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Category: housing

03/09/09 09:45 - 34ºF - ID#47993

And now the other one

Her "check" was "stolen" so she has like half the money. We didn't have a lease for her until she paid the first month's rent. Now she is saying its not really convenient for her to have a lease. I think its time for her to go which brings us back to no tenants. Serioulsy, that house is making me bankrupt.
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Category: housing

03/08/09 11:14 - 40ºF - ID#47991

The Tenant Calls

So after more than a month of missing in action and being evicted, the tenant calls while I was leaving the botanical gardens today to say she is "so sorry about the inconvenience but her baby was sick and someone stole her phone." Serioulsy, think about it, you disappear and stop payng rent and never contact you landlord for over a month. The last time we heard from her was the beginning of February.

She says she will need a couple week to get the stuff out, something about her SSI stopping and having to switch to welfare. What does it take to get one responsible tenant.
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Category: housing

03/08/09 12:16 - 38ºF - ID#47983

The rental Property Saga Continues

So many things were happenng on friday. The nice part was getting new furniture. The upstairs looks a lot different now. Best of all, the den is comfortable ;)

While we were at the tenants, cleaning up in the attic we discovered just how much exra junk the last couple tenants left. I never thought to check th eback of the basement. I just assumed that no one had gone down there. Then I found they used it to store old broken appliances. Something I really don't get considering both appartment came with appliances that were of good quality, if not new.

So now in the basement I have so many scrap metal appliances. I hate it. I am sure all the metal is worth money but not enough to have to haul all the shit out. I knew about the old furnace, and two hand crank washing machine from another but not there is a broken refrigerator, a broken stove and a broken washing machine, argh. I also found like 4 probably broken small televisions


There is just an overwhelming amount of junk with that. I seriously need another two ton day at the dump. Next time all of our stuff is pretty much out so it will be easy to see if anything is left by tenants.

There was also some sort of garbage dump going on in the backyard, which is especially weird considering there were two empty ultra large size garbage totes.

It was filled with bags of diapers and stuff which cats or rats decided to pull apart. Fun. People are such scumbags.


Next step, now that we won the eviction proceding: we get to go pay the City Of Buffalo $105 to have them officially tell the missing tenant who abandoned the property, that she is out by pinning anotice on her door. Why that costs $105 is a mystery, considering she is no longer there. If we don't pay its not yet official.

After she is offically evicted, we get the pleasure of changing locks and cleaning up her ton of shit.

The best part of the whole thing was my aquisition of baby jesus in a coffin. If animatronic, old school style with a wind up key.


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Category: buffalo

03/05/09 10:53 - ID#47966

Now it's blockaded with concrete

This building near Allen and Main that I have been writing about just keeps collapsing. The previous posts were (e:paul,40420), (e:paul,40565), (e:paul,47704)

They finally put up a real blockade as people kept walking in front of it, which I am imagine was extremely dangerous.

I wonder if it's going to be rehabbed or demolished. Honestly, at this point I don't care either way so long as it's dealt with. I mean seriously , how long can it stay like this. I mean I live the facade but I think it's ridiculous to let it just collapse into the street.

On another note, my bosses boss announced she is leaving. I hope the
new person is awesome.
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Category: housing

03/05/09 09:06 - ID#47954

Courtside Eviction

So we are at court today to evict one of our tenants who doesn't live
there anymore and hasn't paid rent in months. The thing is she left
lots of stuff in the apartment and you can't just remove it without an
eviction proceding. If she actually shows up i might end up on court
for something else, lol. It's not just inconvenient, it costs money
to evict someone. The thing is if this ever happens again it is no
longer a mystery process and I will jump on it sooner. For example
with our new tenants that have not paid march rent yet - what the fuck!

So our sheet says the court case is at 9am but now that we got here
the courtoom we in in actually says the court opens at 9:30. Thanks
city of buffalo?

The real problem is that at 8:30 we put one dollar in the new style
parking meter. But now, because it's just a printed receipt instead
of a meter, there is no way to add time until later. I find that
super frustrating. You should be able to feed you old receipt in and
add money.
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Category: dancing

03/05/09 12:55 - 21ºF - ID#47953

OMFG - DJ Andy C in Toronto 03/29/09

Destiny is throwing a party at Circa on March 29th. For once all the stars line up. A huge club, my favorite DJ - Andy C , a night I can go. I bought myself a ticket and one for (e:terry). I am so freakin excited. Also on the lineup Mystical Influence. I freaking can't wait it is going to be so awesome.

On these recordings you cannot hear the massive bass which is the most amazing part. You know those cars that hum with bass, this is like that x 10,000. The bass actualy shakes your body. Its such a great feeling.


Andy C

And mystical Influence - from WEMF 2008

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Category: music

03/04/09 10:25 - 21ºF - ID#47949

My love of TV commercial music

It all started with Ingrid Michaelson's old navy commercial (e:paul,41443)

Then I heard this JC Penny song the other day

The Stony Rebels - Unbelievable

But the real winner was OMG "Oh My God" by Ida Maria that plays for the intro to the Gossip Girl Commercial.

Here is their site:
The wikipedia article:
Last FM:

I searched for so long before finding it. Okay for like 5 minutes but thats a lot for me. These one have seem to have potential. I love bands that have a lot of recordings on youtube. I also love their unpolished sound. It reminds me of my most favorite singer Kimya Dawson.

This is the more polished official video

This video, I live you so much better when you are naked is so inspired by Nina Hagen.

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Category: animals

03/04/09 06:07 - ID#47947

The rabbit

Wow, a year lster he is still behind the hsbc in no man's land.

This (e:paul,45553) is when the rabbit was at its most disgusting peak, in case you don't remember.
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Category: elmwood

03/04/09 09:32 - 19ºF - ID#47941

Dream about elmwood ave design

Last night before I went to sleep (e:matthew) told me about how elmwood enacted a design standard. I totally think thats great and support it. However, somehow in my dream it turned into some really grotesque, ultra modern, turqouise and blue, chunky plastic disaster. The bright blue was to represent the old blue neon lights on the tops of some of the buildings along the strip and the brown plastic was supposed to represent brick I think. It looked kind of like Room brown and blue meets 60s plastic future on the moon and had the same sheen as if it was made out of legos.

None of the parking lots were up front though.

I wish I had time to model what I am talking about.

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Category: body

03/03/09 11:30 - 18ºF - ID#47938

Not Clean Shaven and Boobs

Don't try and outshine my blog with your empty promises of clean shaven (e:hodown,47934)

I swear I am buffer than the pics look, I am finally starting to really have a six pack but the fur makes it hard to see, lol. My back is also strong for the first time ever and I am actually within the healthy weight range for my height for once. I just wish my body was not an iphone advertisment. I really need a less conspicous camera.



After reviewing my photo album I decided that (e:hodown)'s boobs would boost the ratings even more and help make the journal have a little bit for everyone.


An the upclose version

Kiss my ratings butt - bisnatch, lol.
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