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Category: design

10/07/05 12:07 - 71ºF - ID#32273

Student Art Gallery

I have been stuck on the design phase for the student web gallery at Canisius. It is a weird balance between making it look good and making the design not stand out too much.


on a wider screen


Another issue is that I only work on it about 4 hours a week. Originally my contract had more "work" time built in to do things like this and the checkin database which I already finished but then my boss had this idea to have me work in the lab. Well it is impossible to get any work done in the lab because no matter where I am students and faculty find me and ask questions. Not that I don't like answering questions, it's just I never get time to work on stuff like this.

This is what it looks like now. You can click ont he thumbnauil to the left or right to load pics into the main box. If you want a full 1024x768 size image you can click on the main mage to load it in another window.

The space at the bottom and the top right will be used for other info, etc. Not sure yet. I will probably change it all before it is done.

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Category: elmwood

10/06/05 10:46 - 72ºF - ID#32272

Wilson Farms

I am amazed at how long the lin e was at Wilson's Farms today. It seriously wrapped around and up the isle. You can only see part of it in the pic and that was at 10:43 PM. I find it ironic that the prices are almost if not more expensive than the coop.


There was the usual crowd. The woman that runs the launromat cross the street, the crazy lady that told (e:mike) he needs to go fight in Iraq, and andre. It's funny that this site pretty much started it's public phase over some racist drama at the Farm [inlink]news,29[/inlink]. I wish I had a media cpable cell phone back then but this was way pmobl.
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Category: tatoo

10/06/05 01:00 - 66ºF - ID#32271

This man looks so freaky

I found it when looking for pics of head tatoos.


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Category: computers

10/05/05 04:13 - 78ºF - ID#32270

Bye Bye Alias

Somehow everything fell into place. I am sure that I want to teach programming the rest of my life. Or at least be a programmer. No matter what language I learn and teach, everything seems to build on itself and it is all so useful. As long as there are computers, I can make anything work that I need to. The possibilities are endless and as I will only use free and opernsource languages, I will never be dependent on the software companies and their business whims. There are so many programs just waiting to be created.


You may ask what brought on all this excitement. Well, Alias the makers of Maya were bought by Autodesk for $182 million. That is such a small amount of money for what Maya seems worth but basically it is bought in cash by autodesk the makers of 3D studio max. I hate that program, the interface was so freakin crappy. Maya and 3ds are similar enought though where one of them is going to have to die with the merger. I bet it is Maya.

PowerPoint presentation about the merger

The alias website

I have no intention of ever learning 3ds. I learned cinema 4d, I learned maya and to be honest I am too uninterested to have to learn another work flow to do the same thing. When I say I learned them I don't mean that I got a rough idea how to use them. I mean I learned how to do just about everything the package has to offer. I taught them.

I cannot believe that Alias only made $83 million last year and autodesk made over 1 billion. No wonder they could afford to just buy it in cash. I makes me wonder why they did not just buy it before.

I wonder if Autodesk will kill the mac line. This is probably the most satisfying news I have heard all year. So much for industry standard Barry, we should have just stuck with C4D
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Category: subway

10/04/05 05:38 - ID#32269

The Subway

The elevators at some of the subway stops have been down for a long time. I realize they are putting in new elevators but it has taken an incredibly long time to get done and must be such a hastle for handicapped people. I can't even imagine. Here are the official down times.

LaSalle Station August 8 - October 7, 2005
Humbolt Station August 22 - October 25, 2005

They have a "solution" listed on the NFTA website.

Customers can use the "Call for Aid" panel by pressing the emergency button once. The customer shall inform the police officer of their location and that the elevator is inoperable.

Customers calling from the train platform level will be advised to board the next train and proceed to the next station with a working elevator where they will board the #8 Main bus. If a bus is not scheduled to arrive for over 30-minutes, customers can use the "Call for Aid" panel to request alternative transportation.

Customers calling from the street level will be informed to board the next #8 Main bus to be transported to the next station with a working elevator. If a #8 Main bus is not scheduled to arrive for over 30 minutes, a police officer will dispatch a vehicle to transport the passenger.

Quoted from: NFTA - Metro: Routes & Fares

I also found lots of other links about the Buffalo subway system while looking for this info.

Here are some
Official Site -
Inside Metro Tunnels -
(WIKIPEDIA - Buffalo Metro Rail)
Pictures -

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Category: ub

10/03/05 04:06 - ID#32268 pmobl

destroying cars

While I was at UB today I heard some crazy smashing noises coming out of the student union. I thought there was a car crash but it kept banging and banging.

For some reason they were smashing cars. Only in america.

I ate lunch at the Korean place and the visa vultures were lurchng again. The bitch tried to get me to agree to an over 20% interest rate. I told her to fuck off. I wanted to spit on her bt I decided to refrain. If I was on campus more I would set up a stand next to telling the truth about interest and what it means.

I cannot stand how they prey on the freshman who don't understand. They think it's a free sandwich plus $1000. It kills me that the school condones this. I am sure they get a nice kickback.

Here is a video of it.


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Category: food

10/01/05 10:59 - 65ºF - ID#32267 pmobl


Basra and I ate lunch. He ate hey, I ate a turkey sandiwch at Globe.



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Category: food

10/01/05 10:47 - 65ºF - ID#32266 pmobl

Eating At Ambrosia

Two nights, (e:lilho), (e:mike) and I went to Ambrosia for dinner. We got there just as they were closing but they still made a yummy meal. We all got hot chocolate with whip cream. (e:mike) and (e:lilho) got yummy ones with plenty of whip cream.


I, however, was denied whip cream. I was going to cry but decided to act like an adult. (e:hodown) used to love whip cream. It saved our friendship a couple times.


(e:mike) spilled his water all in our calmaris and all over (e:lilho). You can see the water at the bottom of the dish.


Then I got a turkey club sandwich.


Then we went to spot and I computed while (e:lilho) played on the site via her cell phone. Her and (e:mike) have twin cell phones but seeing as (e:mike)'s mom doesn't pay for his cell phone service, he doesn't have the internet.

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Category: downtown

09/30/05 11:36 - ID#32265 pmobl

Friday Night

First we tried to find emily at the Bus Station. We never found her. We left a message for her so that she could find us. She didn't find the note.

We went out to quote for the (e:ladycroft)'s friend's friend $1 drink night. It was nice to meet (e:sbruger). To bad (e:southernyankee) wasn't there. Now we are off to Allen St. Hardware.

After quote we went to Allen Street Hardware. (e:jesse) bought us lots of wine and then we bought sandiwches. Their grilled chesse sandwiches are good.


Afterwards, (e:matthew) went home because he hates dancing and we were going to go to the warehaus.


It wasn't open to the public. It was totally empty and they closed down.


Last night we went to Groove. I think that it was called groove because of the big sign on the side. (e:ladycroft) called it opium lounge
[inlink]ladycroft,80[/inlink] in her journal.



(e:jesse) got really annoying and started running away to different places downtown. We spent the whole night looking for him - turned out he ran out to Founding Father's. No more (e:jesse) when going out drinking. Maybe this is some sort of nordic defense mechanism as (e:terry) used to do it all the time.

When we finally got home (e:emilyjane) was there and (e:matthew) had found her. We all got in a giant fight with lots of screaming and doorslamming. I fell bad for emily, she probably thinks we are insane. Hope she has fun in New Mexico. Multiple attempts at taking the car away from the house which I was totally not cool with. Eventually, we all made up and went fish shopping.
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Category: potpourri

09/29/05 07:34 - 51ºF - ID#32264

Random Stuff

Wow, the site bandwidth doubled this month. I hope we can move the server soon.

(e:lilho) has a crush on the guy at spot that everyone says looks like me. If you looked at my userpic and him you might not see it, but with the beard we look alike. Here she is asking for him to contact her.


I should start an audio shoutout thing for the city where people can send shoutouts from their phone to the web. Why can't I have a job doing fun stuff like that, estrip, the matchmaker site, and the memory network.

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