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Category: people

10/07/11 02:36 - ID#55260

I don't care that Steve is dead

He is just a person. Get on with your lives everyone. People act as if technology died. Its not even a surprise death, he had been dying for a long time. I kind of like that he died because it proved you cannot buy health. Even with billions. Each of us is just a person, just an animal, and we all are mortal.

I was so surprised that google and motorola postponed the launch of their new android phone out of respect for Steve Jobs. His own company didn't even do the same thing with their own iPhone 4gs as he was dying. Now that's a commitment to capitalism that I think Steve would be proud of.

AllThingsD now reports that Samsung and Google did indeed cancel the event due to Jobs' death, feeling that the launch would be inappropriate given the mourning process still going on throughout the tech industry and the world.

The decision to postpone things was made late last night at the top levels of both companies, sources said, with Jobs’ death being the reason. There are no delays with the product itself, sources insisted.

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Category: people

07/07/11 08:59 - ID#54659

Pretty keith vs angry keith

I think angry Keith wins.

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Category: people

06/03/11 02:52 - ID#54414

Dear Annoying Nameless

I spent like 10 hours deleting you from my life. I would have responded to your messages but you had deleted your email out.

As requested, I removed your name anywhere I ever mentioned you, I deleted your freaking account as requested after you deleted all of your journals. I also asked the two other people that used your first name to remove it. I even blurred your face out of photos that had other people in them.

Anything else remaining on the internet is your problem - the google cache should clean up over time, although I can't speak for anything people posted elsewhere or cached elsewhere. e.g. what the people that you said already found out about your "scandalous past" have done with the "incriminating photos," lol. I can't even believe you think drinking a beer in a low cut hoodie showing cleavage is scandalous. I don't envy you having to live up to the puritanical expectation of having a completely vanilla past when you were in college.

I wish you the great success keeping your future as sanitized as your past. Please don't ever talk to me again.
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Category: people

12/22/10 10:10 - ID#53320

Hos and ribbons

I miss them all. I had so much fun playing with Zoey last week. If only (e:lilho) could have been there too. It was impossible to tire Zoey out. We must have run up and down the staircase 110 times. She was also fearless. (e:hodown) and I chased her around as she walked even into completely dark rooms upstairs at the 24. (E:mike) commented that he wouldn't even do that at age 27.




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Category: people

10/26/10 01:23 - ID#53014

Look Alikes

This actor looks so much like Chris H to me.

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Category: people

07/04/09 12:09 - ID#49185

Great night on the town

Last night I went out with (e:jim) and (e:james) and forgot to take any pictures.

We went out on Allen where we met a bunch of interesting people including a girl who was friends with (e:enknot) and megan and who had no pet furry animals. To everyone else that probably seems like no big deal but in the last ten years I have met maybe 1 or 2 people that have no furry pets, which I am terribly allergic to.

I think the best part of the evening was grilling steaks at like 3:00am instead of going to Jim's steak out. The only thing was the grill decided to run out of gas part way through, which sucked. Thank god for the broiler although we enjoyed it deliciously pink anyways. This picture is not of our steak but of a steak with a very similar look I stole from

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Category: people

07/23/07 07:07 - ID#40222

What is emo?

Wow, I was so curious what emo after youtube insisted that I am interested in it based on watching this cartoon about a man with no skin, that was a link from (e:lilho)'s David the Gnome video.

So it looks like emo is the new gay? Buyt I totally thought some poeple I know who are defiantely not gay, were into emo - and now I am totally confused.

So I decided to search a bit and this is what I got from youtube.

"emo stands for emotional and refers to the clique of kids that are emotional and often wear eyeliner and black clothes."

"Someone who is whiny, sensitive, can't play the guitar, buys their clothing from thrift stores, and spends the vast majority of their life on Myspace. If you want a more politically correct definition, look it up on wikipedia."

"emo mean's "Emotion" for people who have emotion's and like the dark spirit.they also often cut themselve's for pain-relif.otherwise...i have no clue."

and then my favorite comment on this one

"@ first i wuz descusted whn i saw guys kissin each othr but thn i saw someone cal dem faggots.... dnt cal peeps faggots its nt very nice! the word is gay wht if someone called u a faggot? anyway sum animals sumtimes mate wit th same sex humans just happen 2 b one of thm!"

So what is it? I realize it meant emo music (WIKIPEDIA - Emo music)
but now does it mean gay?
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Category: people

12/10/05 06:34 - ID#32399

beggin in the burbs

We are in the best buy parking lot on Niagara Falls Blvd again. This time I got a better pic of the former field gone parking lot.

I love it when the snow drifts eat shopping carts. I bet hitting them in a snow plow is really fun.

We saw a beggar, or a man appearing to be one here in the lot. How do beggars get to the outer suburbs? Do you think the prospects are better than in the city during christmas time.





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