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Category: party

09/07/08 10:56 - 62ºF - ID#45598

Crazy Evening with the e:imk2ster

I can't believe I forgot to take any pictures last night ;( So much happend.

We went to go see tropic thunder with (e:imk2), (e:limsay), (e:tinypliny), (e:mrmike), keith, and (e:imk2)'s friend julia. We missed you (e:metalpeter). Ben Stiller has a perfect body I think. I wish mine looked more like his, maybe someday. I thought it was slapstick funny but otherwise it got kind of boring at parts. Make sure you bring people who are not sensitive.

Afterwards, we came to our house where we waited for (e:jim) and (e:james) along with (e:matthew)'s ex-boyfriend from high school who is moving to Paris. (E:tinypliny) and I talked food for a long while and I gave her some of the tomatoes from the garden.

Then we went to go meet robert and another james, their neighbors (Philis start a journal and her husband) at fugazi where some older gentlemen from florida molested me at the bar and tried to get me to go "to their hotel" with them or at least "their car", lol. That didn't happen but it was nice to have people be excited about trying to get with me.

Then for the first time in like 10 years I went to a party at someone else's house. A friend of (e:flacidness) was having a birthday party and they did not have animals. It was so crazy to be at someone else's house. (e:imk2) and I showed up at like 2am to meet everyone else.

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Category: food

09/06/08 12:38 - ID#45593

Farmer's market revisited

Driving through kenmore this morning i saw thry have a farmers market
too. But I love the bidwell farmer's market and was hoping for honey
sticks so I waited. Sadly, the honey people were not there. I got so
much stuff including flowers, fresh Lima beans in pod ( never saw that
before) sausage, and this awesome zebra aloe plant that is flowering.

I also saw that a lot of the stands accept new York farmers market
checks. What are those?

The lima beans were so good.
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Category: microsoft

09/05/08 10:23 - 71ºF - ID#45590

Microsoft is going to die

So apparently, microsoft has lost so much money because of the mac vs PC advertisement series that portrays windows as a dorky, chunky business man and mac as a cute, hipster. In order to combat it, they are coming out with an advertsiment series staring Jerry Seinfeld to help bolster windows vista. This is the first in the series and Seinfeld is being paid $10 million for his work in the series.

I seriously cannot fucking believe how lame it is. I would think this is going to be the death of microsoft. Check it out.

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Category: buffalo

09/04/08 08:23 - ID#45575

Thursday in the square

I am so fed up with work today. After one of the worst work days
ever, I managed to check out the last Thursday in the Square.
Unfortunately, it is messing with my gym schedule, which is making me

Why don't they just make Lafayette square a concrete square if it ends up looking like this every year.

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Category: buffalo

09/04/08 07:25 - ID#45567

The oldest tree in buffalo on frankin

It's not dead like earlier this year. (E:matthew) says they gave it
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Category: environment

09/04/08 11:07 - ID#45562

Fuck the environment, says Roswell

Is what I hear everytime I look in the dumpster at Roswell Park Cancer
Institute's IT building. The official reason they told me why they
throw out so much cardboard,"they don't have a truck to bring it
somewhere for recycling. "

It so irresponsible. I say hire a service. I hate it when the
cleaning lady asks if she can breakdown my cardboard and throw it
out. I take it home and recycle it.
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Category: politics

09/03/08 10:58 - ID#45558

Tackiest jewlery ever

I could talk about how riddled with ridiculousness their whole
convention is but I just can't get over this diamond navy/usmc broche.

Okay that and the fact that Sarah Palin's son is being deployed to
Iraq on September 11th. How dramatic. Can't they finally end the
September 11th/Iraq connection. I hope he discovers to weapons of
mass destruction.

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Category: death

09/03/08 07:24 - ID#45553

Dead rabbit

I pretty much have isolated myself from everything in this giant
surebert flashgate in AS3 via flex rewrite. Anyways, I was thinking
about it intensely on the way to work and I managed to step in gum.
Luckily, I did not step in this rabbit.

Oh and I finished the flex thing.

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Category: web

09/02/08 03:06 - 82ºF - ID#45539

Just Testing Chrome

Looks like file uploads work with surebert and flash via chrome . That was the one thing I was worried about the most. Cnan you tell I am on a windows machine. look, this is only one of four pictures I have on it, lol.

Seems like it uses a lot more memory than firefox. From what I can see in the task manager it has four open processes between 20-30MB and only two tabs are open.

You know what it does not have is full page (media and all) zoom. I freakin love that. Oh, and a mac client ;(
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Category: web

09/01/08 07:41 - 78ºF - ID#45533

New Google Chrome Browser

According to

Google announced today that they would be releasing a new open source web browser called Google Chrome. The new browser will be available for download as a beta starting tomorrow.

All I can say is fuck - i hate the idea of dealing with yet another new browser. With IE 8 coming along, and the new html 5 safari and firefox - did we really need yet another browser. Its weird because I am usually all about diversity. And I love the idea of standards. If all of the groups adhere to the standards or make thing similar it will be fine. Unfrotunatrly, each of the players involved - microsoft, apple, mozilla, and now google - is not only going to want to support the standards - they are also going to want to differentiate in order to offer new features and seem gain market share. To me it just makes Flex development all that much more appealing. Luckily, it is abased on webkit - like safari so at least there will be something in common. Unfortunately, they are using their own javascript engine. That means that every browser will have a unique javascript engine and that various version of the browsers will have different engines. Should be fun. Really what it means is that all the libraries are going to get bigger. Which sucks but then again broadband is broader and the new engines will be faster.

I wonder if the world will switch to chrome all at once.
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