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Category: life

01/11/15 10:39 - 28.ºF - ID#59745

Digital Immortality

This is in response to (e:uchina,59740).

Imagine if you could text message chopsticks based on the history of what she had written and a computer program to approximate her responses. Would it satisfy you more than the medium?

I never really thought about being able to be recreated at the level portrayed in a recent Black Mirror episode but now I think about it all the time.

I know its long but just watch it, you will appreciate it.

I feel so jealous when I think about the kids a generation or two from now that will have most of their lives available in HD VR format during the same time that most of my earlier memories will just vanish into senility. I guess they can't embellish the way i will be able to when I am elderly.

I wish so bad that I could have digitally recorded my Nonna talking to me in VR before she died. Something that you could share with other people and revisit.

I have just about no images from all my crazy adventures as a high school and undergrad college student. Its kills me that I spent a long while in Africa in fall of 1997 and traveled to my families ancestral farm in italy and have no pictures of any of it. If I didn't have some clothing I bought there I would start to doubt I even went.

Many of the images I do have from earlier periods are just images of some landscape. It funny how those things seemed so important when I took the photos, to show to people who I thought could never see those things - but now just about any landscape can be found on google now whereas pictures of the people you care about, frozen in time can not be.

Now I wish I took more pictures of the people I was with and more video.
(e:Terry) hates being in photo and video. Its a miracle I managed this video of us on our trip around America in the summer of 2000. It seems like lifetimes ago.

At the same time at some point it become an issue of quantity. If you 1 to 1 ratio recorded everything that happens in your life, it would take 1 entire lifetime to review it.

Sadly, I censor a huge part of my life now for no good reasons. I basically have turned my journal into a shell of food and dancing reviews. I figure I can pick back up in a post-retirement expose style.
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Category: food

01/10/15 06:53 - 15.ºF - ID#59738 pmobl

Soup At Soup With Kim and Kanye and Casey and Misumi

Last Sunday we went to Sato on elmwood for some soup.

I had some amazing seafood butter lemon Ramen with crab and shrimp that was the daily special. The soup there is so amazing. I could eat there everyday.




We were joined by two celebrity couples.

Casey and Masumi

Kim and Kanye joined us as well with Kanye showing off his cleavage.

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Category: body

01/10/15 03:11 - 15.ºF - ID#59737 pmobl

Gaping Nose Hole

I still can't believe 20 years after driving a nail through it, the hole never closed despite never wearing anything in it.



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Category: games

01/10/15 02:02 - 15.ºF - ID#59735 pmobl

Fighting Dragons - Dragon Age Inquitions

6 of 10 dragons are dead. We haven't seen the dragonslayer in days.




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Category: sick

01/10/15 11:01 - 11.ºF - ID#59734 pmobl

Looks like everyone is sick

I'm finally starting to feel better but the other day I was at Walgreens looking for nyquil and they were almost totally out of cold and flu meds.

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Category: commercials

01/08/15 10:19 - 14.ºF - ID#59729

Zoodles are Animal Noodles

I wonder why that in 2015, this commercial song just popped into my head and I knew all the words. Maybe I am about to have a stroke or something.

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Category: ring

01/08/15 06:25 - 13.ºF - ID#59727

My Cracked Eragem Sapphire Wedding Ring

UPDATE - This situation has been rectified. Read here (e:paul,59749) for the updated information. Its an unbelievable store of amazing customer service.

I have been so sad since my natural sapphire from eragem cracked. I didn't expect this to ever be an issue after reading how hard they are

They are basically right behind diamond and are supposed to take all kind of heat and pressure.

I can still remember how happy I was writing to say dreams really can come true (e:paul,57440) when I got my star sapphire wedding ring before the wedding in Summer 2013.

Sapphires aren't supposed to crack. $3500 dollars later, I find out they do when I dropped it in the shower. I was really sad. Not just because I liked the ring but because rings are supposed to be an eternal thing. Now I just have cracked stone that stresses me out every single time I look at it. Thats why I don't wear it anymore.


I know there is nothing eragem could probably do but them I wonder if the sapphire had been cracked before and filled with something. I mean it was a three foot fall? I guess the ring is heavy. Everyone seems to suggest sapphires don't crack that easy.

I wrote to to see if they knew of anyone that could repair it or if they knew where I could get a replacement stone but never heard back ;(

Unfortunately, hunting just for the stone I found the cost of a replacement natural star sapphire is about the same as the ring itself. According to the jeweler I talked to, the ring was built around that stone and would have to be melted down and formed to accommodate a new one which would also cost a bunch. Then you have to factor in the labor. I might as well just buy a new ring.

Recently, I found what I think is a good replacement Its a Channel set diamond men's wedding band ring two-tone gold. The thing is it is also from and its kind of hard to want to buy a ring from the same place after the last mishap but the ring is pretty nice looking and is far less likely to break. I mean you can't really crack a diamond and it is much less heavy. Then again, I thought that about the sapphire, ugh.



Here are the old rings stats for comparison. This is a real step down.
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01/07/15 12:37 - 17.ºF - ID#59725

SSL and robots.txt

I moved the site to all SSL and then forgot to update the robots_ssl.txt file to allow google to index SSL. Oops. Now I lost a whole weeks worth of indexing ;(

I hope they come back.
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Category: psychic

01/04/15 01:52 - 50.ºF - ID#59718

Rev. Olivia Miller - Psychics In Buffalo - Buffalo News 1983

My dad's Aunt, the reverend Olivia Miller was in this article in the
The Buffalo News Magazines October 30, 1983

I just converted this with OCR so it might not be perfect. Here is the page about my aunt.


THE HOUSE looks like many others in the North Ogden-Lovejoy area of Sloan: neat flowerbeds, clean white siding, tidy sidewalks. But it's not exactly like every other house. One difference is the small metal plate on a pillar of the front porch, done in rustic lettering: "Rev. Olivia Miller/Church of the Holy Spirit/Use Side Door." Inside the side door is an expan-_ sive kitchen, but just to the rear is the church. The sanctuary contains nine small pews, each big enough for two people. At each seat is a hymnal. The walls are covered with crucifixes, paintings of biblical scenes and bells decorated with angels. In the middle of them are the Rev. Olivia Miller's framed credentials — her certificate of or-dination from Covenant Spiritual Church in Buffalo, dated 1978, and a certificate authorizing Reverend Olivia's Counseling Service to do business in the village of Sloan. "I consider myself to be a counselor becatse of the ministry, because people come to me for guidance," she says. Although her church is Christian-based, Miller says, it also teaches recognition and use of metaphysics. Her faithful (she says they number from twelve to 70 at the weekly service held on Wednesday night) deal particularly with aura reading and psychometry. Aura reading is based on the idea that each human being is sur-rounded by a halo that varies in color with his or her mood and that this halo can be seen by people who are psychically tuned in to it. "I tell people that if someone has been un-fair or mean to them, surround that person with pink universal love," Miller says. "One night a woman called me, very upset," Miller says. "She was upset at her husband, and she said it seemed like every time the family sat down to supper, a squabble would break out and they'd all end up yelling at each other. "At the time, she had a pot of stew cooking. I told her that every time she stirred that stew, she was transferring her bad energy into the stew, and that was what was dis-rupting her family. She stopped feeling upset, and her family stop-ped quarreling."
—photo by DICK MUECKL
Rev. Olivia Miller with
Miller, who lives in the same neighborhood In which she grew up and who has three adult children now, says that as a child, she "used to pick up things on people." "1 had to find out why I felt things about people. Finally, in 1970, I said, 'Hold it. I must find out who I am.' I went out to search for a medium, and I found a wonderful teacher. A lot of people want to learn why things happen in a scien-tific way. I wanted to find the spiritual way. It more or less came to me one night. I woke up saying 'Alchemy is self, alchemy is self.' I paced a long time and thought about what that could mean. And then I realized that I had done a complete about-face in my life, and I didn't feel like screaming at peo-ple any more." Miller uses "color healing" to help spiritually troubled members of her church. She has a special room set up for it and special tools. The room is furnished with a small table, a few chairs and two kneel-ers. It also has a bookshelf on
her colored stones: "Pink universal love" and hostility In the beet stew. which are boxes of colored glass "stones" as well as books. Miller says the seven colors of stones each indicate a different spiritual state of being and she can tell how a person is feeling by which color he or she chooses from a plate of stones. She also does readings, using a crystal ball which she keeps safe in a bag that in other circumstances would be used to carry a bowling ball. "I don't really read the crystal ball," she says. "But I do believe it has energies in it, and I let people feel them." Ntiller is a firm believer in the good works of her church. She says it's Important for her to be at the end of the phone In case someone in need should call and to have the church to offer her counseling. "If someone said, 'You can't have this church,' I wouldn't know what to do. I believe I'm in the right spot in my time."
HOLLY D. REMY Is an assistant editor of The Magazine.

Here is the whole article as a PDF.


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Category: computers

01/03/15 01:19 - 31.ºF - ID#59714 pmobl

We need a computer lab

it's getting ridiculous up in this dining room.

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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...