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Category: mobl

01/22/13 05:32 - ID#57164

Gloomy Birthday

I started out with a root canal and ended up being stuck in a car all day without pain meds and having crispy contacts. I am ready for NyQuil and bed. Hope next year is better.



They only good part was the Bulgogi lunch box at Korea House.


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Category: mobl

10/20/12 05:11 - ID#56844

Yum Squash and IPad Cameras

I am obsessed with all the different kinds of squash now. This is the butternut squash. I used to just eat acorn squash but then I started branching out. today at the farmers market I got one called delicata. Last year I tried and like blue Hubbard. They were also pretty amazing but they are too big for me to consume alone.

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05/01/12 01:32 - ID#56412

Dancing Germ


peacock Sunfire
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04/03/12 12:02 - ID#56311

Robot Bird

I bought the stupid tools for the paper app on the iPhone. I like the interface for switching between notes but I really enjoy the drawing app on the Galaxy Note so much better. One thing I really miss is the S stylus. I love how people pretend they don't want or need styli for the ipad but then there is this giant ipad stylus market.

The other things that are so much better on the Note are the much richer tool and color selection options. You know, the basics like being able to pick from more than 6 colors and having high tech fancies like variable pen size and transparency. I can't believe the paper ipad on the ipad suckered me into to purchasing the different pens for $1.99 each. I though I would use them to sketch stuff out for work but without a stylus, it's not so useful to sketch out idea.

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Category: mobl

03/04/11 11:20 - ID#53765


I love this voice mail from mama ho.


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