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Category: health

10/11/05 10:04 - ID#32278

Being Sick in October and February

I ahte being sick. RIgh tnow I have the worst cold. My head is all achey, my nose won't stop dripping, my thorat hurts. Luckily (e:terry) made yummy soup. I am debating if tylenol PM is the answer.


I was looking back at my journal for last october and I was sick at the very same time. Maybe next year I will use that to my advantage and schedule some sort of vacation for this time. I was also sick in February both years, wonder what's up for this February. It is so crazy that I have my colds documented for the last several years. I suppose I look the sickest in February of 04. The previous february is before I had a cell phone cam.

Colds since I started my Journal:
Now 10/09/05 with pic

02/08/05 [inlink]paul,2676[/inlink]
with pic

10/06/04 [inlink]paul,2028[/inlink]
with pic

02/12/04 [inlink]paul,527[/inlink]

I wonder if now that I see the cycle it will perpetuate it even more.
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Category: friends

10/11/05 10:01 - ID#32277

Sara Ross - we go back further

My mother send her usual boat load of crap with my brother yesterday. I got a bunch of my childhood class lists with the names and addresses of the other classmates bat Roosevelt. I discovered something quite interesting. (e:iriesara) and I always thought that we met the first time in bluebirds. But in fact we were also in pre-k togther. I can't say I remember pre-k very well. I do remember some sort of computer like machine that we had to peer through and had bright shapes. It wasn't a real computer. I also remember some sort of coat room and nap time on the rugs. Oh and that one time we made goulasch but maybe that was already kindergarten. I think it was the first time I had ever eaten any non-italian ethnic food.


So Sara's name is right on the crease and hard to read on the scan but you can see her address, birthday, and parents clearly. You can also see her phone number, but I changed hid all the numbers before posting this.

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Category: rememberbuffalo

10/08/05 09:14 - 48ºF - ID#32276

The Remember Buffalo Project

Today (e:matthew), (e:terry) and I went to the Buffalo Historical Society to get inspired for The Remember Buffalo Project . I am so excited now. They had so much information but were missing exactly what i want to capture. The personal memories associted with the historical events, places, and architechture.

There was the great quote about the building of the 33 which divided the city into two sections. The quote said

By the mid 20th century, the automobile and superhighway further transformed the city. Private cars allowed more people to live farther from work. Suburbs became linked to offices downtown by networks of superhighways. The highways divided many of the old neighborhoods.]

Here are some pics from the Kennsigton being built.


What they are missing is the thousands personal accounts that I plan on capturing with the Buffalo memory network

Today I added a linkdump for the memory project where people can add relevent research links and ideas.


They also had this incubator, I couldn't get over how future yet retro it was.


And a great sound clip jingle from Sattlers the department store that used to be on Broadway before broadway started to die. I love the jingle, and I could get pctures now we just need the memories to go with it.


It will be so fun to visit all these ghosts on mobile phones and to inspire all the fmaily interactions that the proectw ill require.
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Category: clothes

10/07/05 11:05 - 52ºF - ID#32275

Matthew and Socks

Sharing socks with (e:matthew) for the last 4 years, I have seen more holes than in my whole life. In fact I don't think any of my socks ever had holes before I met him. He does have really long toes and toenails. But I think it is because he walks so much or that he lets his shoes run down really bad.


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Category: food

10/07/05 06:24 - ID#32274 pmobl

spot coffee ripoff

I went to spot with (e:matthew) and (e:terry) and got a grande chai. It was about half full and took about six sips to drink. I think (e:lilho) is right - spot sucks. While she is moving on to starbucks, i am going to move on to Caffee Aroma. Unfortunately, she has something against them.

The blonde guy who works here, that had the broken arm is the best employee. He is always so friendly. He was that way at feelrite too. If I had a busines I would hire him.

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Category: design

10/07/05 12:07 - 71ºF - ID#32273

Student Art Gallery

I have been stuck on the design phase for the student web gallery at Canisius. It is a weird balance between making it look good and making the design not stand out too much.


on a wider screen


Another issue is that I only work on it about 4 hours a week. Originally my contract had more "work" time built in to do things like this and the checkin database which I already finished but then my boss had this idea to have me work in the lab. Well it is impossible to get any work done in the lab because no matter where I am students and faculty find me and ask questions. Not that I don't like answering questions, it's just I never get time to work on stuff like this.

This is what it looks like now. You can click ont he thumbnauil to the left or right to load pics into the main box. If you want a full 1024x768 size image you can click on the main mage to load it in another window.

The space at the bottom and the top right will be used for other info, etc. Not sure yet. I will probably change it all before it is done.

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Category: elmwood

10/06/05 10:46 - 72ºF - ID#32272

Wilson Farms

I am amazed at how long the lin e was at Wilson's Farms today. It seriously wrapped around and up the isle. You can only see part of it in the pic and that was at 10:43 PM. I find it ironic that the prices are almost if not more expensive than the coop.


There was the usual crowd. The woman that runs the launromat cross the street, the crazy lady that told (e:mike) he needs to go fight in Iraq, and andre. It's funny that this site pretty much started it's public phase over some racist drama at the Farm [inlink]news,29[/inlink]. I wish I had a media cpable cell phone back then but this was way pmobl.
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Category: tatoo

10/06/05 01:00 - 66ºF - ID#32271

This man looks so freaky

I found it when looking for pics of head tatoos.


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Category: computers

10/05/05 04:13 - 78ºF - ID#32270

Bye Bye Alias

Somehow everything fell into place. I am sure that I want to teach programming the rest of my life. Or at least be a programmer. No matter what language I learn and teach, everything seems to build on itself and it is all so useful. As long as there are computers, I can make anything work that I need to. The possibilities are endless and as I will only use free and opernsource languages, I will never be dependent on the software companies and their business whims. There are so many programs just waiting to be created.


You may ask what brought on all this excitement. Well, Alias the makers of Maya were bought by Autodesk for $182 million. That is such a small amount of money for what Maya seems worth but basically it is bought in cash by autodesk the makers of 3D studio max. I hate that program, the interface was so freakin crappy. Maya and 3ds are similar enought though where one of them is going to have to die with the merger. I bet it is Maya.

PowerPoint presentation about the merger

The alias website

I have no intention of ever learning 3ds. I learned cinema 4d, I learned maya and to be honest I am too uninterested to have to learn another work flow to do the same thing. When I say I learned them I don't mean that I got a rough idea how to use them. I mean I learned how to do just about everything the package has to offer. I taught them.

I cannot believe that Alias only made $83 million last year and autodesk made over 1 billion. No wonder they could afford to just buy it in cash. I makes me wonder why they did not just buy it before.

I wonder if Autodesk will kill the mac line. This is probably the most satisfying news I have heard all year. So much for industry standard Barry, we should have just stuck with C4D
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Category: subway

10/04/05 05:38 - ID#32269

The Subway

The elevators at some of the subway stops have been down for a long time. I realize they are putting in new elevators but it has taken an incredibly long time to get done and must be such a hastle for handicapped people. I can't even imagine. Here are the official down times.

LaSalle Station August 8 - October 7, 2005
Humbolt Station August 22 - October 25, 2005

They have a "solution" listed on the NFTA website.

Customers can use the "Call for Aid" panel by pressing the emergency button once. The customer shall inform the police officer of their location and that the elevator is inoperable.

Customers calling from the train platform level will be advised to board the next train and proceed to the next station with a working elevator where they will board the #8 Main bus. If a bus is not scheduled to arrive for over 30-minutes, customers can use the "Call for Aid" panel to request alternative transportation.

Customers calling from the street level will be informed to board the next #8 Main bus to be transported to the next station with a working elevator. If a #8 Main bus is not scheduled to arrive for over 30 minutes, a police officer will dispatch a vehicle to transport the passenger.

Quoted from: NFTA - Metro: Routes & Fares

I also found lots of other links about the Buffalo subway system while looking for this info.

Here are some
Official Site -
Inside Metro Tunnels -
(WIKIPEDIA - Buffalo Metro Rail)
Pictures -

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