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Category: rememberbuffalo

10/20/05 03:23 - ID#32292

Remember Buffalo Map Beta

I have completed a beta system for entering in memories for The Remember Buffalo Project . Click on submit memory beta once you are at the site. It is a link at the top of the page. I will be adding a lot of new features in the next couple weeks. If you add a memory to the beta site, make it a real memory or delete it when you are done.


To add memories, click on the map and then fill out the form on the left. A memory marker will remain there with the information for future visitors. You can simply type links like on estrip in the memories and they will turn into link icons.

To delete memories. You can only delete memories created on your computer. I am going to make it so you can only delete memories submitted from your computer within five minutes. Right now there is no time limit as this is a beta and I anticipate people deleting a lot.

The map is simply google maps, so use it as you woud use google maps.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: food

10/18/05 11:18 - ID#32291 pmobl

Amy's Soy Cheese and Macaroni

Has anyone ever tried Amy's Soy Cheese and Macaroni. I accidentally bought it when trying to buy Amy's Organic Rice Macaroni and Real Cheese for (e:matthew). Unfortuneatly, I bought six boxes. They all kind of taste like glue mixed with mustard.


Why the killer gates at the cemetary? Is it to stop grave robber?


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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: mobile

10/18/05 03:34 - ID#32290

Nature's Stylus

Instead of being dependent on the oh so fogetable and expensive proprietary stylus for my nokia pda phone, I have decided to grow out each of my index finger nails. It makes typoing with the touchscreen s snap even if it look really strange. (e:hodown) told me it was gross and then proceeded to try and bite it off like a rabid dog. Someone else told me that some gang does something like this. Maybe I should start my own smart phone gang.


On another note George Johnson form buffalo Rising wrote me the best recommendation letter. It was really nice of him. We are supposed to meet tomorrow to discuss some sort of AJAX RSS calendar. Sounds like fun stuff.
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Category: dishes

10/18/05 12:52 - ID#32289 pmobl

Driving Home

Driving home from work today I got a couple more shots of the sunshine. I might as well post them so we can remember what sun looks like after next month.

Main Street Buffalo


UB North Campus

I also did the dishes. Somehow (e:terry) still managed to complain about it. I think trying to feed me positiive reinforcement would be more productive. Otherwise I have to reason if I don't do the dishes I get yelled at, if I do do the dishes I get yelled at. With the same result for either path I will follow the easiest one.


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10/17/05 12:10 - ID#32288 pmobl

winter is coming

Winter is starting to show. Check out these clouds by UB north. I sat in my usual spot in the CFA before the VR meeting. I am so tired of this building.

I really want the job at Roswell. It sounds so rewarding. I am applying today.
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Category: renting

10/17/05 02:43 - ID#32287

Fixing Fuses

So this landlording job is way more than I bargained for. Tonight at 11:30 our tenants called to say that the electricity was out in their apartment. At first I thought it was the circuit breaker but then it turned out to be a fuse that was the replacement for the main switch. It is always something at the worst time. We replaced the fuse and it worked. Last time we went and had to replace a lightbulb.

I wish this job would end. I am much more cut out for computer programming and graphic design than for things like landlording.

I have no pictures of anything that happend today because my phone battery died and as did the phone charger. It's almost like it did not happen.

On the way to and from the apartment we saw the police pulling over lots of people. One of the situations was like 4 cop card arresting a 60 year old looking black man walking down the street in front of Off the Wall. It seemed really over the top.


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Category: brainstorming

10/15/05 07:46 - ID#32285

The Day of The Facilitation

The facilitation did not happen. We were supposed to brainstorm for the The Remember Buffalo Project but it didn't happen. No one showed up accept for (e:theecarrey) and (e:mike). Maybe Saturday's aren';t a good day. Carey had to leave early. Katie is going to do it again later - thanks Katie you rock.

Thanks for the pumpkin Carey, we will display it at the party.



Later we had our own facilitation about eating. Six hours later mike is still threatening to kill us if we don't leave now to eat.





(e:lilho) what happend to your eye?

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Category: birthdays

10/15/05 07:41 - ID#32284

Lilhos Birthday Party

Last night was crazy. Everyone was crazy. Here is (e:terry) before and after as proof.






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Category: work

10/14/05 12:30 - ID#32283

Thanks Lisa

I was reading through previous recommendation letters to make myself feel better and to prepare for applying for the Roswell job. I found this one from lisa. It makes me feel good.

Paul's enthusiasm and commitment to his vision, paired with his obsession for mastering new technologies, makes him an unstoppable force. In all my career history as production and design lead on cross-functional teams developing sites like, I have never had as much confidence in the lead developer as I had working with Paul. His work style is efficient, direct, decisive, and empowering to those who work with him. He is a joy to work with - eager to attain mutual understanding and agreement, patient and engaging when explaining technical concepts, always positive, resourceful and innovative.

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Category: rememberbuffalo

10/13/05 11:12 - ID#32282

Facilitation Madness

I am trying to assemble my team for this brainstorming facilitiation on Saturday so that The Remember Buffalo Project can get started. I am kind of excited about it. I think this project will revolution the concept of collecting historical information in the same way that blogs changed media publication. It just involves much less commitment on the end of the writer.

paulSideKick: My neighbor is getting her master in creativity
paulSideKick: and she does these brainstormign faciliations
paulSideKick: for problems and projects, etc
kerwin0779: that sounds neat
paulSideKick: anyways I scheduled one for saturday at 1
paulSideKick: for the history project
paulSideKick: and was wondering if you were interested
kerwin0779: i am
paulSideKick: whats a dvd toy
kerwin0779: i will know tomorrow if I'll be in town
paulSideKick: You can send me an email when you know
kerwin0779: sure thing
paulSideKick: they are kind of fun
paulSideKick: I did one with her before
paulSideKick: its lots of brainstorming
paulSideKick: and post it notes
paulSideKick: and creativity
kerwin0779: v. cool
paulSideKick: but its a good way to get some ideas out about what direction to go in
kerwin0779: and if you have someone who knows how to facilitate it
kerwin0779: and keep the ideas going
kerwin0779: that's awesome
paulSideKick: ya
paulSideKick: she's good

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