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Category: furniture

03/21/09 06:43 - ID#48148

The Drexel

It's outside. If you want it - come get it. I am keeping track of the
cushions. If it is windy Ill bring it back in so the parts don't end
up all over the street.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: food

03/21/09 09:38 - ID#48144

Bistro europa

We went to bistro Europa on elmwood last night for dinner. The food
there is so amazing. On the way out I noticed this sign. I think it
would be fun although $65 is kind of steep. I am so curious about
scandanavian night.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: trends

03/20/09 06:12 - 35ºF - ID#48140

Slanties WIth Mustaches

So I am obsessed with the idea of havign slanties as displayed on (e:lilho,48137) The best part is the actual website they come from: here is a link to the photo gallery

Apprently, in NYC the I didn't shave because I am a lazy computer programmer and my mustache is getting ridiculous is in. I should move there and be cool instead of being a loser here. Look at this cutie wearing slanties.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: school

03/20/09 01:54 - ID#48138

Good at Math

In 1988 I was in fifth grade. For some reason we had to take the california Acheivement Test. I scored higher than 99% of all 5th grade students in the nation in total math. This led to me skipping some math by being in an advanced math class in 6th grade which resulted in no math in 8th grade which led to the end of me as a mathelete ;(

I was kind of surprised because I never think of myself as a math person anymore.

I also was 97% for vocab, 96% for comprehension and reading but only
76% for spelling. Luckily, spelling has not been very important in my life since the computer corrects almost everything.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

03/20/09 01:32 - ID#48136 pmobl

Party weekend

I hope this weekend is as fun as last weekend. Someday we are going
to need one of those stair lifts.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

03/20/09 01:25 - ID#48135 pmobl

Bike hair

This bike was parked outside of India gate. It is disgusting. I
can't help but think some girl was hit by the bike and it took a chunk
out of her head.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: programming

03/20/09 11:53 - 30ºF - ID#48134 pmobl

My first Impressions of IE 8

I was testing surebert against IE 8 last night and it wasn't working. Debugging in IE 8 sucks even with the script debugger. The script debugger open in a new window for every error.

Sothe problems which were kind of tricky to identify were:

1. The async argument to an xmlHTTP instances open method cannot be a 0 for false. In all previous versions of IE and in every other browser 0 was acceptable for false. They must be type checking now. This occurs even in comparibiltu mode which makes me wonder what else is not truly compatible.

One of the major feature additions was the inclusion of querySelectorAll. Annoyingly, it return an instance of StaticNodeList instead of just NodeList like Safari and Firefox 3.1 beta. That through me for a loop for a bit.

The inclusion of Element prototypes is pretty sweet. In general it is a huge improvement over IE 6 and 7.

What frustrated me the most is lack of support for the native javascript 1.5 array prototypes forEach, every, some, filter, map. I just don't understand how they left that out. Same thing with standards compliant eventListeners.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

03/20/09 03:30 - ID#48132 pmobl

Buffalo CarShare

Buffalo CarShare is open. I saw this on the way to lunch at cafe 59
with (e:jon).

I would like to stop by and find out more but I really don't have much
use for a car. I pretty much just walk back and forth between roswell
and the 24. Still I think the idea is awesome.

While at cafe 59 a scruffy looking French young man begged us for a
ride somewhere. If I had a car and some time I would have taken him
just to find out his story.
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03/19/09 10:43 - ID#48118 pmobl

My rabbit's field

Is becomming something.
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03/18/09 09:55 - ID#48116 pmobl

Happy birthday matthew

I hope this year is filled with tea cups and china.

I got out of work at 9 and we rushed to red lobster for lobster fest.
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