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Category: ladies

05/01/09 09:54 - 53ºF - ID#48561

Hetero-norminative Peaches

I am eating dinner at Bistro Europa with (e:terry) and these pretty ladies are fretting about someone calling them hetereo-norminative? I'm not even sure what that means butI am guessing from the conversation that it was said in a derogatory way.

On another front the police were beating down some black dudes outside the old KFC. The window is boarded up. Not sure if it is related.
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05/01/09 06:10 - ID#48560 pmobl

Anything but sterile pads

To start out with, these pads are from Hills. When did they close
1989? Then they must have gotten wet, followed by dusty. I keep
asking myself why I hold onto them because anytime I need a sterile
pad - this us not what I am looking for.
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Category: work

05/01/09 04:23 - 61ºF - ID#48559

Roswell Recycling And Work

Seems like all the suggestions finally paid off as they are looking to implement Bottle and Can recycling at Roswell. I am posting this in case (e:libertad) or (e:tinypliny) are interested and didn't read the in betweeners. I only noticed it because I was reading it while waiting for something to upload.

[box]Recycle Committee Members Wanted

In response to a number of comments that have been received in the Suggestion Box, a small committee will be formed to address recycling of bottles and cans. If you are interested in participating, please contact Cynthia Schwartz via email at The committee will be made up of employees working in each of the 12 major buildings so that the logistics of recycling in specific buildings are taken into consideration as well as the process of collecting, storing, and returning bottles and cans. You will be notified mid-May regarding committee selection and the first meeting date.[/box]

I really wish I could be involved but I seriously don't have time for anything else.

I spent the day doing work for work althought it is my day off. I would say, I could just take the time off next week but I don't have time for that, argh.
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Category: housing

05/01/09 09:53 - 53ºF - ID#48551

It's all garbage

The plumber is here to fix a drain in our tub and he told me it is nice we kept this house up, most houses in the city are ripped apart. He would never live here anyways though cause the "neighborhood is garbage."
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Category: linwood

04/27/09 11:17 - 66ºF - ID#48524

Redoing The Window - Part 2

Here was the crappy window with peeling finish. I wish I got a close up. For those of you that had seen it up close, you know what it looked like.

I sanded it yesterday. Sanding sucks, even with a power sander. I want a power sander that hooks to my vacuum. I think mine might actually do that, I need to consult the instructions.

I needed spar varnish because the window is in a shower and it gets wet and dinged. Ya I know, why a wood window, even a half wood window in a shower. I don't think it was always a shower, and maybe not even always a half window. I think this may have just been a closet at some point.

In order to get the varnish I needed I decided to go to a boat supply store. I figured wood on a boat was the closest to wood in a shower conditions you can get. Plus, I hate waiting at line a home depot and didn't need a gallon of varnish for just one window.

Luckily, there is an awesome marine supply called Obersheimer's Marine Supply Store at 1884 niagara st. The varnish was about $31 for a quart of goldspar but it seemed really high quality.

I took the trim off to sand and varnish it. It was so much easier that way. I looks so pretty here. I learned you don't need to remove every single spec of varnish left from before, after sanding it just kind of fades into the new stuff.

Here we are three sanded and re-applied coats later. After retaking up the trim I think I will do one more coat tomorrow before work.

It seriously took me from about 9am till about 11pm to finish. We even had to pick out all the glazing and re-glaze the stupid window, move the hinges which involved chiseling new hinge places, and shine the hardware before re-attaching.

Other random stuff.

When I got home from the bar the other night there was this whole box of candy. I was really excited and sad because I am no longer eating mass amounts of candy. Nikl Nips are sop gross. I mean they taste good but just look at the ingredients sometimes - they do have not one redeeming ingredient - not even sugar.


These tulips in the garden were so pretty. There are so many tulips around the 24 right now.

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Category: linwood

04/26/09 09:54 - ID#48515

Redoing a window

I wanted to go hiking at zoar valley but I spent all day working on
sanding a bathroom window, adding new hindges in a different spot,
removing molding to and wood filling.

The project took way longer than I thought. I still have to bleech
some stains and re-urethane it tomorrow. I am using outdoors thompson
waterseal seeing as it is in the shower.

Then I have to reglaze the glass as part of the glazing is missing.
The thing is the window is open, as in not attached to the house so I
have to finish it tomorrow so the window can be shut. This should be
a fun way to burn a vacation day ;(

It seems like instead of the outdoor fun I used to have, now I just
have homework. I mean it's very satisfying to do stuff, I just wish
it didn't use up all the nice days.
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Category: linwood

04/26/09 12:44 - ID#48510

Digging a pond

(e:terry) is digging a pond in the backyard and found the foundation of
an old structure. He is going to use it for a bridge which should be
pretty cool when it's done.
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04/25/09 03:14 - ID#48502 pmobl

Valu is better than home depot

Everytine I go to home depot it takes me six hours to find what I
need, everyone us too busy to help and I end up spending $100.

Instead, when I go to valu I get what I need in a few minutes and the
service is way better. I sattry valu first and only go to home depot
if you can't cu dwhat you need there.
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Category: food

04/25/09 11:48 - ID#48499 pmobl

Chow Chocolate on Main Street Rocks!

Last weekend we went with (e:jim) and (e:james) to Chow Chocolate on Main Street between Tupper and Goodell. (e:tinypliny,44289) had written about this place before

First we tried to go to the Chocolate Bar on chippewa. It was beyond crowded and loud to the point of obnoxious. No one greeted us at the door and I ended up having to call them on the phone from within the restaurant to ask if they had any tables. How ridiculous is that. They said not for an hour and we left in search of another source chocolate.

The iphone suggested Chow Chocolate on Main Street and man was that a good choice. They close at 10:00PM and it was like 9:54 but we called and they said they would stay open and had a table. So we went and ate the best chocolate desserts I have ever had. This one was called the chocolate turtle truffle or something like that. (e:jim) had the same thing minus pecans. (e:matthew) had a cheesecake and (e:Terry) and (e:james) had some decadent cherry dessert. At least I am pretty sure.

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Category: mobile

04/24/09 05:32 - 77ºF - ID#48493

Windows mobile vs iphone

Now everyone knows I don't love the iphone but this iphone advertisement made itself. I was going through my old userpics and found these two. One with windows mobile and one with iphone. Totally unintentional and taken a year apart.

Paul Visco with Windows mobile

Paul Visco with iphone
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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...