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06/26/05 07:33 - ID#32055 pmobl

On the way to boating

I am trying to convince (e:twisted) to move here! There are so many great mansion just waitiing for her. She is still sad she didn't buy (e:uncutsaniflush) 's house.

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06/25/05 01:39 - ID#32054

New upcomming features

Soon enough you will be able to post to the site via IM. Sorry (e:ajay) , I gave up on the hope of a perl solution and went with PHP ;)

I will begin offering other IM solutions for the site and I can promise they will be faster than the current estripbot which relies on a multi server XML connection. If this makes no sense to you don't worry. Basically, it just mean sthat you will be able to interact more with the site via the AOL instant messenger instead of a browser. n Okay, now I am off to go boating.
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06/25/05 02:53 - ID#32053

Microsoft is so lame, RSS is cool

Microsoft is so trying to make up for being behind the times by making excuses. It is so typical of them to not provide their new Longhorn RSS hard-drive saving feature in Windows XP. That's outrageous. Are they trying to make people think that saving a small text file to a hard drive is high tech - too high tech for windows XP indeed.

I love how they say thatwith microsoft behind it, RSS can become a popular technology. It has already beeen popular for so long.

Thus far, Apple%u2019s Safari and Mozilla%u2019s Firefox browser currently offer integrated support for RSS feeds in their browsers. Microsoft hopes to do the same with Windows Longhorn and Internet Explorer 7.

However, Microsoft said RSS isn't a regularly used technology and with the world%u2019s largest software maker behind it, it could potentially make RSS into one of the fastest growing technologies. "It's cutting-edge technology but not something that would enlist a ton of new users," said Matt Rosoff, Analyst, Directions on Microsoft. RSS could become more popular if Microsoft builds into its Office apps features that consume information published that way, he commented.

Another different concept that Microsoft is planning on with RSS technology is opening it for developers. For example, Microsoft said it would leave the standard open for commerce sites, such as online retailers and music stores, to update the users with latest information.

The company added that it would make RSS integration available to Windows XP users as well. However, users won't be able to store the information locally on their hard drives. That's an exclusive feature to Longhorn, stated Microsoft.Quoted from: CoolTechZone::Microsoft plans RSS features for Longhorn

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06/24/05 05:43 - ID#32051

Ajay's Going Away Party

Last night a bunch of us met at the pink for (e:jay) 's going away party. He is moving the Bay Area near twisted. I hope they get a chance to meet.

We got to meet (e:uncutsaniflush) and his wife Lee. Had a great time hanging out with them and got to take a tour of there fancy new house afterwards. It was really awesome. Hopefully, lee will start a journal too. She definately has lots of interesting stuff to talk about.

(E:mike) got drunk and I had to drive his car home but he seemed like he was having a good time.

I saw (e:jason) for a bit. He also seemed to be having a good time. It's funny that everyone met (e:ajay) on his last day. We mised the presence of (e:holly) . (e:matthew) and (e:terry) were there as well. I got to talk to (e:springfaire) who I must say is looking pretty fine. She is moving to Colden.

(e:rachel) came with her boyfriend and (e:drchlorine) was there as well charming the ladies of the bar. Somehow I missed (e:rebecca) while outside, (e:terry) said she seemed pretty nice. Where was (e:metalpeter) ?

(e:twisted) was only a half hour by plane away. It was too bad she couldn't have stopped out. Her and (e:ajay) could have probably flew the same plane home today.

For a minute I thought this must be how the WELL people felt when they first met. Next time we should have a picnic.
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06/23/05 09:57 - ID#32050

Thursday in the Square

We went to Thursday in the Square to see Animal. I don't really know them at all, maybe that dates me. There were so many people. More than I had ever seen at the event accept for when th emajor headliners have played. The sound was really quiet. The christian protestors were out in full force. A bunch of skater kids got in the way of the "christian" protesters and put up a big sign that said, "Zombie Jesus, he died for your sins and now he is back to eat you brains." This really outraged the "christians" who then stpod in front of them and yelled about how they had to submit or suffer eternal punishment. I wish I had voice recorded it.

The people were really loud and there were so many of them. In the back, by the beer tents, you couldn't even hear the music.





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06/23/05 12:46 - ID#32049

Michael Jackson

Wow this is insane michael jackson looks like he was embalmed in this picture. seriously, do you think his cosmetologist doubles as embalmer / undertaker. I got the picture from


If you have never checked out, you should see all the crazy stuff they have. However, be forwarned much of it is really disturbing. Like pictures of people getting killed.

(e:shawnr) sent me this on boingboing about how the government is cracking down on online nudity. Apparently, also hosted things like but they had to take down all of their naked stuff in response to the new law that requires you have proof of the age of every person naked on your site. That pretty much kills all the rateme sites. I think it is sad in a way because they were also the only ones that were real people uploading the pictures themselves and avoiding the power structure and style of the porn industry.

I wonder if the law was sponsored by the "legit" online porn industry in order to weed out competition. People will just move their sites to places that don't care - just like wih everything else.
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06/23/05 11:48 - ID#32048

Cell Phone Movie of Robin and Terry

I have a secret plan for cell phone based movies. Here is what this morning looked like to me at 6am with (e:robin) and (e:terry) putting on a performance.


It seem slike the only people out at 6am are the health freaks. There were so many of them. I wonder how many die of heart attacks?

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06/23/05 09:14 - ID#32047

At the pink with robin

(e:terry) and I walked to the pink to meet (e:robin) , Hope to see you all tomorrow night. We are going to pre-party with (e:mike) and co at thursday in the square.


The photomatch game at the pink eats quaters. We lost $1.00 before we figured out there is no coin return. Then (e:robin) inserted a dollar and we got stuck with general mode. Argh! It's no fun without the naked people.


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06/22/05 02:35 - ID#32046

Server Helper

I got a response from someone about who said they would be willing to check the server over. I am so excited to finally have an expert opinion on what is going on. Ironically, he found the info from the plain text email I sent out, instead of the glossy posted I spent an hour making. I guess it shows that I tend to over do it. At least it was fun to make. I am going to use those characters in future advertisments, once we get the server streamlined.

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06/22/05 01:10 - ID#32045 pmobl

Hiding Out

Here I am hiding out by myself trying to stay from the computer., although I have allowed the sidekick in the room with me. Some people would say that's cheating but I'm not ready for cold turkey. I wonder when (e:twisted) is coming back.

I decided to eat and dance even though my legs barely move. My veins tingle and kind of hurt from sitting so long. I think that's what the whole low blood pressure thing is. I sat there for like 50 hours and I can still feel it calling me.

There really just needs to be a better way to approach the machine, other than sitting. I even tries standing for like 10 hours, which sounds crazy but at least it was a new position. I was thinking that maybe it could work to have the laptop fascined to the ceiling and just lie down interface with the computer, but honestly, I think my arms would just fall off within in ten minutes.

So this all makes me think about the fact that it's about time to be able to get the chip implanted. If I could even just have one simple communication protocol installed, I would go for it. Even if the interface was slower than dialup. Anyone want to bet when that will first happen. I think 2027. I want to be the first one to download my memory onto a storage device.

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