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Category: crohns

05/15/08 01:12 - 54ºF - ID#44347

The flu or death

I started to feel sick last night a bit before bed. Then when I woke up this morning, I felt nauseous. Now I am sick to my stomach and have a headache and am achey. God, why now - can't I just have one freakin moth malady free. I felt so great since the appendix thing. I actually have not had one sick day since then.

Its the one thing I hate most about this supposed Crohn's thing is that I never know if I just have a cold/flu, which I think I do this time, or if this is going to be the beginning of something terrible.
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Category: mobile

05/14/08 07:47 - 54ºF - ID#44340

Resco Radio - Mobile Internet Radio

Okay this might sounds like a cheezy advertisement but it is really written out of the pure enjoyment of using this application.

You may have seen me without my iphone this week. Thats because it now lives simcardless in the bottom of my bag after I discovered a new program called Resco Radio for my windows mobile. Between that and the much higher connection speed of my windows mobile Tilt phone I am in mobile internet radio heaven.
I have been listening to German radio on it non-stop all week and to make it even sweeter, it now records any shoutcast station to the storage card as MP3 so you can listen to it later. So that is a mp3 plays an unlimited amout of free radio from around the world and can even store it for later use.

If you have a windows mobile PDA or smart phone - YOU FREAKIN NEED THIS NOW! Here is the link on Handango for the PDA version
and the smartphone version

Its 19.99 but you get a 30 day trial to start. It is the best mobile internet radio app out there, well besides streamtuner for the nokia n810.

The ipod part of the iphone might have a slick interface, but its really not cool when you own about 4 songs. I have relied on internet radio for music for so long it was hard to give it up for the iphone. Now the icandy has mostly worn off. At least till the 3g iphone comes out and it has internet radio.

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Category: random

05/13/08 08:57 - 56ºF - ID#44332

Random Mix of Things

Friday night, we went to Europa Bistro on Elmwood and I had pheasant, it was totally delicerific. I would suggest anyone who loves European food head on over. (e:matthew) had polish Golabki which looked pretty good too.

Garbage Pile
I called the city to pick up the "garbage" left over from our bathroom demolition. It costs $82 for 12x3x3ft.

I thought that was reasonable as the wood was going to just mold in our garage and a lot of it was just garbage (broken glass, old plastic doll house, etc). I put it out and the city guy said he would come by in the morning to assess the cost, we would then have till 1PM to bring the money down to city hall and they would take it away.

The thing is I put it out on Thursday night and Friday morning at 9:20 I got a call from the city saying I forgot to put my garbage out and need to reschedule. The thing is I did not forgot, someone must have taken it all. I find it hard to believe because a lot fo it was no reusable in any way. Like I could see someone taking the wood, but every scrap of everything? Well, it was free so I can't complain. I would have put out more stuff from the attic.

Air Pollution
According to this article I was reading, air pollution increases the risk of Blood Clots. The really surprising part was the picture of pollution in Beijing. I had no idea it was so bad. It seems so far removed. Apparently, they are going to reduce pollution just before the olympics by shutting down factories, stopping construction for two months and reducing traffic


Imagine what it feels like during the "clean" time if you live there. Imagine the impending doom feeling of it coming back after it is gone.

I guess it was bad in riverside when I lived there one summer - but not like that photo. Someone, recently wrote or told me about some chinese friend driving down the way to Niagara Falls and saying how it smelled like home - was it one of you guys?

Is so freakin' crazy. I am back to loving it but its just crazy how much there is to do! I launched one of the apps I was working on today and the the department that uses it seemed to really love it. I think tomorrow is going to be a really dramatic, life changing day. Hopefully, in a good way.

I also saw this cancer fighting robot surgeon in a conference room the other day. It looks like the future.

The Fireplace
I keep working on the fireplace in the side parlour/office. It is starting to look really nice.


I am so glad I stripped it, even though I am painting it because the detail stands out so much now. I think I am never oil painting again though.
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Category: holidays

05/13/08 01:15 - 48ºF - ID#44324

Mother's Day 2008

(e:mike) and I went to Wegmans to get everything for our Mother's Day dinner. We managed to top my mothers multi meat meal maximum with 6 of our own meat options. (e:terry) and (e:matthew) also played crucial roles in cooking and decorating. Actually, they were really tiny portions of meet because they were just part of the wraps. I think we ate more veggies than meat per person.

We had:
Calamari, crab legs, chicken, sirloin, shrimp, sea bass

Along side:
bean sprouts, carrots, pickles, olives, chopped ginger, chopped garlic, orange peppers, hungarian peppers, wakame salad, sweet potato

Rice noodles and Romain lettuce leaves

It was a Korean style inspired meal but had no real Korean flavors. My parents really seemed to love it and it was fun watching everyone create their lettuce leaves.


For dessert we had watermelon with strawberries and whip cream along side chocolate cookies.

My mom drank tea made with one of the pretty tea balls we bought in San Francisco.


Before anyone reams me about eating Sea Bass, we bought it because at wegman's it was the only fish labeled sustainable.

It was so delicious and the perfect texture.

We got my mom a digital camera. The same one as (e:mike)'s but in pink. At first we weren't sure if she would like but then she took to it right away.


Wegmans has so much good food int he prepared lunch section. That is where (e:mike) and I ate lunh to get ready to prepare dinner.
They even had polenta

And they also sold mini fresh herbs for around $1 which I think it s great idea.

This, however, was a horrible idea? Who thought that blueberries were so awesome but just lacked a convenient carry case? Worst of all it still says you have to wash them?

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Category: conference

05/11/08 03:40 - 47ºF - ID#44301

Maybe never another confernce

Getting a virus at a conference is one thing. Getting the norovirus is yet another. I am so glad this was not me.

For most techies, it's generally not good to be associated with a virus of any sort. But folks at Sun Microsystems and organizers of this week's JavaOne software conference in San Francisco may have felt especially queasy when they heard that local health authorities were tracking an outbreak of stomach flu at the Moscone Center in recent days.

With up to 70 cases reported, the city health department said it suspects the culprit may be the highly contagious norovirus - a real virus, not the computer kind.

Symptoms usually last only one or two days, according to a bulletin that city officials issued this week. But they can include vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, aches and even low-grade fever. And the virus can spread easily from contact with someone who hasn't washed his or her hands, or from touching a contaminated surface.

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Category: furniture

05/10/08 02:41 - 62ºF - ID#44298

Art deco hutch and chairs

Does anyone want this vintage solid wood Art Deco hutch and chairs? The hutch is probably worth money but I don't want to bring it anywhere because its heavy. If we still had the table I would have tried to sell the set. They are on our porch destined for the garbage if no one wants them. I am going to try craigslist too.


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Category: weekend

05/09/08 08:59 - 54ºF - ID#44290

Haircut and Cleveland Dreams

I cut my hair and left a little stripe on the top for the weekend. I thought it would be fun. I think it is a little crooked.



I wish I had friends to go out dancing with or something to do but I don't so i will probably just stay home and watch television, ya fun! I wanted to go to Cleveland for May Daze 3

This year May Daze 3 has 4 rooms of sound and lights, 5 international headliners, 21 supporting artists from Ohio and the 5 surrounding states. Electro, Live PA, DNB, Breaks, House, Dubstep, Techno, Hardcore, you asked for it, you begged for it, and we are bringing it.


The large size flyer is here

At Home
Today I painted this fireplace in the side parlour. Well, I finished sanding it and priming it. I had tried staining it but the wood just couldn't handle the stripping. It looks a lot better painted after being stripped though because now you can see the details. I will post pictures tomorrow after I finish the top coat. The smell of oil paint is the same as the smell of stain, varnish, polyurethane. I would just avoid it at all costs. The only reason I went with it was because I was told it was what I want to use for a mantel and because I don't want to have to paint lots of coats on in the future as it obfuscate the details.

What are you supposed to do with the brushes afterwards? They don't clean with water, which means they probably only clean with paint thinner. I refused to pour a pint of paint thinner down the drain in order to clean the brush. Instead, I just threw the $10 brush out. That seems like a waste - I will never use oil paint again.

(e:terry) and (e:matthew) worked on the yard. It looks amazing.

At work
Today, was a terrible day at work that undid the good feeling I had about yesterday.

a. New auditing regulations that sounds like serious drama and I believe will add more red tape to the extreme red tape slowness of everything and really only adding a perception of security. I hope I can at least be part of the implementation plan.
b. Still no official confirmation of the new position, although I have now done months of work as if I was in the position.
c. The new project we were taking inhouse to make our lives way easier and to encourage integration between systems, offer more control, promote a standard way development, pass the bus test and save money - got scratched because frankly - I believe someone is friends with the vendor.
d. The to top it off, I got taken off my regularly scheduled development to spend the last two weeks building an application to replace the one (e:jim) never finished. Then today, after staying late the last two nights to finish and test it in all 5 browsers, the 5 people who needed the application ASAP, didn't even bother to show up for the introduction, argh.

I got my 2 millionth view over the last day!
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Category: web

05/08/08 12:12 - 49ºF - ID#44274

A public relations nightmare - Overlake

I seriously can't imagine dealing with this public relations nightmare. It dwarfs my / drama. This one hospital our vendor is working with has an angry patient that bought their .com

Check out - seems like a nice hospital site.


Hopefully, you get their before you see They even cite cases of employees having sex with patients.


They are so screwed. That is what I love about the web - although this is pretty extreme, it shows how one individual can get their perspective out without an entrie publishing company. Think about the devastating effect of this on that hospital. They seriously, could not throw enough million dollar ad campaigns at this problem to make it go away.
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Category: roswell

05/08/08 09:57 - 47ºF - ID#44271

Social Networking for Roswell

Today I have to go to a meeting about social networking. Its yet another vendor educating our executives about what they need in order to make a socially networked site work. I offered them much of this information for a long time now but it has to come from someone else in order for the marketing people to believe anything. It is the only thing I hate about working at Roswell, the way that the marketing team approaches problem solving.

I remember having to fight them in order to host their videos on youtube and then display them on the site so that more people would be able to see them when not at our site or when just searching youtube. They gave me this whole drama about how they don't want to be associated with the youtube brand identitiy. Clearly, that is like saying I don't want to be associated with the whole television thing at this point, lol. Finally, they agreed and we hosted the videos for yroswell on youtube which I think was a much better solution for their end goals of getting the word out - than our inhouse video player.


Now we get to go to a meeting where they are going to tell us the same kind of thing about how we should be integrating social networking sites. I find it so frustrating that it takes an outside force for them to believe stuff. Thankfully, I have had to deal less and less with marketing in the last few months and more and more with internal development needs. It makes my job so much more enjoyable to take out the marketing aspect. I hope it stays that way.

UPDATE: The meeting is actually pretty great. It seems like we are going to start everything from scratch which is what we needed, seriously. I hope this means less vendors, more in house devel. Its the first time I feel like everyone is on the same page.
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Category: notes

05/07/08 12:38 - 70ºF - ID#44262

I can't write anymore

Seriously, I have almost completely lost the ability to write stuff down by hand. Here is an example of my notes from a meeting. It is so strange because if you could see how meticulous and amazing my school notes were before computers you would be astounded. I will post some later. They were borderline book quality. Now I can barely read my own handwriting and just kind of remember where stuff was on the page to trigger my memory. Also, I started this bigger size means more important thing which really doesn't translate so well to paper. The notes I typed out of this look a million times better and makes sense.

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