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Category: buffalo

04/26/08 09:40 - 73ºF - ID#44150

Everything but swimming

The mayor and city officials announced the formation of the Erie Basin Committee. Buffalo Rising ... On May 24th we're opening the beach for everything but swimming."

I hope that a couple of volley ball nets are added to the budget... and some grills, and a shelter or two in case it rains, and some sightseeing viewfinders, and some bike racks, and some fire pits... looks like Erie Basin Marina is going to be the place to be this summer.

Is this really going to make any difference? I guess if you are a Volleyball enthusiast it would be nice but isn't the point of a beach to have swimming. If you can't have swimming then why bother pretending to have a beach when it is really just a park.

I guess the problem with all the water around the city is that it is too polluted. That is why the beaches that do exist like Wendt and Bennett are closed most of the summer anyways. I remember one day when (e:mike), (e:terry), (e:matthew) and I headed over to Bennett on a not closed day. It was so nice to get to swim near home. (e:paul,31201) Look how crappy my cell pics were back then. I think it was the sidekick 1 and that was before we have comments on the blogs. Its weird to have so many with no comments from 2003-2005.
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Category: health

04/25/08 10:50 - 67ºF - ID#44146

Incentive Spirometer and other stuff

The most ridiculous medical device I have ever seen is this incentive spirometer that I received at Buffalo General the other day while getting my appendix out. It basically gives you visual feedback by lifting a marble when you breathe deeply.


Who can't just be taught to breathe deeply, not to mention that it creates a stream air which tastes exceptionally vinyl flavored - can that be healthy? I mean I understand why breathing deeply is important to healing faster and clearing the anesthetic from your lungs, but does everyone need one of these really durable plastic toys.

::Download Flash Video::

I got a hold of a preview of the Linwood Home Tour 2008 booklet and the estrip ad looks good on the front page.

At Royallite on Sheridan today, they had a test for energy efficiency and light bulbs. I was amazed at the difference.

Target on the blvd in the Best Buy plaza near the 290 is huge now. They have a whole giant grocery store inside with a lot of products. They also redid the cafe section and even have organic mac and cheese as an option.

Linens and Things has the craziest crap. Check out this beer hammer for those times you need to open a beer and you need a hammer.

Seriously, does anyone need a Nana Saver. Surely, no one needs a nana saver but I bet someone has a fetish for one.

Remember, tomorrow is electronics recycling day at Central Park plaza. I have about a ton of electronics to recycle. Sadly, I cannot lift anything so (e:Terry) had to do it all. I feel bad for him, some of the computer stuff is huge that we inherited from the previous owner.
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Category: health

04/24/08 12:39 - 64ºF - ID#44124

I want my test results now

So I call Buffalo General again (e:paul,44084) to see if my test results for the Gluten Intolerance test have come in for the doctor's appointment I am having today - and this time, there fucking program is down and I should call back tomorrow. Are they actually saying that the hospital has no access to medical records until tomorrow. I find that really hard to believe. Where is my paper chart then? Why can they not get anything right?

In case anyone else ever needs to get in touch with the medical records dept in order to get no service, here is the number.

Buffalo General Hospital
ATTN: Health Information Dept - Correspondence
100 High Street
Buffalo, NY 14203
(716) 859-2759
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Category: food

04/23/08 08:49 - 57ºF - ID#44119

Am I going to die without rice?

Being someone who is possibly not able to eat anything but rice when it comes to grains it makes me so nervous to thing we are going to go into some sort of shortage. Maybe I should really horde a huge amount of it.

Imagine what its going to be like when we start having food shortages again. As someone who eats such a weird diet, I am terrified of that realty.

Wal-Mart's Sam's Club Restricts Purchase of Some Rice
...The limits on jasmine, basmati and long-grain white rice, a response to "recent supply and demand trends," will be put into effect in all U.S. stores where allowed by law and are effective immediately, Sam's Club spokeswoman Kristy Reed said today in an e-mailed statement.

Some consumers have started hoarding rice, the food staple for half the world as prices soar and supplies shrink. China, Vietnam, India and Egypt have curbed sales abroad to safeguard domestic supplies and cool inflation. Thailand also may restrict shipments, a World Bank official said today.

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Category: food

04/22/08 03:11 - 71ºF - ID#44101

Yum, yums for Paul and Basra

After all of (e:fing,44075)'s talk about eating crab in Maryland I had to have some myself. I guess this also means I am on the mend. I made some crab and asparagus soup for (e:matthew) and I for lunch yesterday. Who would have thought that crab and asparagus would be a great combo. Well, the vietnamese did or maybe the Thai because I had it at Saigon Bangkok and it was incredible. Then I tried to make it at home. It was not exactly the same, but the additional crab meat made it on par.


Here is a recipe from I did not use this recipe, but just went with my own, chicken broth, plus rice, eggs, crab, asparagus, and sesame oil. There's is below.


4 c. chicken broth
1 can white asparagus
2 egg whites
1 lb. fresh crab meat
1/4 c. cornstarch
Salt to taste
1 tsp. sugar

Simmer broth. Add crab meat. Cook 15 minutes. Add asparagus, cut in 1 to 1 1/2 inch julienne pieces. Add salt and a bit of sugar. Mix cornstarch with enough liquid to make it smooth and add to soup. Beat egg whites slightly and sieve into soup, stirring constantly.

The next day, Basra had his own surprise when I chucked papaya and watermelon around the yard for him to find. I don't think I ever saw him "run" that fast before. Apparently, tortoises can gallop.

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Category: scientology

04/22/08 02:06 - 71ºF - ID#44098

Real LaPlaine - The Scientologist

It's not your beliefs, it is the actions of the freakin' practitioners themselves and their aggressive, obnoxious street mission tactics. I have become increasingly afraid of them, one in particular. In fact I often find myself having to run across the street to avoid them.

I have no idea what the Scientologist's really believe nor do I care. I didn't really look it up until just now when I found My problem with the group stems specifically from the practitioners at the Church of Scientology Building on Main Street.

They are constantly getting in my face on the way to my work and have harassed me numerous times at my home. That is totally unacceptable behavior from any group of people. They are a plague to my neighborhood and honestly I hope their whole building collapses, taking the congregation with it.

Sorry, it is hard for me to separate my feelings for that group from you as a person. I recognize that is a personalty flaw I have, and I thrive on it. If you were just a practioner I would feel different, because I would probably just feel sorry for you, but the fact that you are a large scale persuader, makes me feel uncomfortable supporting your message with my software.

So yes, please stay away from this site and tell all of your Scumbagtologist friends that they are not welcome here either - not for what they believe in, although I hear it is quite sketchy, but rather for the way they have treated me in my hometown neighborhood. They alone have made it a far less pleasant place than before they arrived. Not to mention the outrageous amount of paper wasted taping up those damn posters on ever light post and window around for the last two years.

I hope estrip makes scientologists feel just as uncomfortable as I feel on that part of main street near your church and that you return to LA.

Paul - I find it interesting that because of my association with Scientology, that you now go from friendly and open, and this site is for anyone, to antagonistic. Do you do that with other people who study other philosophies or practice other religious beliefs? Is this site only for "conventional" beliefs?

Besides, read a book on Scientology. If you are a graduate of university they should have taught you to keep your head open to new thoughts.

And yes, I did head up the entire Volunteer Ministers program at one time. I have friends who also headed up different church around the world - they never had a problem with Scientology - because I also respected their beliefs and their religions.

So my question is this? Is your site now off-limits to me? Let me know and I'll bail now if that's the case and I'll know that the Elmwood district is not all that it is being punched up to be.


Real Laplaine @ 1-800-334-5433 or email

Real Laplaine
Senior Consultant
Dianetics Information Center
6331 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, California, 90028

Real Laplaine (Volunteer Minister Program In Charge)

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Category: hospital

04/21/08 03:44 - 64ºF - ID#44084

Medical Records at Buffalo General...

... are a freakin joke. So I decided to get some exercise as I was told by the doctor that walking and deep breathing is good for healing. I walked three blocks to Buffalo General in order to get a copy of my medical records to review. I had no idea how unorganized that part of the hospital is. I find it hard to believe that anything works well in the hospital if the information infrasctructure is such an unorganized system. I am not talking about medical records from ten years ago, I am talking about medical records from the last couple months.

The medical records system at Buffalo General is not completely electronic. There is this ellusive paper copy that has info that is not available everywhere else. The day I was in the hospital getting my appendix out I was supposed to be getting my Tissue Transglutaminase IGG and Transglutaminase AB (IGA) test to check for gluten intolerance at Quest Diagnotsics. So I figured, while I am already in the Er giving them blood, why not ask them to carry out the test as I was supposed to have the results for a April 24th doctor's appointment. My mother called and get the test names, we gave them to the doctor, he agreed, the nurse drew blood. Now there is no record of the test.

To make matters worse the desk clerk in medical records was this 20 something total bitch. She looked like and acted just like Karen from Will and Grace. If you ever read this, I hate you you mother fucking bitch, I hope this golden skanky, pointy shoes you have give you bunions and hammer toes.

I was nice because I was trying to keep stress to a minimum but I wanted to reach across the window, grab her hair and slam her face into the counter repeatedly.

All I asked her to do was print out my medical records for my and she kept gasping and saying how annoying it was. And the printer wouldn't work. It got jammed twice so she stopped and told me to come back in a week. Seriously, I can understand a printer malfunction, but the customer curtousy thing to do we be to offer to mail them to me, or say I am sorry about the inconvenience, not just get all angry with me for asking for my medial records.

It was totally ridiculous. Then I explained to her how every time I come to the hospital they have the wrong primary care physician for me. She said that she can't do anything about it, I have to see this woman named April down the hall.

So I go down the hall and enter Aprils office and this (sorry this is so unPC) extremely retarded looking woman acts like I couldn't possibly do such a crazy thing as change my primary care physican on my medial record. Right now I could swear she was drooling while telling me this, but maybe now I am blowing it out of proportion due to PTBGE Post Traumatic Buffalo General Exposure.

She seriously tried to convince me that I need to just tell them the new doctor' name every time I come to the hospital. So I ask for April and she starts howling, "April, April - this patient has a problem" - who is like 15 feet away. Could she not just get the fuck up or point to April so I could approach her politely.

I explain the situation to April and she says that she cannot do it and she has no idea why the Karen look alike down the Hall would have sent me there or how to change it. Finally, some other girl overhears and says I should try admissions.

So I go to admission and register and wait in line to be "admitted" and then finally there was a gay guy, who could communicate properly with a patient and was able to handle the change professionally, quickly and courtesly - shouldn't they all be that way. He also took the time to confirm my other information to make sure everything was right. I think his name was Paul too.

So you might be thinking that maybe I was mean or something that prompted all this. But I swear I was so super nice. I as in such a good mood, I could finally move around and it was sunny out, etc. It was really one of the worst customer service experiences I ever had. They really need to read, "If Disney Ran Your Hospital." In fact I am considering bringing my copy down next week when I stop at medical records and throwing it at "Karen's" face, lol.

And for some comic relief. I know I don't have a huge one, but they didn't have to call it "grossly negative", lol.

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Category: life

04/20/08 06:36 - 70ºF - ID#44070

My main interest

I just wanted to thank the universe that my main interests are computers and cell phones. Had it been mountain climbing or running, all these set backs would have ruined my life. Then again maybe the fact that my interests were cell phone and computers has ruined my health, lol. No i do seriously move around a lot and it sucks that I can't move as much as I want right now.
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Category: elmwood

04/20/08 05:10 - 71ºF - ID#44068

elmwood cameras part two

So I have been trying to think of a way to make the buffalo police observation cameras (e:paul,44064) less hateable. What if instead of having to have auditors of their use and abuse, they just dump all the live feeds to the web. That way everyone can see what the police are looking at and it keeps it more legit. I mean if they are so understaffed with people to view the cameras, this would also create a larger net of people watching the data being gathered.
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Category: elmwood

04/20/08 11:22 - 56ºF - ID#44064

Eyes In The Elmwood Skies

Well I am feeling better enough to start hating again. This article is why I now officially hate Queenseyes, Newell Nussbaumer of Buffalo Rising, and his vision of the city. If you are reading this, don't feel too special, I hate a lot of things. I cannot believe he wrote that article applauding the surveillance cameras being put up and down Elmwood. I guess at this point there are three but it surely is a sign that more are to come. I thought they were bad enough on Main Street but Elmwood?

What is the next step? A gated community where the suburbanistas use a chips implanted in their arm to get into what used to be an interesting and diverse neighborhood. I don't think our long term freedom is worth attracting more suburban customers to your upscale dining facilities and niche stores. Let them stay on Transit. What is going on with Elmwood? Is the crime really that bad? I doubt it is a terrorist target. The cameras sure make it seem that way. Nothing screams high crime neighborhood more than surveillance cameras on the street.

What exactly triggers a camera watching police officers to take to the street and check out the scene. Maybe a black man talking to a white woman at night time - is that what is next. Maybe two gay guys holding hands that make the suburbanite shoppers uncomfortable. That is the problem. It doesn't prevent any crime, it can't make you any safer, it just makes it easier to catch a perpetrator later and that frankly doesn't help you very much if you are being raped which brings me back to who is getting raped on Elmwood?

Does no one see the disgusting freedom eroding potential of these cameras. Maybe not right now, but times change and laws change and once the cameras are implanted they become acceptable features of the urban landscape. If they ever planted one of these out front of my house I would move out of the city to the country or suburbs where I was not under video surveillance. To make it really scary they should just put up a video screen with giant police eyes looking back the other way.

My question is WWe:DD - what would (e:drew) do - now that you are on the elmwood board what is your feeling on these cameras? Did you guys vote on this or did the police just bring them in. As to what am I going to do. I am going to spend all my lifestyle attributable expendable income elsewhere and boycott shopping on Elmwood while I see how this develops.

I am glad to see most of their commentors disagree with his article. Maybe he only knows how to write positive reviews of everything.

I love this comment from their site.

I counter with ...bring 'em on. The more the better. If we can't have a cop on every block to nab thugs, vandals, litter bugs, etc., then I'll settle for eyes in the skies. If you've ever been to Singapore the place is totally safe and spotless. Like a dream. If you're not doing anything illegal, what's to fear. by UrbanBody of Buffalo Rising

To bad being gay and chewing gum are both illegal in singapore. For that fact I refuse to capitalize their name.

I think the most important comments on their site are these two:

The city has never described any protections on how the cameras are used, or abused. These cameras have incredibly far range and quality. What would prevent someone from aiming the camera into the window of an apartment bedroom? by 300 Miles of Buffalo Rising

We used to live right on elmwood, if there were cameras in light posts outside our bedroom windows they could easily be pointed inside with no problem. Who is to prevent this type of abuse. Is there an auditing committee?

The city is in over their heads and running a half assed operation. They are installing 100+ more cameras and do not even have a staff monitoring the ones that have been in place. I know many with the BPD and was told on the busier nights there are 2 people monitoring all of these cameras- do the math "slow nights" the monitoring room lays empty- waste of money as urbanesque stated "These are a poor substitute for 'feet on the street' police patrols and community policing. " that about sums it up by dbpflo of Buffalo Rising

So no one is even watching them. What is the point then.
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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...