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Category: linwood

04/19/09 05:41 - ID#48440

Pick up you shit scumbags

The other day this car full of auslinwooders pulled up, opened their
car doors, dumped their mcDonalds trash and left.

I let the crows and seaguls finish the food and then picked up the

I seriously can't believe people do this.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

04/18/09 12:56 - ID#48431 pmobl

Too cold for basra

I put him outside and be was so excited. But then it got too cold and
he dug himself a hole to sleep in. He is so strong now that he dug it
in like a hour. He actually was warm when I pulled him out, so I
guess it works.
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04/18/09 12:54 - ID#48430 pmobl

The tree next door

I am about to spend $25,000+ on a new roof. This tree, while pretty
fucks up our roof really bad. I hope that if we have to get the half
of it that hangs over our house trimmed, it will be ok.
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Category: housing

04/17/09 03:53 - 55ºF - ID#48423

The ghettoist trash

Just when you think it is the worst it can be, our ghetto trash tenants can top it.

You have no idea how much I resent social welfare. I was always such a liberal pay your taxes, help out your neighbor kind of guy until we started actually dealing with the fucking trash that lives off the system.

When the last tenant left the upstairs ones asked to move downstairs. We let them figuring upstairs is easier to rent out. We told them to have it clean. That was April 1. At the beginning of the month we got the half of their rent that comes form social services. To this day they still haven't paid their half. Some lame ass story about how some other social welfare had her address mixed up so they didn't get their money. How about you get a job you fucking lazy ass. So we called and called no response. I can't really deal with it during the week because I am working and then today we go there and no one is home.

We go to check out upstairs where they used to live and it is disgusting. Also , they heat is at 80 degrees. That means it has been at 80 degress for 17 days. Serioulsy, but who cares they probably aren't paying for it - your taxes are. Not only that but you can here in their apartment that the TV is on, the radio is on. The basements light are all on, the back hall light is on.

Then the kicker - the new upstairs appliances are missing. Yes the appliances we just spent a $1000 on are gone. They decided to move them downstairs. Great! The old appliance from downstairs are in the back hall blocking the door. This is definitely not okay to with fire code or with me as I would never let such careless people move our new appliance around. I don't want to have to move huge appliances between floor and hook stuff up.

The room used to look like this with a brand new refrigerator and stove (e:paul,45020) now it looks like this.


Then they broke the front screen door.


And added this totally ghetto trash couch to the porch.


Now we have to evict them too before it gets worse. I am going to start over with a property manager.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: buffalo

04/17/09 12:29 - 52ºF - ID#48419

The Great American Outlet Mall Myth

What is the Great American Outlet Mall. There is not, nor was there ever a Great American Outlet Mall at Deleware and North. Was it planned at some point? It shows up on the whole area inside of North, Franklin, Allen and Irving place.


Looks like someone already reported it back in dec of 2008 and its still there
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Category: animals

04/17/09 12:14 - ID#48418

Not as delicious as cap'n and shrimp

I found what I think is the face of a squirrel or rabbit in that fateful parking lot behind HSBC where all the little city animals go to die - remember (e:paul,45553). It makes me wonder what kind of giant super predator lives there that can rip ship apart like that. There was nothing left of this thing but the middle of its face, in the middle of the parking lot.


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Category: science

04/14/09 10:46 - 49ºF - ID#48385 pmobl

Beerology - Science On Tap

I saw this beerology advertisment in the Artvoice and thought some might be interested in going.

Not really sure about the details but it looks like you get a glimpse into the science of beer brewing. It's at the buffalo science museum on Friday, April 24th from 6-9PM and costs $25.

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Category: wegmans

04/14/09 10:40 - ID#48384

Wegman's is all price rited

Just about everything I would normally eat in the meat section has
been replaced by giant family packs of cheap meat with bright yellow
stickers. It actually made me not hungry seeing it all.

I guess wegman's is trying to compete with Price Rite.

The thing I liked about wegman's is that it didn't look like this.
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04/13/09 09:14 - ID#48372 pmobl

Tabu night club is closed, right?

I was under the impression that Tabu night club on main syteet closed
months and months ago.

Either they have re-oppened or no one informed Artvoice. Maybe if you
prepay Artvoice they print even after you closed.

It's kind of misleading to the readers. If it was any other bar I
would say -how would Artvoice know. In this case the bar is
practically across the street from the Artvoice offices. Then again,
maybe they reopened, who knows?
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Category: estrip

04/12/09 11:04 - 33ºF - ID#48370

Nice Messages Are Rare But Awesome

Wow, what a day of non-stop eating. I have never had so many desserts. I seriously ate until I thought I was going to die and then came the dessert and snack plates.


On the easter basket front, things have really changed. Instead of the shredded plastic, earth disaster basket - this year my mother filled an eco-friendly, re-usable shopping tote with candy minus any filler. It was great!

I can't wait until tomorrow night - Dyngus Day. As Mr Mike said Easter is really just Dyngus Day eve. Its so awesome that Buffalo has so many different ethnic groups that each have their own holidays. If I lived in some homo-ethnic or western American town I wouldn't have a different ethnic holiday to celebrate each month. Who else is going out?

Site messages
Usually the messages I get are either hate mail, sexual inuendo or advertisers trying to get their product reviewed. Mostly advertisers.

Then I got this nice message today.

I happened across your blog today.

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how nice it was to read something that was interesting, had a variety of topics and great images. The art of the blog seems to be a lost art these days and has been replaced by dull, trite and tedious "I'm at the grocery store! Yay me!" Facebook/Twitter updates.

It was a welcome break to read the past 4 years of your blog and to see that you have posted an update in the past 2 days, so it's current.

And you made me miss Buffalo. That's no small feat!



All I have to say is, no - thank you David for making me feel better about not being a twit or whatever they are called. You should start a journal, we have a lot of Buffalo expats here. A lot of time s I feel like I am some internet throw back because I don't facebook or twitter my every moment.
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