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Category: dancing

07/23/08 11:52 - 64ºF - ID#45116

Dancing Continued

Dance Front
This is for (e:jon). When I was up in the great North for the party last weekend I found this flyer. I just looked it up now and it is an all nintendo themed rave but unfortunately, in Ottawa.


Let me repeat that - a nintendo themed rave

and for (e:imk2) and much closer to home. A party with some of my fav DJs but at Madmoiselles gentlmen's club - seriously that is weird, but I would go if (e:imk2) goes with me.


Tour of WEMF 2008 on youtube

Mark EG was so insane - I still can't get over his act.

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Category: work

07/22/08 11:07 - 68ºF - ID#45108

Great Day At Work

I got to work with my fav guy to work with at work today. Whenever I work with him I learn a ton of new stuff.

We finally got all the linux servers we need to obey the reality of the Windows domain accounts and groups and keep the freakin uid across each server. This makes getting all my programmers onto the internal dev boxes in their proper groups and managing who has access a breeze. It is now all tied into their actual employee account.


New Shifts
They also are talking about moving to 4 ten hour days. Or 4 8 hour days plus one 8 hour work from home day. Not sure how I feel about either. When I was at Canisius I worked 10 hour days and while they make the week fly by, they are long.

For me I think the ideal would be four 8 hour days at work with 2 hour after dinner/gym work times from home. I mean I already do that most days anyways.

Today at the gym I found myself thinking I would have rather been dancing.
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Category: music

07/21/08 11:19 - 68ºF - ID#45089

WEMF 2008 more videos from youtube

As I said before, to me, Andy C was the best DJ at WEMF 2008. His opening set was so crazy. We were laying down in our tent netx to the stage and at that point and ran out to dance for the rest of his 3 hour set.

Oh I just found the mp3 on


Here it is in a youtube video

I love these kind of moments. They are few and far between when I have full suspension of disbelief and just dance like there is nothing else going on in the world

This one shows the crowd a little more

The sound on this video is so muffled out and is obviously missing a whole range of the sound plus the feeling of the bass shaking the ground but try and imagine this on the speakers shown in the pic on from my last journal (e:paul,45082)

Oh, and here is the original flyer

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Category: music

07/20/08 04:20 - 74ºF - ID#45082

Wemf 2008 was insane

It was such an amazing time at a campsite right outside of Algonquin park in Canada. The music was awesome - I have never danced so hard in my life. I think the pinnacle was listening to Andy C of Saturday night. They are going to post recordings from WEMF 2008 at sometime next week. Until then, and before I put up some pictures, he is a video with Andy C's music. Try and imagine this playing on 2 sets of speakers that were 2 stories tall and 2 stories wide. And a while giant row of bass speakers.


There are notes you just can't hear on this recording, not to mention the ground sharking for about a mile around. And that was only one of four main stages not to mention the 5 other renegade stages. The secondary main stage was similar in size.

We got to swim in a lake near by. The weather was amazing. In fact it was a little to amazing and we had to hide in our tent for a while on Saturday.

I don't know how I am going to feel tomorrow considering I slept for about 4 hours this whole weekend and spent a lot of time stuck in traffic. Might be the recipe for a sick day.

It took us a whiel to get there becaue we hit standstill traffic from Toronto to Barre. I took this picture, just as we were hitting the traffic jam.

Once we got there it was another hour waiting to have our car searched.


He is a small section of the tent village. I would say there were at least 5000 people. (e:terry) thought more.

This was the best cotume I saw. not that many people were outside saturday afternoon. The weather was just too hot and too sunny. I even got a little sunburned.

Here ares some other videos taken at the event I found on youtube. This was at the 4x4 stage which was where Dr. Trance, OS/2 and anabolic frolic played back to back, just before Stoneface and Terminal which is what this video is of. It was so nostaglic.

Right after that was Mark EG who also played a fantastic set. Sorry they are all dark but I didn't take them. Thanks to wheover did, (e:terry) and I were busy danicng our butts off during this.

UPdate from septmeber 2008 - I found the best recording of the Andy C on youtube recently, here it is:

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07/18/08 01:33 - ID#45064 pmobl

Last post in America

Seriously, coop. $20.99 for almond butter . Is thee some almond
shortagebecause I bought them before and I certainly did not pay that.

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Category: food

07/17/08 10:58 - 76ºF - ID#45060

Post Gym Yum Yums

I am hpoing to find plenty of tasty sea food up north. I imagine the lakes are cleaner ther and the fish is yummy. Today after the gym I settled for mussels to build muscles. I like them but they are also kind of second rate compared to clams. Those suckers are seirous protein, not as much as calamari but close. I am getting closer and closer to deciding that a seafood smoothy would be good. What about cold with some lime juice and salt, or horse radish. Kind of like cerviche.


Those pickles are Bubbies pickles I know silly name but they are so good and are naturally fermented instead of with vinegar. I get them at the coop but feel right has them too sometimes. Totally worth it, they are so freakin tasty.
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Category: vacation

07/17/08 08:02 - 80ºF - ID#45056

Taking it off the grid - trip to wemf

I am leaving on a trip way up to the great north tomorrow to go to WEMF . (e:jon) convinced me to buy the tickets. Thank you (e:jon). I will be dancing in the sunny outdoors to all the favorite DJs from my childhood, while :jim sits through a typography conference ;)

I haven't been so far up in Canada. I am taking (e:terry) with me which will leave (e:matthew) to defend the fort. I think this is the first time we have ever been apart since we met. By the time we come back I expect the furniture and garden willl have been arranged so many times it will look the same, lol. I am going to miss him so much. I will also miss squiddy.

But even crazier is that I will be off the interweb for three days. This has not happend since 2003. My iphone will not work in canada, or should I say it will work in canada but cost me approximately $10,000 to run it with roger's damn roaming fees. I considered bringing the windows mobile and trying to buy a pre-paid canadian SIM but where do you get one?
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Category: chrohns

07/16/08 11:24 - 74ºF - ID#45048

Fighting over pills

I was on Asacol for Chron's and moved on Lialda which in fact changed my life. It is once a day, it seem sto absorb way better and it means I don't have to carry around pills all day an d remember to keep taking them. I am also 100% better since the swicth having liek 5-6 good days a week instead of 2-3.

Anyways, so I was surfing around for info about Lialda and found this forum
where pharmaceutical sales people ar arguing about Asacol vs Liadla. It is so freakin hilalrious the way they rip at each other. I never realized that those kind of arguments also went online.

Sales reps are strange individuals.

hey douche. symptomatic relief does not equal symptomatic remission. it took 43 days to get patients into symp remission. it's in black and white and it's in the study that you keep in your bag. look at it. ever ask yourself why the number of days to symp remssion isn't even reported in the Kamm study?

Nice post, douche. If symptomatic remission data is so important why are you assholes telling your docs that Asacol provided symptomatic relief in as little as 9 days? Because if you showed your docs the symptomatic remission data, they'd laugh at you and prescribe placebo. Keep sniffing the P&G glue, how many years do you have left until you can retire with that promised package?

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Category: gym

07/16/08 10:33 - 74ºF - ID#45047

Day at work, night at gym

Work was great today. I had a meeting about my new position and get to move on the stuff I planned on working on as they seemed to vibe good with the VP and the auditors. I have so much responsibility now. My plan is to let the groups of people that use the specific languages, which there are many, decide on the standards, co-incding with industry ones. It is going to be fun to work on standards for languages like COBOL that I will have to leanr a lot about.

Then we had a meeting about the intranet and decided on the people for the focus group. I think the ideas I had are pretty radical and what Roswell needs to get by in for a new progresive intranet. It will be such a huge, yet fun undertaking. It is amazing how big my projects are and how much influence I have had over the direction of how things are going. It makes all those endless hours of programming, teaching, studying and practicing seem worth it. Before I thought I was throwing my life away being bound to the computer for so many years and now I realize it was just laying a foundation for something greater.

The Gym
Speaking of laying the foundation. Man, I am getting way buff. Tonight I worked out so hard I was exhausted afterwards.

In the lockerroom, I was talking to this gym friend of mine about documenting life on the internet and how sometimes I am scared of what would happen if the political climate changed and gayness was more frowned upon with some sort of reprocussion. It is kind of hard to pretend when your whole life is in google cache. He seemed kind of amazed at how much of this generations life is online. Imagine gen Y. I mean I am only X.
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Category: housing

07/14/08 11:33 - 67ºF - ID#45020

The rental property

The top apartment at our rental propert is coming along. We redid the kitchen floors, we painted, new appliances (still have to get a new fridge as the other one molded on the inside), finsihing new counters and light over sink - then it is done. It is looking really good finally.

It sucks doing work and having it not be the house you live in. We spent a lot of the weekend working on it.

The kitchen

The sink counter ends still need to be fabricated

The dining room. What to do with the hutch? Should I leave it?

The living room looks nice in white.
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