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03/30/05 11:17 - ID#31801


Check out

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03/30/05 03:45 - ID#31800

Okay I added more peeps

I really have work that needs to be done, but I can't stop I added (e:hodown) and (e:metalpeter). Sorry (e:lilho) I had to take your earings and give them to (e:hodown) , but now you have the guitar pick ones.

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03/30/05 02:20 - ID#31799

More peeps

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03/30/05 02:00 - ID#31798

Here is lilho too

I am thinking about making everyone eventually and making a banner or flyer out of it.
I also moved tehir eyes apart a little.


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03/30/05 01:00 - ID#31797

Advanced Programming Class

I have decided to push the advance programming class in the direction of web sites and interaction with mobile telephones. This will make it a really cutting edge class and also get people interested i that game engine that (e:shawnr) and I are going to be devloping in the future.
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03/30/05 12:56 - ID#31796

Great Linux Article

Here is a great linux article about turning your old PC into a music machine with linux.
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03/29/05 09:51 - ID#31795

New logo characters PAL

The turtle is done. I have moved onto logos involving cartoon verions of me and lisa.

In the logo beta we are staring at the sreen but chatting at the same time. It fits how we work on the site very well.


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03/29/05 02:05 - ID#31794 pmobl

Lines in Low Res

I am so determined to begin a photo site for cell photography but so many companies are switching their systems to no longer send the pics. As soon as I get time, I will write something that sucks the images out of the links.

It is so sunny and warm. Look the sun overloaded the photocell and made it "eclipse"



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03/28/05 06:01 - ID#31793

New favicon

I added a new favicon today. It is a little turtle peeking his head out. I am not sure if this is permanent, but I need a new logo/image for the site code so I am tryin to decide what to use.

Here he is in blue. I am sure I will change my mind about it,


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03/28/05 03:42 - ID#31791

Compiling and Smiling

I can only smile at the fact that PHP is finally starting to compile how I want it. I decided to give up on DNS. I am thinking of just changing the name of this site to I has an asthetic of its own. lol
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