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Category: food

01/02/09 11:47 - ID#47250

Ortiz brand tuna in a jar

This ortiz brand olive oil packed tuna tastes better than any other
tuna I ever had. (e:hodown) made tuna melt bagels for breakfast yesterday
because all the bagel shops were closed. Seeing as it's $10/ jar I
don't get it very often but it's so worth it.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: party

01/01/09 11:47 - 12ºF - ID#47238

The new year's eve party

Thanks to everyone who showed up, it was a pretty crazy party - I thought - one of the best ones ever. I didn't end till the sun was up. I think there is an entire days worth of cleaning. It's also (e:hodown)'s first and last day in town. Let's see if I make it past 7pm.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

12/31/08 01:31 - ID#47227 pmobl

What Happend To The Fairwest

I appologize if someone has already written about this but I have
been pretty much out of commission all week. I finally feel okay today.

Anyways, when I walked by I noticed the fairwest building at the
corner of allen and north pearl is boarded up. That now makes a whole
block that is out of commision. Plus friends across the street. I
wonder what happened to fairwest? I hope they knock it all down and
start over. The last building connected with all the junk in the
window smells so bad in the warm weather. I called the police once
when like 10,000,000 flies were inside. I figures it meant something
was dead inside. Then someone else broke the window.

It looks so freakin ghetto now.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: health

12/29/08 09:39 - 31ºF - ID#47208

Back to work

At least I am not nauseus anymore. I still don't know if it was the flu or crohn's as now I kind of feel the crohn's is coming out of remission - a place I prefered it to be. I am just hoping it is instead the lingering affects of the flu. I can't wait for the next extremely stressful three days of work.

With all the fun of the weekend, I managed to lose about 6 pounds. So much for all that work at the gym. Hopefully, I am just super dehydrated and some of it will come back.

In my dream ast night, the guy, who had been trying to kill me in my dreams throughout the weekend drama, made up and he promised not to kill me. So thats good I guess.

Luckily, the playstation had this fun game to occupy my the few hours I was up.

I really like the playstation network, they have so many games you can demo or buy. I beats having to go to the store, escpecially when your car and yourself are both broken.
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Category: health

12/27/08 07:52 - 57ºF - ID#47201

The shittiest day ever

Either I have been food poisoned, I have the flu or it's some new level of crohns. I spent all day feeling so terribly sick with fever wretching, aching etc.. Our car battery broke, our basement window got flooded and our roof is leak.

I just want my mom or (e:lilho).
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12/25/08 02:27 - ID#47184 pmobl

Mike and his new phone

He finally entered the world of keyboard phones. I remember when
everyone made fun of mr for typing on my phone. Now everyone wants a
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12/25/08 11:42 - ID#47182 pmobl

Nothing says Christmas brunch

Like Manischewitz homestyle Potato Latkes!
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12/25/08 11:34 - ID#47181 pmobl

Wrapping gifts

I get better at it every year. This year I moved onto envelopes. The
gem is really my primitive use of pseudo perspective. Nothing screams
MFA like this masterpeice.
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12/25/08 11:06 - ID#47180 pmobl

Christmas eve

We went to my aunts house for Christmas eve. The kids were so excited
about Santa Claus. I think it was the first year that none of them
were scared of him.
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Category: family

12/23/08 12:28 - ID#47150 pmobl

Nonna's bandaid

Last night I somehow cut the top of my toe. It was one of those really painful cuts where the top layer of skin is sliced off but not enough to bleed so there is no scab.

So today I was dreading the walk to work because we were out of bandaids. Then I found this leftover box of bandaids from nonna's medicine cabinet with one little mini bandaid in it. It fit
perfectly, kind of like she left it for this occasion. Okay, that's cheesy but I smiled on the way to work thinking about it.

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I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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