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Category: transportation

11/23/05 01:42 - 26ºF - ID#32360

Buffalo Transportation

(e:lilho), who is missing all of her ID,etc and probably won't even be able to board the plane called to ask for a ride to the airport at 4am - the morning of thanksgiving. I would give her one but we don't have a car since (e:terry) had the accident yesterday which he hasn't mentioned yet. I will leave the details up to him but it's fair to say we a minus one tire but have one complete (e:terry) who now has to take the bus to work out in cheektowaga.

(e:terry) is lucky that there is a bus because otherwise he would be really stuck with his work being so fara way. (e:lilho) on the other hand is not so lucky. I cannot believe there is no public transportation to the airport during all flight hours. The first bus goes at 6:18am which is late. When I tried to plan the trip using the NFTA public transport planner it gave me the following response. I think it meant the not only the trip to the airport but the broader trip to NYC.

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Category: music

11/23/05 01:31 - 22ºF - ID#32359

Rave History

I was thinking about some memories for the rememberbuffalo beta site when I found this info on the bigorbit gallery site.

The interviewer is asking Xotec about the scene before him. Does anyone else remember those parties at the Ellen Terry Theatre. Those raves were so crazy. maybe it was just my first time being messed up but it changed my life for a lot of years. That theatre was like Showplace but cooler. Unfortunately, like showplace it has the nasty slanted floor. That made dancing way more dangerous.

(e:hodown) remember the stilt people? Who is Toni Billoni, the name sounds so familiar?

XOTEC: Non existent! (Other than two events Toni Billoni did in the early 1990s). Before I met the rest of the Tribe I was heavily involved in producing the first series of raves in the WNY area, at the old Ellen Terry Theatre on Grant and Potomac [now torn down], the Masten St Armory, the infamous TCI building [also torn down], etc. Anyway, it was at the first party at the Ellen Terry that I met Marcos, Christ and God and this whole sick twisted ride began, from hooking up at my first raves to playing together Friday nights at Asbury Alley [now Route 66, but historically quite seminal in terms of the development of WNY's underground electronic dance music roots]. We actually began throwing events as a collective in May a party in the basement of the Lafayette Hotel. Talk about underground! From then on we worked together to bring WNY some of the most twisted, unique events around.

Quoted from: SOUNDLAB | Dedicated to the Music, Media & Performance of Big Orbit Gallery

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Category: food

11/22/05 06:34 - 27ºF - ID#32358

Kuni's is closing

I am so sad that Kuni's is closing I guess just about everyone is. It was such an (e:strip) staple for so long. Rememebr the night a bunch of us went [inlink]ladycroft,76[/inlink].

I suppose something will be able to fill the spot as it is a prime elmwood location.

I can understand why he would want to take a break. That restaurant was always full and he definately put his all into it. Being that committed to a project can really drain you over time. Plus he must have made enough money to retire for a while.

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Category: work

11/22/05 01:53 - 33ºF - ID#32357

Last day of work - Server Maximus

Today is my last day of work as the Mutlimedia Specialist at Canisius. It is bound to be a grueling day, as I think everyone will come to ask for help this last chance they get.

The server is getting better everyday. I appologize for this not being the most interesting topic but I promise it will be the coolest result. I have learned so much more about server admin this last week. Now I am really getting to be a pro at it. Well not exactly, but I am much more confident in being able to make it do whatever I want and I love CentOS.

One of the lastest upgrades now allows me to convert regular video to flash .flv video files using the command prompt - which means php can do it - making video accessible to more users via the flash player. That in addition to having extra space will allow us to incorporate a lot more video into the site.
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Category: estrip

11/22/05 12:13 - 38ºF - ID#32356

Making of a Server

I have been working feaverishly to get the new estrip server set up exactly how I want it. I decided to use CentOS because it is stable and tested and provides me with what I need.

Well, even if I don't like Ruby on Rails enopugh to switch yet, I have to say setup takes about a 5 minutes which sure as hell beats setting up PHP the way I want it. It could be because I have very customized desires for PHP while I have no ideas what I want form Ruby yet. Either way it was fast and easy. The next part I am working on is the mail server. That is my least favorite part but I guess in the end, one day to set up a really rad server is worth it.
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Category: suburbs

11/20/05 06:15 - 46ºF - ID#32355

Visit to the Suburbs

It is very unusual for us to make a day out of the suburbs but today (e:lilho), (e:terry), (e:matthew) and I made it out to superflea and amvets in cheetowaga. I found nothing I wanted at either but realized that the is an entire market around old/stolen cell phones that I definately need to look into. Maybe I can just get a cheap side camera phone for now.

I am so sick of not being able to take normal pics with the oh so fancy nokia 7710. i cannot belive the camera is broken as the camera was the selling point for me. I have been redued from 1.3MP to 300pixels as only the preview of the image looks normal.

Amvets had this scary doll reaching up at me. I felt bad for her.


We ate at fuddruckers. I guess I have made a full 360 since the days (e:hodown) and I locked their doors with superglue during a vegan terrorism raid.


They had all these local history images.


I also got to eat ostrich. It really does taste just like beef. Suburban food is really crappy though, at east in comparison to something like Jimmy Macs.

The superflea had so much strange crap. Stuff I couldn't even imagine befoe like this 14k and diamond jesus. It seems so anti-jesus to me.


(e:terry) contemplates his food at fuddruckers.


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Category: mobile

11/19/05 04:59 - 44ºF - ID#32354

Hello Motorola

I think I am going to get the Motorola Q when it comes out.


I have decided that I am done with the piece of crap nokia 7710 forever. It had such potential. I know that I bought a phone not made in the USA but it is ridiculous that the camera stopped working [inlink]paul,3983[/inlink] only 3 months after i bought the $400 phone. I just want to get the camera fixed. I understand that it is not under warranty. I am willin got pay to have it fixed. What is more ridiculous is that they sent this totally insane email as my reponse to a repair request.

My favorite part about this email is the accented e in America at the closing.

Dear Paul,

Thank you for e-mailing the Nokia Care Contact Center.

We apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail message and appreciate your patience.

We will be happy to assist you with your inquiry regarding the concerns you are experiencing with the image stripes on your Nokia 7710 Widescreen Smartphone. We can provide the following information:

The Nokia 7710 Widescreen Smartphone you purchased will not be supported by our Authorized Service Center for evaluation or repair. We only support products purchased and intended for use in the United States; the Nokia 7710 Widescreen Smartphone has not been released in the United States.

It is recommended that you contact Cingular Wireless at 1-800-331-0500 or original point-of-purchase for warranty and repair options. You may also find support, warranty and repair information for your Nokia 7710 Widescreen Smartphone at

We hope this information helps you.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us. To ensure proper handling, please continue to use the current subject line.

Thank you for choosing Nokia for your mobile needs.

E-mail Specialist
Nokia Inc.

P.S. In an effort to continuously improve Nokia's service to you, please complete
our short 8 question E-mail Care Survey.

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Category: peeptalk

11/19/05 01:17 - 40ºF - ID#32353

White Russian Sarah

As you may recall from my journal last night, I was waiting on (e:lilho) and and (e:terry) to return so that I could stop working on the server and go out dancing. At around 1:30am they came home and everyone was super drunk on white russians that (e:lilho) made.

At that point (e:mike) had already given up and gone home. We decided that we would go out anyways. I really wanted to take a break from server admin crap and I thought danicng would provide suitable exercise.

[size=m]Why they invented child locks[/size]
About 5 minutes into the trip down mainstreet citybound (e:lilho) says, "I need to puke." She unrolls the window and I thought she was just going to pull an (e:southernyankee) but instead she just opens the door and just kind of rolls out head first while the car was moving down mainstreet. Mind you she was not unconscious or anything. We were carrying on a conversation right before this.

Luckily we were turning into a parking lot but we were going about 10 miles per hour. Unfortunately, she did lose her purse and her ID in the incident. Well, at least she thinks so. Might put a crimp on her trip to NYC.

I have never had anyone do that. I yelled stop and tried to grab her but it was too late she just ejected like a pilot in a plane going down. Thank god she didn't get ran over. I mean it could have been a really traggic situation. I am going to refer to it as NTS, "Near Traggic Situation" (Visco, 2005).

Read the same story from (e:terry)'s perspective [inlink]terry,451[/inlink]

We never made it to see Darren Jay, by the time we got there are around 3:15am they were still charging $10, so we left.
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Category: work

11/19/05 12:10 - 31ºF - ID#32352

Friday Night

I really want to go dancing to Darren Jay at opium lounge but instead right now I am backing up a terrabyte size system and installing a new graphics, card, moving a harddrive and installing CENT OS on the new (e:strip) server. That bites. I hope that (e:terry) and (e:lilho) get home soon and I can stop with this crap.

In place of the superocmputer, which is moving to artvoice land, we are getting a fancy flat iMac. I usually hate macs but seeing as we already have PC and Linux and I will no longer be working in MAC land at Canisius, I will need some sort of Macintosh in order to do web site testing for those pesking mac users.


Well we headed down to compusa to check out the flat panel imac and it is pretty nice. We are going to be getting the one with the remote control. It makes a pretty fancy schamncy media center and had a built in camera. I like it because upkeep is easy on those machines and I already have like three other machines to take care of. I thought a lot about getting the mac mini because I already have some monitors and it was way cheaper. unfortunately, 32MB of video ram is just too lame for me.
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Category: work

11/18/05 04:34 - 26ºF - ID#32351

Roswell Paperwork and Physical

So I went for to fill out forms and paperwork at Roswell today. Maybe someday I can help make that process online too. Afterwards, I had to go in for a physical to test for hepatitis B, TB, and to give some blood. I found it weird that I never had to take my pants off for the physical. The woman even did the cough test through my pants by just touching my thigh. When did that start? It has been so long since I have been to a doctor.

I also went took the subway home. It takes about 20 minutes total, which is great. I can also eat on Allen Street. It's one block from work to the subway and a block and a half from the subway stop I live at back to the house. I suppose I will probably make that trip many thousands of times so it is nice that it is short.

The subway was packed but I was the only white person. I know it is different at 8:30am and 5PM when people are traveling to and from work. (e:terry) said it is nice because they actually have a working public transportation system through their neighborhood. I wish we had something like it on elmwood. Like the trolley that used to be there. Anyways, I looked so out of place that a bunch of black teenagers commented on the front of the car saying, "white people to the back of the bus." I have to admit I thought it was quite funny myself.
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