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Category: dreams

04/27/06 01:49 - 46ºF - ID#32582

Codeless Dream

I had the craziest dreams last night. For one I didn't fall asleep in the throws of programming. Instead I watched Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman TIll I fell asleep.

My dream started out hiking but at some point I was with (e:liz) and realized we were in the midst of some sort of fantasy like war zone. (e:terry) was playing warcraft next to me when I fell asleep, so that might explain it. So in the dream there were these rolling hills of grass and people of the opposite hill were thowing very gold guilded balls of gun powder which rolled toward us and then exploded. We had to run and jump over them like in some sort of video game. Untill we realized their entire army was on some sort of giant red blanket.

Once we realized, we decided to light it on fire and they all started to blow up. We ran over the hill and down to a creek. When we got there we realized there was no way back accept through some crazy maze like environment that requires an extreme amount of balancing and puzzle solving. Their were lots of characters to ask questions to, but most of them were trying to trick us and their were corrupt police we had to avoid.

At some point we moved across a plank over a pit and on the other end was my nonna's living room. Inside was (e:zobar) and (e:dragonlady7) and they were smoking what looked like a big bag of marajuana but smelled more like pine.

I asked them what they were smoking and (e:Dragonlady7) said "don't be silly, it's not marajuana, it is pine but we sprinkle a little ecstacy on it to give it a kick", as she curshed up a little red pill and liberally sprinkled it into the pipe.

After smoking with them, I just don't remember anything else accept that at the end of the maze we ended up in New Orleans were I was presented with the dilema of having to wash some giant plastic tub like thing, although, I full well knew they were rationing water and I shouldn't be doing it.

Normally, I dream about code. I seriously wake up in order to take notes sometimes because I have the best coding ideas in my dream so this dream was truly out of the ordinary.

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Category: programming

04/25/06 07:45 - 44ºF - ID#32581

Where do the days go?

I have developed an insane amount of new code for really cool DHTML/AJAX interface kind of stuff but it seems I never have time to implement any of it. Today I had a biweekly meeting with my boss about what i was working on and I decided to print out some of the stuff from this week. There were like 30 pages of javascript of every flavor.

It was so weird to see so much work printed out on paper. It really quanitifies programming while destroying the enviroment at the same time.

Lots of fun with math this time. Math is definately not my strong point but I am getting a lot better at it each day. When that's done I am going to learn italian and then finish editing my thesis.

On another note, I am glad to see someone is graduating (e:holly,139)

I really wish it was me. I guess I will try for the summer. This is getting so fucking ridiculous because (e:strip) was my final project and I would say it has "done enough" for about a year or two. Now I just need to say something about it.

I made so many form widget, but this one is my favorite followed by the adjuster widget which iterates through arrays.


The cancer viewer using some serious flash AS to manipulate image vectors and change brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, blur as well as zoom - all of then which communicate with the client via javascript sliders that auto save their positions between use.


An rss reader that uses surebert and poser to bring rss feeds live to the web page on timed animation sequence.

A javascript based motion capture object that can record and playback animations that can be saved for late ruse on a web site or to push drawings back and forth between user in realtime using surebert

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Category: housing

04/25/06 12:48 - 38ºF - ID#32580

$7000 freakin dollars of paint

My dad just called after meeting with the painter for an estimate on painting the house that (e:matthew), (e:terry) and I own and rent. Looks like it is going to cost $7000 to paint the rental property. You can see a picture of it here (e:paul,3373) I think instead I will just spend the next few weekends paiting it myself accept for the high peak. I figure buying even expensive ladders and tools will be worth it because we will need them for our own house at some point anyways. My father is calling aroudn today to see if we can get a better quote. I think that quote is outrageous seeing as the whole first floor is brick.

(e:terry) hates paint and (e:matthew) doesn't want to do any work on it which leaves me kin dof alone although i bet hey will change their mind when they see it cost $7000. I rememeber my grandmother telling this story about how on the other side of the house, where there is no porch, that my grandfather painted the peak by having my grandmother sit on a plank out the window while he walked out on it. He was much more of a daredevil than me. Three stories up on a small plank over a concrete slab backyard sounds like an easy way to die.
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Category: food

04/25/06 12:09 - 44ºF - ID#32579 pmobl

Jimmy Macs and Panos

I wen tto Jimmy Mac's the other day for a hamburger. There hamburgers have always been huge but this one was insane. There hamburgers are so freakin' tasty, I wonder why there is almost never anyone in the restaurant.



Pano's has lots of rules now. I had their chicken soulvlaki. Whiel I thought the meat was good I would never eat it again as the salad was a disgusting blend of white and brown yucky iceberg lettuce. I didn't think anywhere served that kind of junk lettuce anymore.

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Category: food

04/24/06 09:43 - 46ºF - ID#32578

Sushi Place

I have been wanting to go to this Sushi place in Williamsville for so long but I could never remember where it was located. Finally, I remembered who I went with lasttime and contacted them (e:rzoo) about the directions. Turns out it is on maple road. They have this really cool wooden furniture when you walk in. The last time I went a squirrel came in from outside and it was all crazy. I find it hard to believe it didn't get on my journal but I think it was around this time paul,3245

Does anyone want to go tomorrow night?

Fuji Grill (MAP TO: 736%20MAPLE%20RD)
736 Maple Rd
Williamsville, NY 14221

My usersound is this cheesy techno song by Scooter, an english DJ that was popular in Germany circa 1996. I love it when he says super muschi and the way he laughs. He kind of reminds me of (e:terry).
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Category: music

04/23/06 04:30 - 49ºF - ID#32577 pmobl

ipod to rest

My ipod got washed and dried today. While it is now a shinner white than ever but dead. I remember how happy I was the day I got it (e:paul,3148)

Wow soon I will be able to refer to everything as a journal entry in the past.

Here you can see it's ghost rising from it's body.


I have to go buy a new one right away because otherwsie cardio at the gym is not happening. Thank god it was only a shuffle.
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Category: deleware park

04/22/06 11:52 - 53ºF - ID#32576 pmobl

Happy Earth Day

I went with (e:matthew) and (e:terry) on an (e:matthew,725) photo hunting adventures. I hadn't been to deleware park yet this year and what better a day for explorer city nature than earth day. I have to say, just as (e:libertad,17) had mentioned there were lots of dead fish. In fact I don't think anything can live in that lake anymore. It seriously needs to be dredged. It is so sad that a waterway can be so totally damaged.





The river runs though it - Scajacquada Creek

At least the surrounding park is beautiful.


As everyone is talking about, the businesses seem realy sad about the hotel. You all know how I feel about it. If not just search my journal for hotel.




What is the key to these tree tags?


I haven't been on elmwood in a long time apparently, as I did not notice this place before or maybe tehy just didn't have the flasg before?


This tulip was so bright that the red sensors on my camera could not deal with it.


On another note, I am going to be way hot be beach time.


My butt is getting so buff.


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Category: movies

04/21/06 04:47 - 78ºF - ID#32575

Silent Hill Inspiration

Today, I went to go see Silent Hill with my boss and co-worker. It was a pretty lame storyline but got me curious if it was based on any sort of real town. Turns out it is and that town is called Centralia, PA (WIKIPEDIA - Centralia%2C_Pennsylvania) and has been on fire for years.


you can see it here on gogle maps

in 1981, 12-year-old Todd Domboski fell into a sinkhole that suddenly opened beneath his feet. He was saved after a relative pulled him out of the hole, which was estimated to be hundreds of feet deep. The incident brought national attention to Centralia, and in 1984, Congress allocated more than $40 million for relocation efforts. Most of the residents accepted the buy-out offers and moved to nearby Mount Carmel and Ashland.

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Category: web

04/15/06 07:10 - 50ºF - ID#32574

Robot or Dateline

So (e:hodown) was visiting and as everyday for the last week I recevie an IM from this random internet user which I think is a robot because they once mentioned smarterchild

I asked them what their favorite person in American Idol was and they said Kelly Pickler, then they said they wanted to have sex with me. I signed off figuring it was just some internet stalker. It's hard being a celebrity.

So anyways then today I was sitting here with (e:hodown) and the person Imed me again. I have blocked them multiuple tiems but they just chaneg screen names. This was (e:hodown) and tehir conversation today. Is it a robot? Is it dateline trying to entrap us in some child internet sex conversation? What the fuck is it?

Start of lzberry32 buffer: Sat Apr 15 18:09:02 2006

[18:00] lzberry32: hey
[18:00] paulsidekick: yo punk, whats going on?
[18:00] lzberry32: what
[18:00] lzberry32: ???
[18:01] paulsidekick: i mean whats going on?
[18:01] lzberry32: i'm sad
[18:01] paulsidekick: oh no why?
[18:01] lzberry32: bc my brothers best friend died in a carr accident
[18:01] paulsidekick: oh my god, im so sorry.
[18:01] lzberry32: thanx
[18:01] lzberry32: 4 the support
[18:01] paulsidekick: howd that happen?
[18:02] paulsidekick: the car accident?
[18:02] lzberry32: um can i ask u somthin
[18:02] paulsidekick: sure
[18:02] lzberry32: um speed
[18:02] lzberry32: whats ur real name
[18:02] paulsidekick: paulo
[18:02] lzberry32: the car was goin to fast and he hit a tree
[18:02] paulsidekick: thats a shame
[18:02] lzberry32: i no
[18:02] lzberry32: :'(
[18:03] paulsidekick: so whats your plan for tonight?
[18:03] lzberry32: mike was goin to meet him at the movies he didn't show up so adam went in by himself after he was done he got a call from adam K. and he said sorry dude mike was in an accicedent and he didn't make ................... i was in ohio at the time when my brother called my mom my mom said to me jesse and my little sis pack your things we got to go back mike potter adam's best friend has been in a car accedent and was killed i cryed on the way home i didn't no him well but i felt bad 4 my bro the pain and missory he has to face evey day now..............................
[18:04] paulsidekick: wait im confused- how do we know each other again?
[18:04] lzberry32: i'm still crying
[18:04] lzberry32: um i got your s/n from the internet
[18:04] paulsidekick: how?
[18:04] lzberry32: but i no u aren't a robot
[18:04] paulsidekick: from where
[18:05] lzberry32: google under aol robot's
[18:05] paulsidekick: oh
[18:05] paulsidekick: im not a bot
[18:05] lzberry32: i n
[18:05] lzberry32: no***
[18:05] lzberry32: so where do u live i k,ean what state
[18:05] paulsidekick: in new york city
[18:06] lzberry32: i live in oklahoma
[18:06] lzberry32: so r we pals now
[18:06] paulsidekick: ohh thats a scary plACE
[18:06] paulsidekick: yeah i don't really think so
[18:06] lzberry32: y
[18:06] lzberry32: ???
[18:06] lzberry32: how old r u
[18:06] lzberry32: ???
[18:06] paulsidekick: because you are a random internet person and my only friends are real [people i know in real life
[18:07] paulsidekick: im 29
[18:07] lzberry32: really i'm 13
[18:07] paulsidekick: youre 13?
[18:07] lzberry32: yeah
[18:07] paulsidekick: maybe your parents should be monitoring your internet use
[18:07] lzberry32: my b- day was in Jan.
[18:08] lzberry32: ..................
[18:08] lzberry32: g2g2
[18:08] *** "lzberry32" signed off at Sat Apr 15 18:08:11 2006.

End of lzberry32 buffer: Sat Apr 15 18:09:02 2006
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Category: food

04/16/06 12:07 - 47ºF - ID#32573 pmobl

Streets of bread

What the deal with the streets being full of bread. (e:mike) said it's a jewish thing, I can't understand why anyone would throw perfectly good food in the street. It's all over downtown.







(e:hodown)'s loaves

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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...