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Category: wedding

07/06/14 10:11 - ID#59166

1st Anniversary

It seems unbelievable that it's been a whole year since (e:terry) and I got married. That's to everyone who helped make it such a special day.

It's weird to even celebrate a single year when I feel like we have been married since we started dating 15 years ago.

I love you so much terry. Here is to one very amazing year and many more to come. I hope I die first so that I never have to live without you.








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Category: wedding

07/09/13 11:34 - ID#57893

Wedding Day

On the way there.


God damn he is so cute.



Yes the bouquet included venus fly traps.



The hill on the pier made the wedding setting so great.


Yeah married.

Our Meeting Story - Terry's Version:

The first time I saw Paul he was engaged in a screaming match with a preacher. Not sure how much detail you wanna go into, but basically she was telling the crowd assembled about the evils of self-pleasure and Paul was not having it. He tarted back-preaching, asking everyone to raise there hands if they engaged in that act. I thought he was so fearless and was determined to find that boy! As fate would have it, I got the chance! I was taking Spanish and he worked in the language computer lab. I started spending more and more time in the lab "studying.' I definitely got an A that semester. I tried and tried to work up my courage to ask him out. It might have been a bit stalkerish - many times I would stay late until everyone else left, sneaking eye contact with him. Finally one day I found the guts and asked him out - using the corniest line ever. I reached my hand out and said, "My name is Terry Mickelson, would you like to go on a date?" He still makes fun of me today for that. That date happened, and as they say, the rest is history.

Our Meeting Story - My Version:
I didn't even know terry was watching me as I maniacally protested the street preacher. I did notice him everyday practicing spanish in his shimmery basketball shorts in the language lab where I worked. Some days I would even come in dressed up to try and get his attention. The one night he was hanging out till after everyone else was gone. If cell phones existed then I would have been texting all my friends "O M G, you know that cute guy I have been stalking in the language lab…" - not knowing he was doing the exact same thing. A few minutes later he reached out to awkwardly shake my hand and ask me out. I accepted.

My Speach To Him
When I first set eyes on you, I was attracted to you like a fish to a lure by your sparkly shimmer shorts and bright blue eyes, Within days of you reaching out to shake my hand and introduce yourself, you had already moved into my 15ft x9ft apartment where we had to roll the bed up to open the oven.

By summer we were living together in a car as we explored the wonders of North America from the Rockies to the great Corn Palace of South Dakota, having the time of our lives. At that point I already knew I found the person I had been searching for my whole life. A best friend, that despite a world of difference in preferences and desires always makes me feel wanted, safe and a part of something larger and more important.

Someone who I can share myself with and never hold back on for fear of being judged. Someone who snuggles me and keeps me warm on a cold winter night but doesn't even make me feel smothered. Someone who will hear me out even when I know you don't agree. Someone who is always ready for adventure and craves it as much as I do while being grounded enough to be responsible when its needed.

Thank you for making me believe that dreams really can come true. I love you.

His Speach To Me
I've never been satisfied with the ordinary. From the moment I Iaid eyes on you, I knew you were far from ordinary. From your crazy emotional outbursts to your intense concentration on projects, you always give everything. I'm not sure you know what holding back means - and I love that. I remember the first time I met your family. I thought for sure that a fight was about to start - the screaming and noise were so overwhelming. But I slowly learned that what I was hearing was unrestrained passion, and it drew me like a moth to flame.

You're never afraid to be exactly who you are - with friends and family, and perfect strangers alike. I love how you step on a dance floor and instantly demand attention. You're the best dancer I know.

Whether floating down a river in Germany at snail's pace or scrambling down cliffs at Zoar valley, it's always a fun adventure, and I can't wait to see where we'll go next. You constantly manage to find ways to surprise me.

Some say marriage is the end of the adventure. That now it's time to settle down and slow down, but I know that with you the adventure is only beginning. We have the best years of our life still ahead of us.

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Category: wedding

03/29/13 08:48 - ID#57440

My Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Ring - Dreams Can Come True

One major step accomplished. I got my wedding ring. Well I ordered it and its on its way fedex. I have literally been searching since last July for the perfect ring. I posted about it before (e:paul,57174)

My goals were yellow gold (to match (e:terry)'s ring (e:paul,56634)), quality diamonds and a gem in some sort of masculine design. I also wanted natural stones, no blood gems - at least not first generation ones. Its a hard to find combo, esp the masc part.

Its funny how we are picking different roles. (e:terry) wants a bouquet. I wanted a gem ring. Without any traditional gender roles it leave us free to be whatever.

For the engagement ring I got him a plain gold band because he doesn't really like gems. I don't just like gems, I freakin love them.

So onto the ring I picked. I searched through so many vintage rings because it skirted the blood diamond issue and because I think its cool to recycle. Plus the newer rings all seem to look so crisp like they were computer engineered and I like the more organic look of older rings. I was dead set on yellow gold because (e:terrys) ring was yellow gold and because I just love the look of it in the sun. I was also concerned I would be allergic to anything white as sometimes I react to some metals.

There were some cool rings made out of dinosaur bones and meteorites that I saw, but like wood and certain other metals they are not resizeable. I wanted something that could be resized over time so I don't end up being one of those people who's sausage fingers had to get cut off because their ring was too small.

I kept holding out because I wanted to wait until after the gem show at the Erie County Fair grounds last weekend. It was a chance for me to see all the different stones I liked. I also had this idea about buying the perfect gem at the gem show and having the ring made. At one point I even wanted to make it myself but the idea of the whole process sounded kind of overwhelming the closer we get to the wedding.

After listening to some people talk at the show and some research I decided that one major factor for me was gem strength. I didn't want a gem that I could easily crush or scratch. Diamonds are a 10 on the Mohs scale but next in line were sapphires at 9.

Also after looking at all the gems I recognized that I also didn't really want a faceted stone as the main feature but something smooth that plays with light naturally. This lead me to Cabachon style gems. Cabachon fashioned gems are when the gem is polished and shaped smooth instead of cut into facets.

I also didn't want a hollow gold ring because I had one that I had bent. It was 24k gold so maybe it was just too soft but it made me worry.

So after a bunch of searching I found a vintage 18k gold ring, with VS1-2 diamonds and a star sapphire. I had to have it. The color of the sapphire is amazing.

The only problem was the price was a bit out of my range at $4999 (e:terry) gave me a budget lower but I was a determined bargainer and was able to get a more reasonable price.

Plus, who does want a ring where you can say, oh yes, it is beautiful, just like my husbands eyes.



In case anyone else is looking for an amazing, one of a kind, vintage ring check out eragem

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Category: wedding

03/04/13 08:15 - ID#57331

Paul and Terry's Wedding

I spent so much time this weekend working on the website ] for our wedding. I wanted to invite people via website to save trees and to make to it way easier for me to keep track of the responses. The thought of having to keep track of lots of paper letters sounds like a nightmare when the website can just export CSV files with the details and I can reference and invite people right from my phone. The hardest part was collecting all the emails of the extended family members. Still working on that.

I was really surprised that google maps has a walkthough for hamlin house

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Category: wedding

10/31/09 11:11 - ID#50176

The photo booth

(e:ladycroft) had a photo booth at her wedding. It was awesome.
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Category: wedding

10/31/09 02:21 - ID#50172

Happy hallowedding

Congratulations Rory and timika!
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