full screen google map demo that looks addresses up on another site to get the latitude and longitude and then plots and focuses on the location on my full screen google map. Without making any of this overhead obvious to the end user.

Here you can see the full screen nature of it.

To visit an address simply type the address in the grey box in the upper right corner. No need to use any commas or other punctuation, simply type spaces between each part of the address e.g. "444 linwood avenue buffalo ny"
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Category: body

10/27/05 02:00 - 41ºF - ID#32308 pmobl

Some of the things mr. fatass ate

I ate a lot today, but not as much as I had hoped because I was busy working at Canisius. I want to gain more weight now. Maybe I should just start on steroids, lol.

Outside of these pictures, I also ate a banana, a can of pear juice, and clif bar.




This is one of those 3/4 lb bacon cheesburgers from Jimmy Macs on elmwood. It is called the Chicago Burger.
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Category: war

10/26/05 12:41 - 41ºF - ID#32307

When will it end

Washington marked the 2,000th American fatality of the Iraq war with a moment of silence in the Senate, the reading of the names of the fallen from the House floor, new protests and a solemn vow from President Bush not to "rest or tire until the war on terror is won."

Quoted from: 2,000th Death Marked by Silence and a Vow

I am so curious how this war on terror will eventually end. Can anyone see the war on anything as broad as terrorism ever being won? I mean it is such a broad target with no real boundary. I am also very curious how we will look back at this war on terror and on this era in general.

Is there anyone who looks back at Vietnam in a positive light?

Will we end just like Vietnam with us losing and pulling out one day? Will we make it until 20,000 troops dead. I mean can anyone see Iraq turning into West Germany or Japan. Can anyone see the end of terrorism? It seems to me that the more we try and impose our will on non-americans, the angrier the terrorists.


I have also noticed that more and more groups and things are being classified as terrorists which makes having a war against them even less sucessful. Maybe we need to hone our definition of terrorist to something a little more approachable.

So how do you guys see it ending. I think eventually we will just have to give up. EIther that or maybe we will get spread so think that China will decide for us.

P.S. What happend to Osama bin Laden? Is he a terrorist anymore? I bet he lives in China.
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Category: food

10/25/05 08:45 - 42ºF - ID#32306 pmobl

Eating a lot

It is so weird to keep eating all day. I keep making it so that every thing I eat also involves a dessert. It doesn't have to be a typical dessert it could be fruit for an example. Tonight I ate fish, edamame, rosemary pototos, apple sauce and salad followed by a coconut dessert. This is the second day in a row that I cooked for myself.



Earlier to day I ate maple oatmeal, 2 eggs, two peices of toast, a banana, and yoghurt with black berries on top. It was basically more food than I usually eat in a whole week. I know I am still missing one whole meal but I have to take it a step at a time. Tomorrow I plan on eating 3 times.

On another note, I am not banking on anything but at least made it one step further.

Hello Paul,
You have been selected for an interview for the Programmer/Analyst (#172) position which you applied for recently.

We also found a new tenant for the apartment that we rent. Things are looking brighter.
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Category: body

10/25/05 05:53 - 43ºF - ID#32305

Which method is better?

I started out today sick. I think it was not really sick but my body adjusting to eating about 10 times as much as last week. It feel so weird to be constantly stuffing my face. But I am hungry non-stop after working out. It is really hard getting used to this new routine of eating more than a bowl of cereal per day.

I have a question for any of your sporty types. Mind you I have little stick arms to start out and I only weight about 135 lbs total, so keep that in mind before you laugh. Hopefully, that will change soon.

Currently I can only benchpress 35 lbs 15 times in a row before it becomes dangerous, if I drop it on my head I die, there is no safety. This is already a huge improvement over last week when I was doing 15 lbs weights.

Today I did that routine 6 times for a total of benchpressing 35lbs 90 times. I know I can lift more than this fewer times. For example, I could do 6 reps of 50lbs 5 times. So which is better to starrt out with, more weight less times or less weight more times?

I like how the people on the wall seem to be attainable weights and not superheroes. They came with the gym.


This one is my favorite.

I want to look like this guy, can it ever happen?

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Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...