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10/03/05 04:06 - ID#32268

destroying cars

While I was at UB today I heard some crazy smashing noises coming out of the student union. I thought there was a car crash but it kept banging and banging.

For some reason they were smashing cars. Only in america.

I ate lunch at the Korean place and the visa vultures were lurchng again. The bitch tried to get me to agree to an over 20% interest rate. I told her to fuck off. I wanted to spit on her bt I decided to refrain. If I was on campus more I would set up a stand next to telling the truth about interest and what it means.

I cannot stand how they prey on the freshman who don't understand. They think it's a free sandwich plus $1000. It kills me that the school condones this. I am sure they get a nice kickback.

Here is a video of it.

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