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12/28/09 10:19 - 20ºF - ID#50677 pmobl

No one shovels

That is besides (e:terry). Look how nice our sidewalk is and how it
abruptly ends.

The one place that is totally clear is the Bank of America between
franklink and delaware. They gave heated sidewalks. How much energy
does that take?
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Location: Buffalo, NY

12/28/09 10:08 - 20ºF - ID#50676 pmobl

Raisins and malt beverage

First of all raisins never had cholesterol. Second why can they sell
12% malt beverage with caffeine but not wine at the gas station.
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12/28/09 05:31 - 26ºF - ID#50674 pmobl

Times square

I have a web cam of time square app for my chumby. I can't believe
how it is always busy. Not a moment goes by with it empty. It kind
of gives me anxiety and I am not even there.
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12/28/09 05:31 - 26ºF - ID#50673 pmobl

Damn it's really winter

My face froze so bad walking down main street. That is main street
behind me in all white.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

12/27/09 11:03 - 30ºF - ID#50671

Why can't they just shut up?

I sometimes feel bad about it because I judge christians as a group
before getting to know them as individuals while at the same time
complaining about them doing the same thing to every other group. I
recognize the hypocracy in that.

That being said, it's things like this that make feel this way. I was
searching apps for the iPhone and found one that showed you local glbt
events, clubs, etc and somehow christians had decided to download and
negatively review it in moral grounds. I constantly blows my mind that they fixate on the gay thing when the bible barely does.


As soon as people begin to rate apps on moral ground, it ruins the whole app rating system. It becomes much more difficult to tell what Is legitemately a lame app and what some people morally oppose. And its not like I can't understand what it feels like to be morally opposed to something. The fact is, I morally opposed to shooting games but I would never vote them down in the app store because if it.

If I was the app writer I would sue those people for financial damages.

Sometimes, I wish I could just wake up one morning in a Christian free world. Maybe my first chance will be in hell. I am sure that is what they are thinking.

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12/27/09 10:20 - 30ºF - ID#50670 pmobl

Lost in the suburbs

(e:mike) and I got lost in the suburbs. I seriously don't know my way
at all north of the 290.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

12/25/09 04:01 - 38ºF - ID#50656 pmobl

Christmas Eve

Santa came to visit last night. Here he is with (e:mike).
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: shopping

12/24/09 12:10 - 26ºF - ID#50647

Lee Nails at the walden galleria sucks

I can't stand that fucking disgusting Lee Nails cancer cloud shop next
to sears. I smells so toxic. It's not just me being sensitive. If
you sit and watch, many people run by with their mouth covered. The
worst is if you get stuck on the escalator next to it, behind a slow
person. The cloud now extends further into the mall now. I can't
believe the health department doesn't shut the scumbag down or at
least make them get better ventilation. Imagine the poor ladies that
work there.

The whole reason I was there was that I had to go to the apple store
this morning because my MacBook pro's fans began to sound like a
motorcycle again. It's so frustrating to drop off my work computer
and know it's not coming back for a while. Sometimes Whn going to the apple store I come from the other side of the mall in order to avoid the toxic cloud from Lee Nails.

I Imagine it would be bad for business at Sears. One time I bought stuff at Best Buy instead because I didn't want to have to go past the smell.

I was terrified the mall would be jam packed but it really isn't. I
guess it is pretty early and it's a workday.
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Category: web

12/22/09 11:21 - 18ºF - ID#50639

Santa's Letter in Heaven Town

I was going to write about how adults were writing letters to santa and exhausting volunteer letter answerers but then Jenny McCarthy got all in my face

I cannot believe any news site could sell out this bad. It almost makes me nauseous to see this level of advertisement for one product.


An another note I changed image upload resizing to use imagecopyresampled instead of imagecopyresize for png images and they look a 1000% better. I am embarrassed I didn't notice this before. I wonder how many screen shot uploads were shitty because of that. My second life ones sure were.
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Category: body

12/22/09 10:18 - 18ºF - ID#50637 pmobl

Despite the uncooperative body

I am finally starting to get that side muscle I always dreamed of. By
summer I am want to be ripped bit I know the dedication won't last.
Damn what a messy desk.
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