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Category: web

04/15/06 07:10 - 50ºF - ID#32574

Robot or Dateline

So (e:hodown) was visiting and as everyday for the last week I recevie an IM from this random internet user which I think is a robot because they once mentioned smarterchild

I asked them what their favorite person in American Idol was and they said Kelly Pickler, then they said they wanted to have sex with me. I signed off figuring it was just some internet stalker. It's hard being a celebrity.

So anyways then today I was sitting here with (e:hodown) and the person Imed me again. I have blocked them multiuple tiems but they just chaneg screen names. This was (e:hodown) and tehir conversation today. Is it a robot? Is it dateline trying to entrap us in some child internet sex conversation? What the fuck is it?

Start of lzberry32 buffer: Sat Apr 15 18:09:02 2006

[18:00] lzberry32: hey
[18:00] paulsidekick: yo punk, whats going on?
[18:00] lzberry32: what
[18:00] lzberry32: ???
[18:01] paulsidekick: i mean whats going on?
[18:01] lzberry32: i'm sad
[18:01] paulsidekick: oh no why?
[18:01] lzberry32: bc my brothers best friend died in a carr accident
[18:01] paulsidekick: oh my god, im so sorry.
[18:01] lzberry32: thanx
[18:01] lzberry32: 4 the support
[18:01] paulsidekick: howd that happen?
[18:02] paulsidekick: the car accident?
[18:02] lzberry32: um can i ask u somthin
[18:02] paulsidekick: sure
[18:02] lzberry32: um speed
[18:02] lzberry32: whats ur real name
[18:02] paulsidekick: paulo
[18:02] lzberry32: the car was goin to fast and he hit a tree
[18:02] paulsidekick: thats a shame
[18:02] lzberry32: i no
[18:02] lzberry32: :'(
[18:03] paulsidekick: so whats your plan for tonight?
[18:03] lzberry32: mike was goin to meet him at the movies he didn't show up so adam went in by himself after he was done he got a call from adam K. and he said sorry dude mike was in an accicedent and he didn't make ................... i was in ohio at the time when my brother called my mom my mom said to me jesse and my little sis pack your things we got to go back mike potter adam's best friend has been in a car accedent and was killed i cryed on the way home i didn't no him well but i felt bad 4 my bro the pain and missory he has to face evey day now..............................
[18:04] paulsidekick: wait im confused- how do we know each other again?
[18:04] lzberry32: i'm still crying
[18:04] lzberry32: um i got your s/n from the internet
[18:04] paulsidekick: how?
[18:04] lzberry32: but i no u aren't a robot
[18:04] paulsidekick: from where
[18:05] lzberry32: google under aol robot's
[18:05] paulsidekick: oh
[18:05] paulsidekick: im not a bot
[18:05] lzberry32: i n
[18:05] lzberry32: no***
[18:05] lzberry32: so where do u live i k,ean what state
[18:05] paulsidekick: in new york city
[18:06] lzberry32: i live in oklahoma
[18:06] lzberry32: so r we pals now
[18:06] paulsidekick: ohh thats a scary plACE
[18:06] paulsidekick: yeah i don't really think so
[18:06] lzberry32: y
[18:06] lzberry32: ???
[18:06] lzberry32: how old r u
[18:06] lzberry32: ???
[18:06] paulsidekick: because you are a random internet person and my only friends are real [people i know in real life
[18:07] paulsidekick: im 29
[18:07] lzberry32: really i'm 13
[18:07] paulsidekick: youre 13?
[18:07] lzberry32: yeah
[18:07] paulsidekick: maybe your parents should be monitoring your internet use
[18:07] lzberry32: my b- day was in Jan.
[18:08] lzberry32: ..................
[18:08] lzberry32: g2g2
[18:08] *** "lzberry32" signed off at Sat Apr 15 18:08:11 2006.

End of lzberry32 buffer: Sat Apr 15 18:09:02 2006
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Category: mobile

04/15/06 05:14 - 54ºF - ID#32572 pmobl

Paul on the go

Don't step on lawn at Canisius High school the scumbags sprayed it but only have two little yellow flags that I didn't see till after I went through it.

I hope whoever made that choice dies of cancer.

Does anyone know more info about this?


This journal is about a lot of things. I kept meaning to post but I have been so freakin' busy and now I have a bunch of picture on my phone that need to go somewhere and I' in the car doin nothing so here it goes.

(e:terry) and I went to get the oil changed on Niagara Falls Blvd and had to waste an hour and a half. We decided to go shooping at the mall in order to buy some pants. I really only go there about once a year and let me tell you it changes a lot over time when you only see small time snippets of it each year. When I grew up it was mostly only white people with some black people at the mll. Today the mall has a huge cross section o all kinds of cultures. There were prob as many people from india and asia as there were black and whites. For a minute it seemed like a mall in toronto. I wonder if the population of these northern suburbs reflect that. I haven't lived or hung out around here since high school. When I went to high school I think there were one black person, one mulatto and maybe an asian person and a family of asianattos (irish and asian) and that was (e:hodown) and (e:lilho)'s family.

If the population has changed that much, I would say that the suburbs are more ethnically diverse than the city where it seems mostly black or white to me with the exception of the hispanic west side.

I know I am getting old now when all my clothing shopping needs can be met at Sears.

Who buys all these pre ripped in exact pattern jeans. It is sucha great idea for the company as they almost immediately require replacement.



I bought cyborg implant bluetooth headset at the wall so I don't have to touch my phone to my head.


Polish Water Ice - I wrote about it before never tried it till today. What we got was a cup filled italian lemon ice.


Frankly, I think the polish people that named this water-ice must have never tried lemon ice and thought they invented something new. Also, what the hell is up with that stupid name. Is ice not considered water in Poland?

Here is my theory. Polish people desperately wanted lemon ice but couldn't afford flavor so they told there kids it was a new yummy treat caled water ice.


Once in america they added flavoring agents and opened the stand in the mall. Here is their story:


Who are the people that make these animatronic setups. If it didn't seem so empty and meanginless I think I could enjoy that kind of job.


What is so weird is the televesion ont he side showing the event in real time. The even tyou are seeing in real time in full siz.e It makes no sense. According to (e:hodown) Kristina Kling's family goes to see this display every year. Those people can make some mean parmasean chicken wings and clams casino.

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Category: food

04/10/06 12:17 - 40ºF - ID#32568 pmobl

Palm Sunday Tastes Good

We had such a tasty day at my Mother's House. Palm Sunday is starting to rival easter for extravagance. Every holiday at my Mother's is a two meat meal. This time is was a ham and lamb holiday.


She even managed to make (e:matthew) a completely wheat free cake that used ground up hazelnuts instead of flour.


Yummy Ham

Tasty Lamb

These omlets have 7 eggs each







This doesn't even count the six tons of candy we ate while playign Buffalo Monopoly. I was losing really bad and tried to forfeit my taking (e:matthew) and myself onto (e:mike)'s Niagara Square $2000 per landing rental property. I ended up just laming myself for a while and not being able to go out for like 5 more turns.
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Category: pets

04/13/06 07:08 - 57ºF - ID#32567

I am ready to have babies

No not my own babies, but sugar glider babies. They are so freakin cute. This one comes from a site called


I spent most of the day documenting new code libraries I have written at Roswell. Those of you that know me well know that I hate this more than anything in the world.

I have been thinking. I am going to try and finish my thesis in the next two weeks although it no longer has any real affect on my life. I just need closure. (e:shawnr) was right that I am just avoiding it because I have an emotional block from the whole not being a professor drama. This became very clear to me when I heard someone that sounded like someone from Canisius the other day and my bodies first response was a fight or flight response.

On another front I am gettign tougher everyday, although yesterday wasn't very indicative as i was exhausted after lifting. We were able to leg press 370lbs which is an insane amount of weight for me.

Whatever these are I really want one.


Speaking of nicknames (e:sbrugger,36) - I used to be called pinocinose because my nose was the same size as it is now, but I had a little kid head. They even used to tease my that my trombone case was my nose case.

I want to look have this guys body shape so bad. That is my ideal size and then I will quit, I have no interest in getting bigger than that.


Okay which is cuter the guy or this?


Definately, not this (GOOGLE - aye aye)

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04/10/06 11:27 - ID#32566 pmobl

Who turned out the light

You may notice it is dark in this pic. Well, the electricity is all dead at work. I was in the middle of writing up what I did to a bunch of projects when it died. I feel bad for the guy next to me who was in the middle of programming.


It' scary to watch a lot of electrical things die at once. I wonder if my computer will be affected? Is this how the end of the world will begin.

From the sound of people talking, a bunch of people lost stuff. My question is, do we get to go home with no electricity?

It was funny to see how many people were concerned the elevators not working when there are stairs.

For some reason everyone else has left their cubicles for the hall. Maybe because they don't have internet access like I do.

Word is the water is off as well. The bathrooms are solid dark with no windows so everyone is chatting about the drama of what it like to use the bathroom in the dark with no water.

Luckily, it was noted, we have a hand sanitizer despener of the wall.

Then we had a technology free meeting with pen and paper. Fieldtrip time.

In the end I got to go home to work. Ironically, I hate being home an dworking. I would rather be anywhere else that is less distracting. Not to mention I have to walk back tonight because I have no way of reachign (e:trry) to tell him no to pick me up.

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Category: food

04/09/06 01:07 - 32ºF - ID#32564 pmobl

Coldstone Cremery

Today we headed over to the fish store to buy new stuff for (e:matthew)'s tank and to the sprint store to finaly fix (e:terry)'s phone after a month of it not working. While we were driving we saw that they have a coldstone cremery here now on Deleware near Kenmore Ave (MAP TO: 2655%20DELAWARE%20AVE). I used to go there all the time when I lived in flasgtaff. I have a feeling they are from Arizona because they were all over there.

The ice cream is so good but it's always too much even when I order the freaking small. Apparently, they do a dance and song thing when you tip them. I tried to recor dit on my phoen but I missed it. We tried retipping but apparently they only do one singing per visit. I would hate working at a store like that. When I was younger I worked at a local icecream store called parfait that was near Niagara Falls Blvd and Sheridan. It is now a cingular store.

It was kind of expensive. Three of us had icecream for $15.74.






I worked on the site outside while (e:terry) was at the sprint store.


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Category: geektalk

04/07/06 07:48 - 42ºF - ID#32563

Day in the life of a uebergeek

Went with (e:kara) over to artvoice to meet with Jamie Moses and (e:zobar) about some upcomming collaborations and stuff. It was fun geek talking it up with (e:zobar) as usual. It reminds me of talking with (e:jesse) but with much more clarity - and that's a good thing.

I am so borrowing his idea about putting content on an ipod to take it with you idea. Soon you will be able to download your entire journal and put it on your ipod. I think that would be a fun way to read it for some people. Of course, sans imagery. Maybe with the nano?
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04/06/06 11:13 - 42ºF - ID#32562 pmobl

washington market

Today (e:enknot) and I headed over to wahington market We talked the nerdy talk and ate the delicious food. I had another chicken tuscan procuito, artichoke heart extravaganza.

The prices are so good in the butcher shop, you could get a new york strip steak for less than $4.oo.

Afterward I walked out and tried to open a jaguar. It looked the same as (e:enknot)'s car to me.

I want to rule a top level domain with a silicon fist.

I fixed all that surebert to be new and fantastic. Time to get drunk.

It was light out when I got out of work at 8PM, check the timestamp.




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04/05/06 11:11 - 36ºF - ID#32561

Getting Buff Buying Olive Oil

Olive oil is getting so freakin expensive. What is up with that?

The ministry announced earlier that the 2005 olive oil crop is down by about 35 per cent, or 350,000 tons, after little rain and severe cold spells and snow hurt Spain's olive trees last winter.

Spain is the world's biggest olive oil producer, accounting for a third of global supply.

Here is more information than you could ever want to know about olive oil. Here is even more details about what the waste is used for. Who would have ever thought one thing could make herbacide, fuel, and work breeding material.

Apparently, this happend befoe May 1996 and then afterwards we live in a period of low prices. I rememeber buying a gallon for only $8.

The shelves that used to be full of it at Wegman's are now full of nasty crisco liquid in detergent bottles.


Who thought that poeple would want their oil in detergent bottles. To me it makes it even more disgusting.


But Olive oil is really $22/gallon. I guess I can't use it for "everything" anymore. Look how tiny the olive oil section is.


On another front, Tom's Of Maine is now owned by Colgate. They test on animals, but Tom's of Maine doesn't so is that a conflict or what?

I am getting so much stronger but now I am addicted to being stronger. I want to be really strong and then start fighting.





On another front, surebert reached version 1.0 today. It eats forms really nice now.

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04/04/06 12:33 - 41ºF - ID#32560

A friend of Holly Johnson with a few que

Today I got the weirdest email

Hi Paul,
My name is Theresa Chambers, my brother is Matt, Holly Johnson's boyfriend. I'm taking a Women Studies class at UB and for a project I need to interview an active feminist,so Holly gave me your name. She told me that your pro-life and very active in Women's rights, so I was just wondering if I would be at all able to ask you a few questions. Also I'm pro-choice, so I thought it would be interesting talking to you.

If you wouldn't mind doing an interview I could just e-mail you the questions or however you would prefer, if you don't have time to do it that's not a problem either. Just let me know!

Thank you so much for your time,

The thing is I am not a women's rights scenester and I am definately not pro-life either. In fact I really don't care about the issue because it doesn't effect me very much. How did this mixup happen. I need to talk to (e:holly) about this.

Here is what I am thinking for a response.

Dear Theresa,
That was so last year. Now I am into Animal Rights. Sorry about the confusion but you know how it is with social trends, they move so quick.

No seriously, I don't know how to respond to this one because I don't want to say I am not "into" women's rights but really I was never very "active."
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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...