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07/02/14 04:28 - ID#59142


I can't read estrip without you guys making me hungry. And/or wanting to hike.
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Category: work

01/09/14 08:02 - ID#58557

Words of wisdom from a client

"You can hear them on the radio, but you can see them on the television".

This seems like a childish statement, but it came from someone with chronic schizophrenia. It made me realize the addiction to television may be a search for voices that are real.
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Category: vacation

10/12/13 02:50 - ID#58131


What am I doing on vacation? Drinking until a ridonkulous hour and playing breathalyzer games with Mom. Result? A decision that the breathalyzer is inaccurate. Because it is giving us too low a number.
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Category: family

10/11/13 12:20 - ID#58128

Vacation ups and downs

On vacation with my parents. Seeing beautiful scenery in Virginia and West Virginia. We've gone to several state parks, and I have to look longingly at the trails. My dad suffered a stroke a few years ago, and his mobility sucks, so we do 'accessible' things. Today I managed to hike a short trail in the Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia. I hope to stay healthy enough that I'm never prevented from hiking short trails like that. The park was awesome, the trail was fun. Saw two waterfalls in the park, and I know that there were more.

Vacation Gripe: This vacation was supposed to include MOSTLY national parks. Every day we've had to come up with other plans. Today included a jaunt into WV. We are actually vacationing in Virginia. It helps that my parents will humor me when I want to check out local breweries. But they won't spend the money to go see a cave. The government shutdown isn't going to end before my vacation. There is only so much to do in the Shenandoah Valley if you are on a budget.
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Category: kids

07/16/13 10:56 - ID#57911 pmobl

sweet kid

spent the day with B and my friends. as much as she frustrates me sometimes, I was also reminded of how sweet she is.

on the drive home from Letchworth she noticed I was singing under my breath. she turned up the radio to get me to sing louder. she bought me breakfast and dinner. and when we got home she wanted to show me her favorite live cam of bears fishing during a salmon run. we ended up checking out several live cams, and she rested her head on my shoulder as we watched. she hadn't done that since she was little.

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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

ladycroft said to joe finger went spastic. ...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...