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Category: design

10/19/14 12:06 - ID#59495

OS X Yosemite Design

The new OS X is so horrible looking. They tried to flatten it but left half the icons 3d. Now they show up as 3d on flat folders. And what about the horrible blue they chose for folders. I can't help but feel I'm looking at Linux KDE 2003.

If you have it, open up system preferences and compare the icons.

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Category: design

02/21/07 06:28 - ID#38234

Surebert Pages Designs

Yes, that is a lung tumor blocking a wind pipe. What do you think of the wind pipe menu?

This is the default style for the surebertpages CMS. I am so excited about getting a mac at some point so I can run Illustrator again.
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Category: design

01/16/07 07:51 - ID#37727

Print Designer != Web Designer

I know someone is going to hate me for this, but it seems like the more graphic designers I work with the less respect I have for the profession. I definately do not think that print designers should be allowed to touch the web. Sounds pretty strong I guess but most of them really suck at web design and cannot understand how the graphics are not simply static blobs places on the page but have to include functional parts of the page. I wrote about this last year during the same ride website drama (e:paul,4123)

Mayeb I am just a web snob but it is amazing how much people can get wrong: from color matching, the layout, to design.

I have written about this like 10 times. Web design is no longer cutting up pictures in photoshop and placing them into static tables. Look at this graphic from part of a website that someone wanted me to construct. I am so sick of people building websites in photoshop. It is so 1875 in internet years.


Look at this disaster. Can even the totally untrained eye see that the blues do not match and that the darker blue bar is one or two pixels off from the lighter blue section. This kind of thing is a result of sloppy photoshopping. It makes me crazy.

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Category: design

07/22/06 12:59 - ID#32699

Image Smoothy

Want your own personal image smoothy. Just visit my new surebertCom demo. You don't need to be a programmer to mix images. When you're done you can save the web page as HTML or as an JS program.

Wow - sidenote - I just left in the middle of typing and when I got back, the restore backup button restored me my data. That was great.

This one is just from estrip

This one is estrip mixed with myspace, livejournal, and friendster.

CNN after saving as a webpage and viewing full screen.

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Category: design

06/29/06 11:34 - ID#32677

Design Nixed

Well, I am not surprised but my design got nixed. At first the person I talked to was thrilled but then they changed their mind because it would not be branded with the rest of their site - intentionally. Mind you this is a website on a promotional CD-ROM. Thank god for CSS, its only changing a stylesheet to switch designs.

Still think their idea is great, everyone should order cards from them this holiday season.

My final design.

Their final design.

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Category: design

01/09/06 06:37 - ID#32447

When Print makers Become Web designers

I know I will get a bunch of slack for this but print makers are notoriously bad web designers in my opinion. There have been a few exceptional cases that I have met, but generally, when a print design company tries to go web design, it usually looks like wrong. They almost always have a really beautiful giant splash graphic and thats where the magic ends. It's no longer just a picture that you put on the web, it's a living interactive interface.

Right now I am working on Ride for Roswell at work. You can look at last year's website to get an idea of where it is going It is designed by Flynn and Friend's, a company in buffalo . I decided to look up their firm on the net after seeing the CD I am supposed to work with had their name on it. The paradigm is so old, i received some photoshop pictures and it is supposed to become a web site.

If you look at the non-web media design portfolio on their website, it looks pretty nice. But the web deisgn stuff looks really mediocre, borderline lame. I guess the was interersting.

I think it is the result of print based web designers relying too heavily on photoshop. It's all still a throwback to when the web was all slice up tables based layout. My question is how much do they get paid for the web site design, when I am doing the coding here at Roswell and someone else enters in the data.



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Category: design

11/14/05 07:34 - ID#32344

MOre not the photography

Without the camera phone I have so much down time, so I made the maid.

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Category: design

11/04/05 01:31 - ID#32325

More leaves

This are some more deviations of the leaves from the front page.

After making this someone pointed out that it is reminiscent of a Rene Magritte, I had never heard of Magritte before but there is no way to deny it looks very similar.


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Category: design

10/07/05 12:07 - ID#32273

Student Art Gallery

I have been stuck on the design phase for the student web gallery at Canisius. It is a weird balance between making it look good and making the design not stand out too much.


on a wider screen


Another issue is that I only work on it about 4 hours a week. Originally my contract had more "work" time built in to do things like this and the checkin database which I already finished but then my boss had this idea to have me work in the lab. Well it is impossible to get any work done in the lab because no matter where I am students and faculty find me and ask questions. Not that I don't like answering questions, it's just I never get time to work on stuff like this.

This is what it looks like now. You can click ont he thumbnauil to the left or right to load pics into the main box. If you want a full 1024x768 size image you can click on the main mage to load it in another window.

The space at the bottom and the top right will be used for other info, etc. Not sure yet. I will probably change it all before it is done.

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Category: design

07/23/05 03:22 - ID#32121

Post Programming Painting

I had a great day solving this problem that was making me batty and decided it was time to paint something.


We were gonna go go out butthen we read the flyer and found out it would have been $30 but the three of us to go. Maybe we'll go out again in the fall, lol.
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