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03/20/09 01:25 - ID#48135 pmobl

Bike hair

This bike was parked outside of India gate. It is disgusting. I
can't help but think some girl was hit by the bike and it took a chunk
out of her head.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: programming

03/20/09 11:53 - 30ºF - ID#48134 pmobl

My first Impressions of IE 8

I was testing surebert against IE 8 last night and it wasn't working. Debugging in IE 8 sucks even with the script debugger. The script debugger open in a new window for every error.

Sothe problems which were kind of tricky to identify were:

1. The async argument to an xmlHTTP instances open method cannot be a 0 for false. In all previous versions of IE and in every other browser 0 was acceptable for false. They must be type checking now. This occurs even in comparibiltu mode which makes me wonder what else is not truly compatible.

One of the major feature additions was the inclusion of querySelectorAll. Annoyingly, it return an instance of StaticNodeList instead of just NodeList like Safari and Firefox 3.1 beta. That through me for a loop for a bit.

The inclusion of Element prototypes is pretty sweet. In general it is a huge improvement over IE 6 and 7.

What frustrated me the most is lack of support for the native javascript 1.5 array prototypes forEach, every, some, filter, map. I just don't understand how they left that out. Same thing with standards compliant eventListeners.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

03/20/09 03:30 - ID#48132 pmobl

Buffalo CarShare

Buffalo CarShare is open. I saw this on the way to lunch at cafe 59
with (e:jon).

I would like to stop by and find out more but I really don't have much
use for a car. I pretty much just walk back and forth between roswell
and the 24. Still I think the idea is awesome.

While at cafe 59 a scruffy looking French young man begged us for a
ride somewhere. If I had a car and some time I would have taken him
just to find out his story.
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03/19/09 10:43 - ID#48118 pmobl

My rabbit's field

Is becomming something.
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03/18/09 09:55 - ID#48116 pmobl

Happy birthday matthew

I hope this year is filled with tea cups and china.

I got out of work at 9 and we rushed to red lobster for lobster fest.
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Category: programming

03/17/09 09:51 - 47ºF - ID#48094

What a day!

So I was really depressed this morning because for the first time in like years I programmed for like 20 hours and wasn't at a solution for my problem. I tried a lot of different approaches but none of them scaled how I wanted or ended up not having particular feature my system required that I didn't realized until too late. Anyways, today was the total oppposite. Everything went right and I got enough stuff done for a whole week. I attribute it to switching from eclipse to netbeans.

Then today I discovered that netbeans has this awesome collaboration software built right in that lets you edit code together, chat, and share code snippets, etc with your coworkers over an XMPP openfire server.

So I got openfire setup and it even integrated with AD. Tomorrow should be the beginning of a whole new dev era, lol. Either that or it just means I will get more questions and not get any exercise, lol. It will definately make code review easier.

Here is a to a video explaining it and here is a simple pic
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Category: holidays

03/15/09 06:09 - ID#48061

Inlaw's butt and St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day. The parade was totally crazy this year. It was so nice out and packed with a million drunk people. For buffaloI find St. Patrick's Day to be an annomoly, because for some reason there were only like 10 black people at it. This is odd compared to any other festival in a city where half the population is black. I guess the black and the irish people just don't get along?



Apprently, everone likes to block our driveway, even the police horses.




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03/14/09 06:31 - ID#48053 pmobl

I know it's springtime in buffalo

...but isn't it a little early too have this much salespace dedicated
to bubbles. Yes, everything in this picture is a bubble product. If
guess if you need bubbles, go to wegman's!
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Category: hiking

03/14/09 05:55 - ID#48052 pmobl

Hiking at 18 mile creek

We went hiking today at 18 mile creek with (e:jim) and (e:james). It was so nice out.

We climbed on some cliffs and saw a waterfall with a rainbow in it.


At least my winter didn't suck this bad.

Afterwards, we went to Thirsty Buffalo. This was my seconds time there and I was really not impressed with the food. Its okay. The entrees are defiantely not worth the price. The last time I got the ribs and they were cold. $17 for ribs that were cold. (e:jim) ordered us the poutine fries apettizer. They were pretty yum.

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Category: gay

03/14/09 11:55 - ID#48048

Is this a gay guide to Europe

I saw this on the PBS member drive this morning. Who chose that name?

This is actually a gay magazine but it got so much gayer when (e:libertad) accidentally dipped it in the grease and blue cheese drippings from (e:terry)'s chicken hoagie at Jim's Steakout last night.

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