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Category: life

04/20/08 06:36 - 70ºF - ID#44070

My main interest

I just wanted to thank the universe that my main interests are computers and cell phones. Had it been mountain climbing or running, all these set backs would have ruined my life. Then again maybe the fact that my interests were cell phone and computers has ruined my health, lol. No i do seriously move around a lot and it sucks that I can't move as much as I want right now.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: elmwood

04/20/08 05:10 - 71ºF - ID#44068

elmwood cameras part two

So I have been trying to think of a way to make the buffalo police observation cameras (e:paul,44064) less hateable. What if instead of having to have auditors of their use and abuse, they just dump all the live feeds to the web. That way everyone can see what the police are looking at and it keeps it more legit. I mean if they are so understaffed with people to view the cameras, this would also create a larger net of people watching the data being gathered.
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Category: elmwood

04/20/08 11:22 - 56ºF - ID#44064

Eyes In The Elmwood Skies

Well I am feeling better enough to start hating again. This article is why I now officially hate Queenseyes, Newell Nussbaumer of Buffalo Rising, and his vision of the city. If you are reading this, don't feel too special, I hate a lot of things. I cannot believe he wrote that article applauding the surveillance cameras being put up and down Elmwood. I guess at this point there are three but it surely is a sign that more are to come. I thought they were bad enough on Main Street but Elmwood?

What is the next step? A gated community where the suburbanistas use a chips implanted in their arm to get into what used to be an interesting and diverse neighborhood. I don't think our long term freedom is worth attracting more suburban customers to your upscale dining facilities and niche stores. Let them stay on Transit. What is going on with Elmwood? Is the crime really that bad? I doubt it is a terrorist target. The cameras sure make it seem that way. Nothing screams high crime neighborhood more than surveillance cameras on the street.

What exactly triggers a camera watching police officers to take to the street and check out the scene. Maybe a black man talking to a white woman at night time - is that what is next. Maybe two gay guys holding hands that make the suburbanite shoppers uncomfortable. That is the problem. It doesn't prevent any crime, it can't make you any safer, it just makes it easier to catch a perpetrator later and that frankly doesn't help you very much if you are being raped which brings me back to who is getting raped on Elmwood?

Does no one see the disgusting freedom eroding potential of these cameras. Maybe not right now, but times change and laws change and once the cameras are implanted they become acceptable features of the urban landscape. If they ever planted one of these out front of my house I would move out of the city to the country or suburbs where I was not under video surveillance. To make it really scary they should just put up a video screen with giant police eyes looking back the other way.

My question is WWe:DD - what would (e:drew) do - now that you are on the elmwood board what is your feeling on these cameras? Did you guys vote on this or did the police just bring them in. As to what am I going to do. I am going to spend all my lifestyle attributable expendable income elsewhere and boycott shopping on Elmwood while I see how this develops.

I am glad to see most of their commentors disagree with his article. Maybe he only knows how to write positive reviews of everything.

I love this comment from their site.

I counter with ...bring 'em on. The more the better. If we can't have a cop on every block to nab thugs, vandals, litter bugs, etc., then I'll settle for eyes in the skies. If you've ever been to Singapore the place is totally safe and spotless. Like a dream. If you're not doing anything illegal, what's to fear. by UrbanBody of Buffalo Rising

To bad being gay and chewing gum are both illegal in singapore. For that fact I refuse to capitalize their name.

I think the most important comments on their site are these two:

The city has never described any protections on how the cameras are used, or abused. These cameras have incredibly far range and quality. What would prevent someone from aiming the camera into the window of an apartment bedroom? by 300 Miles of Buffalo Rising

We used to live right on elmwood, if there were cameras in light posts outside our bedroom windows they could easily be pointed inside with no problem. Who is to prevent this type of abuse. Is there an auditing committee?

The city is in over their heads and running a half assed operation. They are installing 100+ more cameras and do not even have a staff monitoring the ones that have been in place. I know many with the BPD and was told on the busier nights there are 2 people monitoring all of these cameras- do the math "slow nights" the monitoring room lays empty- waste of money as urbanesque stated "These are a poor substitute for 'feet on the street' police patrols and community policing. " that about sums it up by dbpflo of Buffalo Rising

So no one is even watching them. What is the point then.
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Category: health

04/20/08 08:34 - 71ºF - ID#44062

After a nights sleeps and some darvocet

I feel much better and will walk around a bunch today. The doctor said walking is good for healing, so is deep breathing. I feel a lot less bloated. It honestly felt like my veins might have exploded. I think it happed when my IV tube got stuck the night before and they thought I wasn't getting enough fluid because I wasn't peeing a lot so they made me do one bag real quick.

However, that is better now and my veins no longer look like the incredible hulks.

So I really want to know if I am allergic to the hydromorphone or not. Do they have some sort of allergy test for that? Look at this article I wonder if I just had a side effect or a true allergy or if I was allergic to the antibiotic administered at the same time. Honestly, it would be good to know, because if I ever am in a horrible accident or need surgery again I don't want to forgo the pain meds because of an allergy I am not sure I really have. The nurse wrote my allergy on the bracelet because I was itching after both thing were administered. I didn't have asthma or anything which is a usual allergy symptom for me. I just itched and frankly compared to appendix pain, itching is quite acceptable. I think it was the owrst pain I ever felt. I mean I never had any problem with codeine before aren't they related?

Tests for IgE to specific opioids have been developed but are not readily available. Skin testing has been suggested before a structurally unrelated opioid is used in a patient with a serious opioid reaction.

I want to find out where to get that now. I am going to ask the doctor during the follow up appointment because it would be good to know instead of having to get no pain meds after some health disaster.
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Category: health

04/19/08 06:22 - 82ºF - ID#44056

I'm gonna pop

so the appendix came out , I went home but now I am so bloated that I weigh about 10 pounds more than before they removed a part of my body, hm. The wounds look fine and the appendix feels good compared to before. I have a feeling this would not be a big deal on a fatter person who lost weight and had some give but I look swollen like a boiled hotdog to the point it hurts my skin, argh. I hope it goes away soon. If it does go away soon my veins might really PPP.

It still better to have my own bathroom and no machine in my arm. They said ibwouodnt be able to do officecwork for two work weeks or four for "real" work. I really hope to feel better way before that.
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Category: health

04/19/08 09:13 - 65ºF - ID#44052

At noon

At noon I am going to rip this fucking IV out of my arm and just walk out. Hopefully, the doctor sees me before then. I want rice and my crohns medicine now.

The food was so bad.
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Category: health

04/19/08 06:09 - 55ºF - ID#44050

gangrenous appendix

well, they took it out. The doctor said it was good I came to the hospital because it would have ruptured. The end of it gangrenous? Yuck

Remember like two months ago I had this very same pain. I almost had (e:jon) tale me to the hospital. That's also the spot all my crphms pain came from. Now I wonder if it had to cone out for a while.

Wish it had been (e:jenks) to take it out, then maybe I could have seen it. They did it lapriscopically and had to shave my belly. I look so funny with a hairy chest and smooth belly.

So get this while here I developed an allergy to the pain killer delaudid ( hydromirphone), which sucks because its awesome. I wonder if i am allergic to opium, morphone and heroin? According to wikipedia hydromrphone is 8 times stronger than morphine and 3 times stronger than heroin. I broke out in itchieson my face and then during the second injection of full body hives rash, so they gave me benedrill which in turn made me pretty much insane. I couldn't even speak right.

So now post surgery they weren't gonna give me lpritab but at this point I have not eaten since Thursday a 1pm. So there was no way I was taking a pill. They ended up using tyrrol maybewhich I'd shit compared to delaudid.

I want to go home so bad.
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Category: health

04/18/08 09:08 - 53ºF - ID#44043 pmobl

ive been in the emergency room since 4am

wish me luck. I threw up like 30 times and have this constant stabbing pain where my appendix id. They think my appendix might need to go. I just got another ct scan. This is not i wanted to be doing. :( I wish (e:hodown) was here. I need some soft woman snuggles.

Thanks for taking me (e:terry)
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Category: food

04/15/08 11:55 - 38ºF - ID#44026

Shopping At Wegman's

They only have one little truffle left. At $999/lb I can understand why. I don't get why they have them at Wegman's. Like I could see why they would have it at premier or somewhere like that, but in the regular produce section at Wegman's is kind of redic. Its looks like a little poop in the rice.


What is it with the New Crop thats so good? Was the old crop bad? Isn't it often a new crop? Maybe it just didn't translate very well.


Check out this huge antennae on this car. What kind of signal are they trying to pull in?

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Category: linwood

04/15/08 07:34 - 42ºF - ID#44020

The new oak dinning room table

The new dining 8 foot by 4ft solid oak room table came today. It looks nice although I think the chairs are a little to "cottage, crafty, country" for my taste. It matches the shiny, stupid oak floors. Now if only I was allowed to walk on the floor and if I had friends to eat at it with - it would be awesome. Right now it is just another fucking annoying, functionless object on display. I am tired of those kind things.


We bought it at Consignment Furniture on Sheridan. They are over at 2217 Sheridan Drive. Buffalo, NY 14223. (716) 874-1979.

Considering the cost of a solid oak dining room table that size we got a super duper bargain at $299.00. Thats right not $2000.00 but $299.00. Some lady was getting divorced and just wanted to get rid of it. The delivery guy said the price was a mistake and we were really lucky. I think it is the first piece of non broken furniture we have besides the new couch I got for (e:matthew) for his birthday - that he hates.
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