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Category: questions

06/24/09 12:42 - 67ºF - ID#49053

doing it in the window

Say someone in an apartment building was full on doing it in an uncurtained window for an hour. Would you look on? I almost feel like someone that obvious about it would be dissapointed if you didn't.

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06/23/09 03:21 - 80ºF - ID#49040 pmobl

Swine flu and graffiti

I can't believe someone would graffiti this sign in a hospital elevator.
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06/23/09 12:46 - 67ºF - ID#49036 pmobl

Work and weather

I worked from 10:30-10:30 today. When I ran back from lunch I took
this picture of the idealic weather I missed all day. Why is it that
every weekend is rainy an every Monday-wednesday is perfect?

I didn't take claritin today. I was wondering if it is what elevates
my heartbeat and gives me anxiety. It's either that or the stress
from thinking about all the nuclear Bombs possibly pointed at us in
some former soviet state. The more I think about computers and
security the more scared it makes me or nuclear bombs.

I guess it could also stem from the poor reviews of the nokia n97. I
think this means I am destined to get the new iPhone and sadly I was
hoping for something cooler which doesn't exist right now.

Tomorrow I start at 9am which is beyond too early for me. That kind of
shift in schedule is going to kill my day.
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06/21/09 03:58 - 71ºF - ID#49023 pmobl

Happy father's Day

We had a tasty dinner of steak for us and lamb for my dad.
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06/21/09 12:55 - 59ºF - ID#49019 pmobl

Environmental Consciousness

It's kind of ironic to use a paper cup that brags about it's
environmentally friendly properties and then stack them two high.
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Category: protest

06/21/09 12:19 - 59ºF - ID#49017

How many polocks does it take to get a joke?

How many polocks does it take to get a joke? Apparently more than this many. These people are protesting a play called Polish Joke which is playing at Canisius' Marie Maday Theatre on Main Street.

Here is a guy with a proud Polish American Sign at the protest

[box]By Colin Dabkowski - At its essence, "Polish Joke" is about one man's crisis of identity over his Polish heritage, his long and misguided journey away from his roots and his eventual realization that true ethnic identity is to be denied at one's ultimate peril. It is nothing less than an affirmation, if a rather long-winded one, of the importance of embracing one's own heritage.

Playwright David Ives, in his traditionally neurotic and absurdist manner, has employed a hearty helping of self-deprecation, the standard tool of ethnocentric comedies like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Ives' jokes - which aim to flip standard Polish jokes on their heads by placing them within Ives' self-critical narrative-don't always hit home. But what they never do is step over the line from satire and into demeaning caricature of Polish people, as has been suggested by community members, many of whom have neither seen nor read the play.

Thomas LaChiusa gives an adept comic performance as Jasiu, the conflicted protagonist, as does David Hoffmann in a variety of roles. Director Maureen Sheldon points out in her program note that she, and most of the actors - not to mention the playwright himself - are Polish.

This fact should encourage community members who have manufactured gut-reactionary outrage at what they read about the play, or merely at its provocative title, to come out and judge for themselves.[/box]

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Category: web

06/19/09 04:09 - 74ºF - ID#49008

Clipboard security

I wonder if this clipbard security thing is still an issue. Is anyone using IE 6 anymore?

Remember when I used to be creative? I used to have so much fun with photoshop in the days before the non-stop programming.

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Category: thursday

06/19/09 03:32 - 70ºF - ID#49005

Crazy Night of Debauchery and Drinking

Thursdays are starting to get ridiculous. I barely drink otherwise but then comes Thursday in the Square and suddenly I have a beer in each hand the moment I get there. This week the band was Better than Ezra.

You probably remember them singing this song on the radio and while that song was pretty good and the crowd was generally into them, thats about the only song I enjoyed. They definitely seems like a really heavily production studio dependent band. The singer is pretty hot though.

This is not at thursday in the square

I went with (e:terry) and a friend from work. We then met up with (e:vincent), (e:enknot) Casey and (e:enknot)'s friend Andrew. For some reason they all wanted to go to the gay bars. I guess the cheaper, stronger drinks. After that we headed over to primo pizza on Chippewa, then (e:enknot) and I ran almost all the way to Allen street at full speed.

Everyone else went to staples and the pink, I decided I wanted to go dancing at Ohm but when we got there it was closed. Well at least the door was locked, so we ended up at cathode where I tried to find a girl for my straight buddy but instead ended up being hit on by some old guys.

Then the best part was going home and eating smoked salmon with apples. Ya fish. Sometimes I think I should have been a sea lion.

This morning it all ended with breakfast at ambrosia

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06/17/09 10:11 - 59ºF - ID#48995 pmobl

Sushi time

I had an amazing day programming but forgot to eat in the hecticness.
By 9 pm I was starving and decided to take myself out to dinner.

It was weird going out alone. Not something I often do but in the end
I liked it and ate the fishes till I was full.
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Category: allentown

06/15/09 10:00 - 66ºF - ID#48983

Allentown Art Festival

Found these pics on my phone. The stretch down Allen heading
toward Allen west festival made me so claustrophobic.


The Lake Effect ice cream company out of lockport, NY had some amazing flavors. I had salty caramel and (e:james) had Guiness Stout. Strangely, they proofed him for the ice cream. I never saw someone proof before for food with alcohol as an ingredient.

They also have a facebook page and a commercial. They could really use a better commercial.

I was hoping to win the Vespa below. I bet $5, (e:Jim) bet $20. I guess
neither of us won, either that or he is keeping it a secret. The
money went to Theatre of Youth. The inside of their theatre on allen
was really nice. Someone said it used to be a porn theatre in the
80s. Can anyone verify that?

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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...