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Category: questions

06/24/09 12:42 - ID#49053

doing it in the window

Say someone in an apartment building was full on doing it in an uncurtained window for an hour. Would you look on? I almost feel like someone that obvious about it would be dissapointed if you didn't.

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Category: questions

03/17/08 08:42 - ID#43710

Rebecca from Toronto has a question

I got this message today. Does anyone want to contact her - this is out of my "specialty" range?

hi! I'm from Toronto, ONtario and we have TONS of sex stores here, bt I can never find any in Buffalo! I come to Buffalo a lot and I'll be there this Thursday possibly overnight, and I'd like to do some sexy shopping! Can you give me any tips as to where your stores are? my email address is: pink-pussy-cat AT


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