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04/25/09 03:14 - ID#48502 pmobl

Valu is better than home depot

Everytine I go to home depot it takes me six hours to find what I
need, everyone us too busy to help and I end up spending $100.

Instead, when I go to valu I get what I need in a few minutes and the
service is way better. I sattry valu first and only go to home depot
if you can't cu dwhat you need there.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: food

04/25/09 11:48 - ID#48499 pmobl

Chow Chocolate on Main Street Rocks!

Last weekend we went with (e:jim) and (e:james) to Chow Chocolate on Main Street between Tupper and Goodell. (e:tinypliny,44289) had written about this place before

First we tried to go to the Chocolate Bar on chippewa. It was beyond crowded and loud to the point of obnoxious. No one greeted us at the door and I ended up having to call them on the phone from within the restaurant to ask if they had any tables. How ridiculous is that. They said not for an hour and we left in search of another source chocolate.

The iphone suggested Chow Chocolate on Main Street and man was that a good choice. They close at 10:00PM and it was like 9:54 but we called and they said they would stay open and had a table. So we went and ate the best chocolate desserts I have ever had. This one was called the chocolate turtle truffle or something like that. (e:jim) had the same thing minus pecans. (e:matthew) had a cheesecake and (e:Terry) and (e:james) had some decadent cherry dessert. At least I am pretty sure.

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Category: mobile

04/24/09 05:32 - 77ºF - ID#48493

Windows mobile vs iphone

Now everyone knows I don't love the iphone but this iphone advertisement made itself. I was going through my old userpics and found these two. One with windows mobile and one with iphone. Totally unintentional and taken a year apart.

Paul Visco with Windows mobile

Paul Visco with iphone
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Category: food

04/24/09 02:46 - ID#48490 pmobl

Nice day at bidwell

I went to sushi lunch with tony at wasabi. It was the first time I ate sushi till I was full. While there I saw (e:mike) and (e:jill) and spent some time with them at the park.

They have this great secret business idea. I am still sick but feeling a little better just in time for allergies, ya!
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04/20/09 11:19 - ID#48461 pmobl

Linux on the PS3 with Edie Beale

All day long, (e:matthew) has been going crazy trying to watch this Grey
Gardens xvid.avi on the ps3. Transcoding it was not an option because
the quality was already low. The answer ended up being dual boot the
PS3 with Linux. If only the ps3 would allow the Linux install to use
hardware graphics accelareion we could go full screen. At least we
can watch it pretty big.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: health

04/20/09 07:07 - 47ºF - ID#48455

I hate being sick

I have had the worst sore throat/cough thing since saturday. I think what caused it is cleaning the tortoise room after I put him outside on saturday. I didn't release that shop vac didn't have a filter on it and wihtin a few seconds the dried tortoise poop and hay combo turned into a nasty poop dust cloud with myself in the middle.

Since then I have been coughing. I probably have some rare tortoise poop lung disease, yuk!
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Category: computers

04/20/09 01:01 - 44ºF - ID#48451

Why Oracle?

Oracle just bought Sun Microsystems, which had recently bought mysql which means that oracle now owns mysql. That sound bad for mysql but I guess good for postgresql which I am most likely going to switch at some point in the near future.

Just a couple weeks ago, IBM put up a bid for Sun which would have been so much better. IBM has such a great history of supporting open source intiatives. The one good thing about it is that eclipse and netbeans won't be owned by the same company so they will still compete for better features and both end up better.
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Category: linwood

04/19/09 05:41 - ID#48440

Pick up you shit scumbags

The other day this car full of auslinwooders pulled up, opened their
car doors, dumped their mcDonalds trash and left.

I let the crows and seaguls finish the food and then picked up the

I seriously can't believe people do this.
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04/18/09 12:56 - ID#48431 pmobl

Too cold for basra

I put him outside and be was so excited. But then it got too cold and
he dug himself a hole to sleep in. He is so strong now that he dug it
in like a hour. He actually was warm when I pulled him out, so I
guess it works.
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04/18/09 12:54 - ID#48430 pmobl

The tree next door

I am about to spend $25,000+ on a new roof. This tree, while pretty
fucks up our roof really bad. I hope that if we have to get the half
of it that hangs over our house trimmed, it will be ok.
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