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Category: family

07/27/08 01:55 - ID#45158

The evening evolved

Mike has decided to return to his tyranacap heritage. Not tranicap.
According to him, the difference is the tuck.

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Category: allentown

07/27/08 12:25 - ID#45156

A lady fell down

She fell down outside of Fugazi. Too much wine mixed with zoloft.
Instead of helping her all the people sat around and gosipped about it
- it was sick. I left to go sit and talk with her. Then someone
called a freakin ambulance. She was fine just shaken up.

She only lived two blocks away so I sent terry to get the car to take
her home but the freakin firetruck got there first. They said she was
ok, so I walked her home only two blocks away and returned her to her
husband who was very nice. It's amazing how people just assumed she
was a crazy street person on crack and no one could be bothered to
help her. People on Allen are so negative.

I hope I never fall down outside a gay bar. I also hope people check
with me before calling 911!

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Category: accidents

07/26/08 09:04 - 74ºF - ID#45155

Dave got hit by a car ;(

This morning whiel checking my estrip messages I found:


My friend Dave, the one with the van - got hit by a car on transit last night and got mercy flighted to ECMC. According to our friend terri he was walking home from a concert in Lockport and got hit by a car. I can't imagine getting hit by a car, while not in a car. I hope he is okay, they say he has a smashed hip and crushed skull but his luckily they think his brain is okay. I feel so bad for him. Luckily, he is in a good hospital for trauma ECMC. I can't wait to be able to visit him.
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Category: food

07/26/08 08:35 - ID#45153

When bacon isn't enough

There are whole pork bellies! This is big enough to wrap an entire
rack of lamb or a whole trout.
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Category: linwood

07/25/08 05:49 - 79ºF - ID#45141

The Silverthorne's Part II

Back in (e:paul,44176) I mentioned touring the Silverthorne Mansion as part of the Linwood home tour, post-tour party. I called the owner's pretentious and apparently, they just found out now:

To Paul, A friend of mine alerted me to an entry written by Paul on 4/28/08 about the Silverthorne Mansion. I am one of the owners who showed people (you) around those days and am offended by your comments. We were asked and volunteered like everyone else to be included in this charity event because of what we did with a once commercial property. We are certainly not pretentious and am suprised by your comments. Do you know that we are constantly holding fundraisers for charities and over the last year have raised greater that $500,000? For us to invite you and the public into our private home and lives and to have such negative comments is appalling. We like most peole downtown are trying to make this community a better place and with comments like this, you are taking us one step back. If you would actually like to get to know us and possibly help us raise money for kids with cystic fibrosis, peole with cancer, peoplw with HIV/AIDS, you can contact me

I am sorry if it offends you so much, you really should not care what I think and furthermore I don't think and did not say you are bad or uncaring people. I figured I would just expalin myself some more below.

What I was refering to was the way you conducted your very formal speech during the tour of your house the night of the Linwood home tour particpant party. I think the specific moment was when you told a crowd of proud Linwood home owners, how the original owner of your house, moved to linwood when he lost his fortune. You said it in a "moved down to the village where the poor farmers lived", kind of way. That was what bothered me. If it was the Buffalo home tour I probably won't have cared so much but it was the particular audience. Then again, I am probably the only one who cared.

I don't think that calling you pretentious (making an exaggerated outward show ) - reduces your effectiveness as a fundraiser extraordinaire. Wouldn't you say that most large scale philanthorpists have an aire of pretention.

What lets go over this again. You are two people living in an 11,000 square foot super mansion made of mahogany decked out to the max. Far from modest, far from humble and it makes you angry that someone you don't even know thinks you are a but showy? Maybe I just meant ostentatious. Do you honestly care?

Moreover, I am not even saying that I am not pretentious, but the way you gave your speech that day really bothered me. Maybe if you had participated in the after party I would have talked to you there and felt different but you didn't. We basically walked a couple blocks out of the way to go there and then never saw you again during the rest of the evening as though you were to good for the Linwood folk.

Like I said in my original journal, maybe you were just tired of parading people around your house - I know we were with ours and you have had a far larger audience. I don't blame you. In fact I don't even dislike you. I was just irritated with your performance that day.

There are like 75 million pages on the internet saying how great you are. I can't believe this would even bother you.

Hope this makes you feel better.
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07/24/08 12:33 - ID#45122 pmobl

Feed me organic lamb chops

"I love you Paul, why don't you take me in the house," love Squiddy.

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Category: blogging

07/24/08 10:26 - 64ºF - ID#45121

Download my Brain

You may have read this already as I just split my last journal into two parts. If not check the previous journal entry, especially if you are (e:jon) or (e:imk2)

Blog front
One of my gym friends read my blog and today was the first time I saw him since then. It is so interesting to talk to someone who knows so much about you so fast.

It really is very much like I once spoke about, being able to put your memories on a flash card and having them uploaded into someone else's brain. Too bad reading is the input mechanism because it is so inefficient.

I wonder how many more people would read the (e:paul) saga if they could say, consume it in less than five minutes. Maybe someday that will be possible. Still in general it is such a modern phenomena. I mean previoulsy, I would have had to have written a book with full color photography and then printed it many times to make this feasible. Now I just type and click publish and th e world can eat my ideas.

We got on the topic of chron's and I wonder if people around us thought I was talking about AIDS the way it sounds. The meds, the immune system drama, being sick, etc.

So the person at least knows me from the gym, what is stranger are all the messages I get from strangers about the most isolated moments in my life.

Just a couple weeks ago someone from out of state wrote to say they had designed a logo for a client that looked like the doll that (e:matthew) won for me at the bowling alley (e:paul,32763) way back when and wanted to know if she could buy it. Sadly, we had just gotten rid of it during a purge of all the children's toys now that (e:matthew) works in other people homes after we redid the floors. Anyways, random moments like that are so strange but I enjoy them.

On another note, on Monday I picked up my meds at home because my brother works in the pharmacy and brought them home for me. It was the first ime I saw my Dad since (e:mike) told him about his being gay. It was awkward n a way because when he asked if I knew (e:mike)'s friend I said ya for about three years and then I thought about how weird that is. Three years of this person being an intrigal part of (e:mike)'s life but totally off the family chart. Maybe its normal for some other families but my family is so close knit, especially with (e:mike) living at home that it just felt like we were all living this big lie for so long.

Squiddy the Cat
I hand fed it an organic lamb chop. It really enjoyed that.
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Category: dancing

07/23/08 11:52 - 64ºF - ID#45116

Dancing Continued

Dance Front
This is for (e:jon). When I was up in the great North for the party last weekend I found this flyer. I just looked it up now and it is an all nintendo themed rave but unfortunately, in Ottawa.


Let me repeat that - a nintendo themed rave

and for (e:imk2) and much closer to home. A party with some of my fav DJs but at Madmoiselles gentlmen's club - seriously that is weird, but I would go if (e:imk2) goes with me.


Tour of WEMF 2008 on youtube

Mark EG was so insane - I still can't get over his act.

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Category: work

07/22/08 11:07 - 68ºF - ID#45108

Great Day At Work

I got to work with my fav guy to work with at work today. Whenever I work with him I learn a ton of new stuff.

We finally got all the linux servers we need to obey the reality of the Windows domain accounts and groups and keep the freakin uid across each server. This makes getting all my programmers onto the internal dev boxes in their proper groups and managing who has access a breeze. It is now all tied into their actual employee account.


New Shifts
They also are talking about moving to 4 ten hour days. Or 4 8 hour days plus one 8 hour work from home day. Not sure how I feel about either. When I was at Canisius I worked 10 hour days and while they make the week fly by, they are long.

For me I think the ideal would be four 8 hour days at work with 2 hour after dinner/gym work times from home. I mean I already do that most days anyways.

Today at the gym I found myself thinking I would have rather been dancing.
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Category: music

07/21/08 11:19 - 68ºF - ID#45089

WEMF 2008 more videos from youtube

As I said before, to me, Andy C was the best DJ at WEMF 2008. His opening set was so crazy. We were laying down in our tent netx to the stage and at that point and ran out to dance for the rest of his 3 hour set.

Oh I just found the mp3 on


Here it is in a youtube video

I love these kind of moments. They are few and far between when I have full suspension of disbelief and just dance like there is nothing else going on in the world

This one shows the crowd a little more

The sound on this video is so muffled out and is obviously missing a whole range of the sound plus the feeling of the bass shaking the ground but try and imagine this on the speakers shown in the pic on from my last journal (e:paul,45082)

Oh, and here is the original flyer

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